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Monday, September 17, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 9/17/12: Kirstie Alley, Yo-Yo Dieting and the Heart, Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Program and Recipes, Fat First Wives Club of Chicago, Dr. Oz Takes Dancing Lessons

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 17, 2012
Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Secret

  • Kirstie Alley talks about her weight loss journey
  • How yo-yo dieting effects the heart
  • Kirstie Alley shares her weight loss products
  • Recipes from Kirstie Alley
  • Dr. Oz and Ms. Alley talk to the Fat First Wives Club of Chicago
  • Dr. Oz gets a dance lesson

The Comeback Queen, Kirstie Alley, shares her journey through weight gain and weight loss. Ms. Alley shares the products and recipes she created as tools to maintain her health and her weight. 

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Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Secret

Dr. Oz said Kirstie Alley could be the most famous yo-yo dieter in America. Her journey through weight gain, weight loss, weight gain again, and weight loss again has been well documented in the tabloids.

Beginning in 2003, when Ms. Alley was 53, she wanted to spend more time with her kids and that included baking, a lot of baking. She ended up taking up the habit of drinking 12 grape sodas a day.

In 2006, she lost the weight and appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in a bikini.

Three years later she was back to being heavy.

By 2011, Ms. Alley had slimmed down one more time. Today, she's at a healthy weight and feels healthy too.

Was there a central moment that started the yo-yo weight? Asked Dr. Oz.
At age 41, Ms. Alley shared that she had miscarriage then went right into early menopause. No women in her family had experienced early menopause and none had lived as hard as she did. Ms. Alley admits to being addicted to cocaine and she believes one of the consequences of her addiction was early onset of menopause. Up until that point, she said she never had to worry about what she ate or her weight.

In her early 50's, the food she ate began to stick in all the wrong places.

Having been through two divorces, does she think her relationships had an effect on her weight gain? There was a big gap of time between her divorces and the weight gain, Ms. Alley explained. She did share that being heavy, she felt she wasn't going to having much sex and didn't feel sexy.

As a kid, Ms. Alley said, she was a swimmer and very athletic so she could eat anything because she was working off all that food. She said she had a free ride until she hit age 54 but by that time she had established the habit of eating a lot of food and didn't pay any attention to the nutrition value of the food she was eating.

Dr. Oz asked about Ms. Alley's food triggers. What did she eat when she was pissed at her kids?
Back then when she was heavier, Ms. Alley said she would eat chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

What did she reach for if she was pissed at her friends?
Ms. Alley would eat sausage, gravy, and biscuits.

When she got on Dancing With The Starts, what food did she want?
She said she didn't want food, she wanted sex!

What did she want when she lost on Dancing With The Stars?
More sex!

Dr. Oz went back to Ms. Alley's addiction. Did she see a similarity between food addiction and cocaine addiction?
Ms. Alley said she knew that cocaine was horrible for her but it was hard to come to terms with food because she didn't start gaining weight until her 50's.

Does she regret going on Oprah in a bikini?
Yes, she regrets most things in her life. Ms. Alley said she agreed to do the Oprah Show if there were no photos. She didn't realize that people could lift images of her from the show while it aired and the image spread after the show aired. At the time she filmed the episode, she explained, she felt liberated because she didn't care what people thought of her.

Today, Ms. Alley said she's healthy and her cholesterol and blood pressure levels are low.

The photos of her in the media are troubling, she admitted, because they are connected to stories that just aren't true. In the US, a story doesn't have to be true to be printed, there only has to be a source. 

Dr. Oz: How Yo-Yo Dieting Effects Your Body

Purple gloves and organ tissue time! Dr. Oz wanted to show Ms. Alley what all that yo-yo dieting does to the body, specifically what it does to the heart. “Looks like a pigeon that came apart when it fell off a building,” said Ms. Alley holding the hard-life heart. The damaged heart had thick tissue and weighed considerably more than the healthy heart Dr. Oz held.

The good news is Dr. Oz believes that Ms. Alley's heart is closer to the healthy heart in the context of her cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart rate numbers.

Ms. Alley declared that she is not going back to being over weight and unhealthy ever again. 

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Products

On her weight loss journey, Kirstie Alley discovered that she craved sugar and fats and ate too much. In response to that she created her own line of products. [Kristie Alley's Organic Liaison] She wanted an appetite suppressant, cut cravings, metabolism booster, energy supporter. Ms. Alley went to an organic specialist and scientists explaining what was “wrong” with her and together they created this program.

Ms. Alley brought her [Rescue Me] Kit to show Dr. Oz. It's made up of three products.

She admits that she still loves the taste of grape soda. Her Rescue Me™ weight loss drink satisfies that fruit drink craving. Sweetened with agave and stevia, it also provides a light colon cleanse. Ms. Alley explained that Rescue Me™ is not a meal replacement drink but something to enjoy throughout the day for energy.

In the evening, she recommends Release Me™, a powder mix that includes calcium and magnesium which Ms. Alley likes to add to Celestial Seasons Red Zinger Tea. Release Me™ supports relaxation of the muscles and nervous systems and, Ms. Alley said, leaves her a little bit sleepy.

To further support sleep, Nightingale™ is a blend of vitamins and the amino acid tryptophan. Ms. Alley says a lack a sleep contributes to higher cortisol levels which makes weight loss harder. She said Nightingale™ gives her a gentle sleep.

Dr. Oz had his Medical Unit check out the products and they found the ingredients safe. While Dr. Oz said he is not endorsing Kirstie Alley's products, he gets that they work for her.

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley's Recipes

Ms. Alley took two women through a tour of a grocery store. She declared she's an expert in healthy organic eating. In the produce section, she said to stay away from the shinny apples as they are coated in wax to make them more appealing to shoppers. This is the one time in life, she explained, that dull is the best. Organic apples do not have any wax applied.

She recommended olives as a sexy food and encouraged the ladies to buy only organic peanut butter. The bill, she said, charge it to Dr. Oz!

Ms. Alley said that she likes to keep her meals between 250 and 300 calories each. Her meals then take up 900 calories of her daily total leaving 500 calories available for snacks. She has found that sticking to 1,400 calories a day is better for her than the recommended 1,200 calories. At 1,200 calories, her metabolism slows but at 1,400 calories her metabolism is fired up.

Calling herself a mono-eater, Ms. Alley said she will eat the same three meals every day for weeks until she's tired of them. It's boring, she declared. Dr. Oz said it's not boring, it's smart. She shared three of her favorite meals which are easy to make and stay within her 250 to 300 calories range.

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley's Breakfast Wrap
With eggs, homemade salsa, jalapeno peppers and avocado, this wrap is rich and flavorful. Ms. Alley makes it fresh each morning. Click here for Kirstie Alley's Breakfast Wrap from

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley's Tortilla Soup
For lunch, Ms. Alley loves tortilla soup. She starts with broth and chicken breast then adds any vegetable she has on hand that sound good to her. The soup is filled with flavor and once topped off with a few chips has a satisfying salty crunch. Click here for Kirstie Alley's Tortilla Soup from

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley's Beer-Basted Organic Chicken
The night before, Ms. Alley will rub the chicken with butter, sea salt, pepper, and garlic. While the chicken is slow roasting in the oven, she'll baste it with beer. A big salad of baby arugula is topped with Parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, lemon or lime. Ms. Alley likes to eat a lot of food and she can eat a lot of the baby arugula salad with a little chicken and three baby potatoes.

Ms. Alley likes to cook all day Sunday to feed her family all week. Dr. Oz asked, why aren't women across country doing this? With busy lives and picky eaters in the house it can be hard to plan ahead like that. She said the are going have to learn how to cook. She has taught her kids to think in terms of calories and chemicals. Instead of focusing on her kids maintaining a certain weight, she wants them to choose nutritious foods and create healthy meals.

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley Talks About Starting Over

Ms. Alley is the queen of reinvention. Dr. Oz invited three friends, who call themselves Fat First Wives Club of Chicago, to The Dr. Oz Show studios to chat with him and Ms. Alley.

The women came together in a nail salon where they shared how going through divorce has left them overweight and unhappy about their bodies.

They talk together, eat together, and drink together. Now they are ready to feel better about themselves and get back out into the world.

How the women's identity change after their divorces?
The nail salon owner shared that she didn't see it coming, she didn't want to talk about and hid. Sara said the hardest part of being on her own has been the loneliness. She said she has great friends, family, and kids but at end of day it's just her and she would love to find someone to share life with. Annan said she has lost her trust and faith in men through divorce and really wants to get healthy for her kids.

Ms. Alley got divorced because she wanted one. But she knows it's a sensitive time. But,she wants the women to understand that their divorce is in the past and they've got to move forward. There are good men for them out in the world.

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley Post-Divorce Plan Tip #1: Clothes
After her divorce, Ms. Alley said she went shopping and found a simple black dress that looked great on her and she bought it in six different sizes: 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4; so she could have a go-to dress ready as she trimmed down. The day before at the grocery store tour she wore it in a size 6 saying that she could definitely wear the size 4 when she doesn't eat Chinese food the night before.

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley Post-Divorce Plan Tip #2: Find Men at the Market
A great place to meet men is in the grocery store. The bar is where many women think to look but you don't want to go where the drunk men hang out. Everyone has to eat so put men on the shopping list. Look in their cart while you're at the store.

If the men have beer and bologna in that cart it's a sign that the boy is a player and a loser. Arugula and Parmesan in the cart could either mean he's gay or he's the right guy for you and he has good taste in food.

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley Post-Divorce Plan Tip #3: Flirt with Fruit
Grab two melons, she said, and ask the cute guy what do you think of these melons? It's silly but it gets the conversation started, she said. [OK, on a scale of 1 to 10, how cheesy is that pick-up line? It's an 11, right. Picture this: who are the people that would fall for that line? Is that type of person you want in your life, in a committed relationship?]

Dr. Oz: Kirstie Alley Post-Divorce Plan Tip #4: Get Your Attention Off Men
Ms. Alley was will to bet that the ladies have more fun together than they ever had with men. Men are attracted to women who are alive and enjoying themselves. She called the ladies bright lights and said when they are out together having fun the men will be attracted.

Dr. Oz gave the three ladies from Chicago a special surprise. He has hired Sarah Johnson, certified health coach and personal trainer to work with all three ladies for 6 months. Ms. Johnson said she will work with the ladies to learn about healthy eating and healthy activity.

Dr. Oz Takes Dancing Lessons From Kirstie Alley

Ms. Alley and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, [who appeared on The Dr. Oz Show in 2011] came in second in last year's Dancing With The Stars are geared up for the all-star's edition that begins September 24, 2012.

Dr. Oz asked Ms. Alley to show him how it's done so he will at least have a shot at being on the show. Ms. Alley showed him some hot Salsa moves and a little walk from the Paso Doble. Dr. Oz brought his signature two left feet and muddled his way through. He and Ms. Alley did complete a few nice turns and spins together.

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  1. Kirstie Alley appeared to be high on something, I quit watching. Why don't you continue to show us programs like your earlier ones that were meant to educate us. I would appreciate hearing about shingles (as I suffered from them in my head recently), giant liver hemangiomas, gall bladder, more about post heart surgeries disorders, asthma and other health issues like this. I don't care to use diet and medication supplements, and turn that information off as I don't want to take pills and more pills.

    1. Thanks for your comments. WatchingDrOz is a fan site and I don't have any affiliation with The Dr. Oz Show or Dr. Oz so I can't really pass along your comment on the show topics. You could always contact The Dr. Oz Show through the comment section of their website,, and let them know what topics would appeal to you. Good luck!

  2. This is an entertainment show. If it was always dry medical information, no one would watch and it wouldn't last. Be realistic.