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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 9/13/12: Embarrassing Questions, Funny Home Health Videos, Dr. Oz's Health Secret, Talking Anatomy With Kids, Embarrassing Photos Lead to Health Transformations, Healthy Laughter

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 13, 2012
Dr. Oz Uncensored: Your Most HumiliatingEmbarrassing Questions Ever!

  • Dr. Oz goes uncensored and answers embarrassing questions
  • Dr. Oz finds the funnest home health videos
  • Find out what secret Dr. Oz is keeping about his health
  • When kids ask about anatomy
  • How embarrassing photos spark health transformations
  • Laughter is the best medicine

 Oh how Dr. Oz loves a good TMI show! For this round of TMI, Dr. Oz goes uncensored with a new round of embarrassing questions. Even Dr. Oz is confronted by his staff to share his secret health issue.

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Dr. Oz Uncensored: Your Most Embarrassing Questions Ever!

With over 500 shows already produced and viewers losing more than 3 million pounds, the favorite show topic for viewers are those with embarrassing questions, said Dr. Oz. He has saved every question since the beginning of the show. Many were too extreme to air, until now.

Dr. Oz Uncensored Question #1: When she has to go Number Two sometimes she waits too long then nothing comes out. Where does the poop go?
This common issue is called a ghost poop, said Dr. Oz. The audience member shared that in these situations the poop that eventually does come out is often small, dry pellets. Ghost poop is a health concern, said Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz showed a diagram of the colon and rectum. He moved a large blue blob of clay through the colon then sat it on the “trap door” where poop will sit until you get to the bathroom and open that door. When the poop sits in the colon until you get to the bathroom, the colon pulls out all available moisture leaving those little pellets of poop. The pellets have hard, sharp edges that can cause cuts and fissures along the rectum and that is the concern. These cuts and fissures can lead to infection, hemorrhoids, even rectal bleeding.

Dr. Oz understands that we can't always get the bathroom when we need. In these situations, Dr. Oz it's best to drink lots of water to help soften the poop somewhat and reduce the possibility of cuts and fissures. 

Dr. Oz Uncensored Question #2: Why do I get a bloody nose when I get nervous and stressed?
She's a working mom who experiences your standard stress. But her stress sometimes leads to a bloody nose. Dr. Oz demonstrated how these stress nose bleeds happen.

He asked the woman to fill a tall canister to the left of the nose with yellow balls representing the rise of stress hormones as a reaction to a stressful situation. Another canister to the right of the nose was filled with red liquid representing blood pressure that rose as the stress hormones rose. A rise in blood pressure due to stress can cause blood vessels in the nose to break and then you have a nose bleed.

Arteries in the nose are fragile and can bleed easily, explained Dr. Oz, but there are also blood vessels in the brain that could be vulnerable to bleeding as well and that can lead to a stroke. Dr. Oz said that placing a cold pack on the neck as stress levels rise can help reduce the risks of experiencing a nose bleed.

Dr. Oz Uncensored Question #3: Should I be concerned about camel toe?
A camel toe? It's actually called a reverse wedgie. When pants and underwear are too tight it can causing the labia to spread and create the unattractive “camel toe” look or a reverse wedgie meaning it's in the front and not the back. The reverse wedgie can cut off the blood supply as well as the air supply to the area creating a build up of heat and sweat. Yeast can build up and may result in yeast infection.

To check if an outfit may cause a reverse wedgie, Dr. Oz recommends bending over and touching the toes while wearing the pants and underwear in question. If bending over is uncomfortable then it's a sign that the pants and/or underwear are too tight.

Dr. Oz Uncensored Question #4: Why do I have 9 nipples?
Most women have only two nipples but she has nine. She started getting extra nipples during puberty and then again during pregnancy. On her belly she has three nipples, two on the upper chest and two more on each arm pit. One of the extra nipples on her upper chest will actually lactate. When she was nursing her child the upper nipple would produce a surprising amount of milk.

Dr. Oz said that 6% of people have extra nipples. He showed an animation of where her regular and extra nipples are located and then highlighted what's called the milk lines that exist in all mammals. Her nipples all occur along this milk line.

When hormones go crazy during times such as puberty and pregnancy, these hormones can cause extra nipples to form, typically about the size of a mole. The greatest concern with these extra nipples is that they can develop breast tissue and be susceptible to health concerns that effect typical breast tissue such as breast cancer. Dr. Oz recommended that people with extra nipples let their doctor know about them so they can be checked during exams. 

Dr. Oz Funniest Home Health Videos

Dr. Oz said he loves to see funny home videos about health. He searched the web and found quite a collection of videos featuring people falling down while using the treadmill, even a dog falling on the treadmill. He found humor in babies crying after being fed vegetables, people giving the sour face when trying a veggie drink and a whole world of videos of men getting their body hair waxed.

One video featuring a family working to remove dense back hair from dad's back caught Dr. Oz's attention so he invited the entire family onto the show.

The father shared that as the hair on his head gets thinner, the hair on his back grows thicker. It's become a family project to wax off his back hair. His wife, proudly took on the job of waxing the back and took it a step further by taping the process and posting it on line! It's painful for dad but a laugh riot for everyone else.

Dr. Oz recommended that he take 400mg ibuprofen before the waxing job begins and to apply arnica gel after to reduce irritation to the skin.

Dr. Oz's Secret Health Issue Revealed

Dr. Oz said he has no idea what is going to happen in this next segment of the show. He showed a video of his staff giving him accolades on his knowledge and professionalism. But, what people don't know is that Dr. Oz has that worst smelling gas. Embarrassing and pungent. His staff says he practices what he preaches and let's nature do what nature does and allows the gas to flow where it may.

Dr. Oz was pleaded guilty as charges and maintained his good humor even while calling out a surprise guest. Dr. Oz's own internist and gastroenterologist Dr. Jonathan LaPook, who is also a medical correspondent for CBS, joined Dr. Oz to discuss the issue of his gas.

Why do we have gas?
When we eat food all the beneficial bacteria along our digestive track breakdown that food. Gas is released as the bacterial breaks down the food we eat. Foods such as cauliflower and broccoli of the cruciferous family, meat, and eggs can all cause foul smelling sulfur-scented gas. That's the deadly part of “silent but deadly”.

How much gas does Dr. Oz pass each day?
He admitted to passing gas 15-20 times a day. He's actually within the normal, said Dr. LaPook. Most people don't care about the gas we pass as long as it doesn't smell.

What makes gas so noisy when passed?
The amount of sound produced when farting is all about physics. The volume of the gas, how quickly it's moving through the body, and the amount of space for the gas to exit all play a role in the amount of sound that is produced. The greater the volume, the higher the pressure the more noisy the fart will be.

The polite thing for Dr. Oz to do when he passes gas would be to go to an unoccupied room to release it but not to come right back into the room because the odor is still on the body. Dr. LaPook says Dr. Oz should exit to another room and wiggle his body a bit to release gas still attached to his body and then go into a second room for another wiggle. Then he is cleared to return to polite society.

Dr. Oz What Kids Overhear from The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz brought out a mom who watches The Dr. Oz Show daily. She shared that she doesn't necessarily watch the show with her children however, as kids do, her kids have an amazing ability to listen for the words and subjects that parents may not want their kids to hear.

On an episode from last season, Dr. Oz discussed real age of reproductive parts where an adult man took a trip down a slide that represented a vagina. Her five year old son overhead that part and asked his mom what is a vagina. She ignored the question but he persisted. She found an animated video online that she was able use in a discussion about the birds and the bees and human anatomy.
Dr. Oz said when parents skip over this conversation perhaps due to embarrassment the kids miss out on an imporatnt lesson and may also become embarrassed by the natural parts and functions of the body. Talk about the facts, use the correct terminology and you set the foundation for honest conversations about health. Dr. Oz gave her son an age appropriate book about the human body.

Dr. Oz: Embarrassing Photos Spark Health Transformations

Have you heard about the website dedicated to real photos of real families that are total awkward and completely hilarious? is a place to show off those family photos that you wish would just go away.

Those awkward family photos can also end up being a call to make changes and improve heath. Dr. Oz talked to two audience members who made big changes to transform their health because of a photograph.

Dr. Oz: Photo Inspired Transformation #1: Tanning Bed Addiction
The first audience member admitted that she was addicted to tanning beds. She thought the tanning was giving her a healthy glow but seeing a family photo where she was standing next to people who didn't frequent the tanning beds showed her that she was burning her skin and harming her health. However, that wasn't enough to get her to stop tanning.

She visited the tanning bed one more time then saw an episode of The Dr. Oz Show where Dr. Oz talked about the dangers of tanning beds [perhaps it was this episode from January 4, 2012?]. Since that episode she has stopped tanning and allowed her skin to return to its natural color. [She went from Willie Wonka's Ompa Lumpa orange to normal flesh tone.]

Dr. Oz: Photo Inspired Transformation #2: Confronted with Obesity
Trisha shared that as a bride opening gifts at her bridal shower a picture was snapped of her holding up lacy granny panties. She was surprised to see in the photo how big she had become and see the big lingerie. That photo was a wake up call and sparked Trisha to lose 100 pounds.

How did she do it? Trisha said she got off her butt and joined a boot camp workout class and started eating better. She keeps the photo for inspiration to keep her going along her healthy path.

Dr. Oz wants to see more awkward photos from viewers. He encourages people to send embarrassing and awkward photos to his Twitter page.

Dr. Oz: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Saturday Night Live has poked fun at Dr. Oz with their “Ask Dr. Oz” sketch. [Click here to see the SNL “Ask Dr. Oz” sketch.] Newscasters and home viewers have gotten in the game and shared their impression of Dr. Oz online [most parodies involve poop, of course!].

Dr. Oz chose his favorite parody: a woman, named Daryl, dressed in hospital scrubs and a pair of purple gloves goes through a list of symptoms and says there's a tea for that. “Got lip hair? There's a tea for that.” He liked her spoof so much he invited her on the show to help him read the cue cards.

The point, readers, was that Dr. Oz says laughter is the best medicine and all these parodies made him laugh. He and Daryl said that a good belly laugh exercises the diaphragm muscles and the shoulder muscles. Laughing at least 100 times a day is equivalent to a 15 minute cardio workout.

Happy laughing! Happy health!

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