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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 9/20/12: Dr. Oz Talks to NY Med Docs and Nurses, The Real Dr. McDreamy, Hospital Out-Takes, Fan Letters to NY Med

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 20, 2012
Dr. Oz Reunites the Doctors, Nurses, and Patients of NY Med

  • Dr. Oz talks to the doctors and nurses of NY Med
  • The real Dr. McDreamy breaks hearts
  • Doctors talk about their unique relationships
  • Trauma nurses share their personal lives and behind the scenes pranks
  • Fan letters to the stars of NY Med

Go inside New York Presbertian Hospital, Dr. Oz's own hospital. Dr. Oz talks to the doctors and nurses from the hit TV show NY Med and reunites them with patients.

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Dr. Oz Reunites the Doctors, Nurses, and Patients of NY Med

The hospital that Dr. Oz calls home, New York Presbyterian has been the location for one of TV's most popular reality shows: NY Med.

Areas that have been off limits to cameras became prime-time viewing in the summer of 2012. Cameras were allowed into the emergency room and operating rooms in one of the country's busiest hospitals. This was not a drama, but a reality show at one of the hospitals of NY Presbyterian.

Dr. Oz invited the doctors and nurses from NY Med to The Dr. Oz Show to talk about their work lives and their private lives. NY Med showed the real life version of Grey's Anatomy where viewers got to see the professional and personal lives of both doctors and nurses. The show was unscripted and participants were asked to do what they normally do each day while the cameras were rolling.

Dr. Arundi Mahendran, MBBS, transplant surgeon, has been called the shows resident American Idol. Dr. Mahendran has an incredible singing voice and was shown singing a heart-wrenching operatic piece in the hospital chapel. She says it's a little awkward to have gone through 10 years of medical school and have people ask her to do singing tell-a-grams.

Dr. Mahendran said while in school she would try out for shows but was continually told she didn't have the right look. She continues singing saying it's about finding her soul. Residency, she explained, is brutal and music allowed her to stay grounded and reminded her of who she was.

Dr. Debbie Yi, MD, trauma surgeon and soon to be off the dating market, shared that she has been recognized since being on the show. While giving a patient a rectal exam he exclaimed he recognized her fingers from the show.

Early in the show, Dr. Yi said she would never marry a doctor. By the end of the season she was engaged to, yup, a doctor. Only another doctor could tolerate a doctors schedule, she explained, and most people can't relate to the job and what we go through. At the end of the day, it's great to let off steam and be able to talk to someone you love about what you do.

Dr. Oz shared that his wife Lisa has been able to understand his life as a doctor as her own father was a heart surgeon too.

Dr. Oz said nurses are the foundation of healing in any hospital. Nurse Katie Duke, RN emergency room nurse, said doctors and nurses need to have a collaborative relationship, you become family.

Patient Check-in: Rhonda, a patient on NY Med, said the last time viewers saw her she was being told how the surgery to remove a large brain tumor would proceed. At the time, she said she was so worried she would come out of surgery as a different person. She was terrified. Today, she has healed and is better than ever. She returned to nursing school and has since graduated.

Dr. Oz: The Real Life Dr. McDreamy

Dr. Oz asked Nurse Diana Costine, RN emergency room nurse, who he calls love lorn, to talk about the rumors surrounding Dr. Sebastian Schubl. Nurse Costine said fans have been asking if Dr. Schubl will be the next bachelor on another reality television show. Dr. Oz shared that his own staff have given Dr. Shubl the nickname Dr. McDreamy.

On NY Med, Dr. Schubl has been candid in discussing his marriage to his first girlfriend and later divorce. As a trauma surgeon, Dr. Shubl said the show wanted to show what it's like to be a doctor and he felt his marriage and divorce had to be shared.

A woman in the audience admitted having a crush on Dr. Schubl saying he's quite attractive and she also appreciates how he interacts with his patients. She is currently in medical school studying to become a doctor. She asked if he acts differently on and off camera. Dr. Schubl said you can't help but act a little different in front of the cameras however his friends say he's the same person off the camera.

Dr. Schubl sets the record straight about his bachelor status: he has a girlfriend whom he has been dating since before NY Med started. Sitting next to the woman with the crush was Tanya, Dr. Schubl's girlfriend. Tanya says he's every bit exuberant and passionate in real life as he is on television.

Dr. Oz played a big role in Dr. Schubl's road to becoming a surgeon. Dr. Schubl worked a summer job in Dr. Oz's lab. He says Dr. Oz was a role model to him. Dr. Oz had the entire lab staff check their cholesterol and made sure the staff were healthy and taking care of themselves.

Patient Check-in: Joanna was at NY Med and needed to have a strange legion removed from her colon. Going into the hospital, Joanne said she didn't know she was going to have surgery. It was a surprise, a scary surprise. Joanna said the experience taught her that she is not invincible and she wants to live her best life.

Dr. Oz: Unique Doctor Relationships

As in every successful reality television show there's fighting. Bantering and bickering and accusations of chocolate theft. It's more like sibling bickering between trauma surgeons Dr. Mahendran and Dr. Anthony Watkins, MBBS, the resident joker.

To set rumors straight, again, the doctors said they are not dating. Dr. Watkins has been happily married for 10 years and has two children.

Why the fighting? The hours are long, the job is hard, the doctors work closely together and they have come to trust and support each other despite (or because of) the bantering. Working with and operating on really sick patients (transplanting livers, pancreas, etc.) the doctors are under a great deal of stress and they try to lighten the mood with humor. The doctors day they relate to each other and understand each others concern for their patients for the job they have to do.

Patient Check-in: [I missed the little girl's name...] A three-year-old was admitted to the hospital, and appeared on NY Med, because of a golf ball sized tumor in her heart that was a ticking time bomb. Saying it was traumatic for her and her parents is not coming close. Dr. Q preformed the surgery and the little girl is doing well. She was shown giving her mom a kiss exclaiming I love you! Sweet!

Dr. Oz: Trauma Nurses

Dr. Oz was shown in full scrubs patrolling the hospital lunch room. He busted a nurse for eating a pastry and admonished another staff member for having a salad with fried and creamy things on top.

His favorite people in the hospital are the nurses, the life-blood of the hospital. He calls them the core of patient care and the communication connection between patient and doctor.

What the the nurses see in their day-to-day job change who they are. The injuries, the raw life, the long hours, the real blood and guts touches them and moves them.

Nurse Marina Dedivanovic, RN emergency room nurse was in relationship while on the show that has since broken up. She is now in a new relationship. Nurse Costine said she is not dating but taking applications.

On the show, the women shared their desires to be loved and be in love. Just like the rest of the world, love can be messy and challenging and can also be, as Nurse Duke describes, non-existent. Nurse Duke is 31 and is training for her second marathon, she's also in grad school. She says men must be intimidated by her, that's the only reason why she's not dating.

The nurses like to pull pranks while at work. Nurse Duke was shown getting into body bag. Her cohorts asked a doctor, who was working his last shift at the hospital, to pronounce the body dead. He touched the body bag and said it was still warm. Nurse Duke popped out, terrifying the young doctor. She said it was a flawless execution of a classic joke. Being a holiday, the hospital was highly staffed and things were slow that day.

Tough experiences on the job Nurse Constine said working such a challenging job it's hard to balance it all. They want to give their patients the best care yet they can't get emotionally involved.

Nurse Duke said any day she send someone back to their family, healing and getting well, is a great day. Even having a small effect on someone and they change their life for the better is rewarding.

Dr. Oz wanted to know if the nurses felt NY Med showed what it's really like working in the hospital. Nurse Dedivanovic absolutely. You can't make this stuff up, it's real life, she said. Nurse Costine admonished Dr. Oz saying if he ever takes a pastry from her he's in trouble.

Patient Check-in: Pete appeared on the show as he prepared to under a go a heart transplant preformed by Dr. Stewart. His community helped him through the experience, said Pete and now his life is better than ever.
Dr. Oz: Real Trauma of NY Med

Cornell was 66 years old when he appeared on NY Med with tumors on his liver from a challenging and unusual type of cancer. Most doctors wouldn't operate given the type of cancer. World renowned Dr. Kato was called in for the surgery. Dr. Kato has perfected a this particular type of operation where the liver is removed from the patient and the tumors are sliced out. Once Dr. Kato removed Cornell's liver, he found more tumors on the other side of the liver that were yet another type of challenging cancer.

Dr. Kato chose not to remove the tumors. He talked to Cornell's wife and broke the grim prognosis that Cornell only had 6 months to live. This was Cornell's third medical death sentence. Dr. Oz said he tries to never give his patients a death date because patients cooperate and do what they are told.

Over a year later, Cornell is alive and still living with cancer. He says God has been good to him and his wonderful wife isn't ready to let him go. Cornell and his wife have to determined to keep living even with the cancer concerns. They've attended two family reunions and have planned a life-long dream trip to Ireland for next year.

Do the doctors and nurses have any regrets about the show? Asked Dr. Oz.
Dr. Schubl said absolutely not, they are blessed with great editors. Dr. Watkins admits that when he's sleep deprived the audience has been treated to him doing some silly things.

Patient Check-in: Baby Joey received open heart surgery just a few days after his birth. Joey, his mom and dad were brought out on stage. Baby Joey is doing much better than any of his doctors had expected so well in fact that another procedure had been canceled. Baby Joey is doing remarkable well and developing normally.

Dr. Oz: Fan Letters to NY Med

Dr. Watkins received tweet requests for his Micheal Jackson kick. Dr. Watkins showed Dr. Oz how it's done. Dr. Oz looked like he was attempting a kick-boxing kick, not a dance move.

Dr. Schubl shared a tweet he receive: “Wow! I sure wish you were single. Text me sometime if you're bored.” She followed up with her cell phone number which Dr. Schubl declared to his girlfriend that he didn't use.

Nurse Diana Costine, received a fan letter from a male admirer saying he wished in lived in New York so he could treat her like the goddess and lady that she is. Her Romeo included a self-addressed stamped envelope for her return reply. She hasn't used it, but is considering.
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