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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Watching Dr Oz Quiz 9/7/12: Brain Fog

What was recommended to burn off brain fog on a recent repeat episode of The Dr. Oz Show?

A. Kelp
B. Chlorella
C. Spirulina
D. Green tea


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The Answer:

Your Answers:
Kelp - 13%
Chlorella - 11%
Spirulina - 13%
Green tea - 61%

This was a stumper!

The Answer: Chlorella
On the 2/21/12 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mercola was a featured guest and discussed mercury as a cause of brain fog as well as fatigue. From air pollution to silver fillings, our bodies are exposed to mercury. Silver fillings contain 1 million times more mercury than in food and that mercury is released every time you bite down on a filling. There are tests that a doctor can run to analysis mercury levels in the body.

Dr. Mercola explained that detoxifying the body of mercury can help rid the body of brain fog and fatigue. To counteract the toxic effects of mercury in the system, Dr. Mercola recommends taking chlorella.

Chlorella is a fresh water, single cell algae that removes mercury from the system and sends it out of the body by way of stool. Dr. Mercola recommends taking chlorella every time you eat starting with 1 tablet, or 200mg, each meal and working up to 5 tablets, or 1,000mg each meal.

Dr. Oz shared that he only recently realized the health risks from mercury health and that's one of the reasons he says to limit the eating of big fish, like tuna, to no more than two times per week. Dr. Oz also stated that people should consider replacing dark colored fillings with ceramic fillings when older fillings need to be replace.

Other foods that can work synergistically with chlorella are parsley, cilantro and mint.

Kelp & Spirulina
Food from the sea, kelp and spirulina are also forms of algae from the sea and both are rich in minerals and micro-nutrients which play a role in so many body functions.

Spirulina has long been recommended along side chlorella for many of the same health concerns.

On previous episodes of The Dr. Oz Show, including the 12/22/11 episode, Dr. Oz has touted seaweed as miracle food which many feel is a contributing factor to longevity and vitality.

Fall is just around the corner (and so is winter!), it's a great time to start thinking of cold season soups. Dried seaweed is an excellent addition to many soups and can be used as one of many ingredients or the spotlight ingredient. Keeping dried seaweed on hand such as wakame and kombu allows for quick and easy meal preparation.

My favorite winter soup is a simple mix of crushed garlic, wakame, thin sliced carrots, mushrooms, and green onions, and a handful of rice noodles. Bring this mix to a boil just long enough to tenderize the carrots. Remove pot from heat and add the miso. Serve up and enjoy!

Green Tea
Green tea has been named to support the body through so many issues that it could also be used as a mental energy supporter. Green tea contains caffeine which certainly provides the body with energy. It also holds the distinction of being an antioxidant and therefore may also play a role in ridding the body that pesky mercury which Dr. Mercola says zaps brain energy.


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