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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/14/12: Eat More Weigh Less, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, Lazy Girl's Guide to Health Check-ups and Take-Out Food

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 14, 2012
Dr. Oz: Eat Twice As Much And Lose 5 Pounds

  • Eat more and lose weight with Hungry Girl's food expanders
  • The Lazy's Girl's Guide to at-home health checks
  • Lazy Girl's Guide to health check-ups
  • Lazy Girl's Guide to take-out food

Dr. Oz and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien show how to use meal expanders to eat more while still losing weight.

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Dr. Oz: Eat Twice As Much And Lose 5 Pounds

Dr. Oz said you can eat twice as much this month and still lose five pounds. He's put it to the test to prove that it actually works. Where does he get these ideas? Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shares her rules and recommendations that help you eat real food in real portions while losing weight.

Lisa Lillien is a devout food lover who also wants to fit into her favorite foods and wants to be healthy. She's tried out all her recommendations in her food testing kitchen to make sure the recipes taste great and are easy to make.

They are called food expanders. Adding healthy ingredients to standard recipes allow for satisfying portions that won't rack up the calories. That's what food expanders are all about.

We're happier with a large plate of food, explains Ms. Lillien. Deprivation and starvation doesn't work for anyone. She showed a 400 calorie serving of chips and dip. They were tiny. Next to the paltry chips were two baked potatoes with low-fat sour cream. Which plate would be more satisfying to eat? The larger plate with two potatoes.

To illustrate, Dr. Oz set up two large clear containers both marked with a line ¾ to the top of the container. That line represents when we feel full and satisfied after a meal. The average sized meal with an average amount of calories, about 500 calories, will only fill about ¼ of the container and has taken only about ten minutes to eat. Eating a 500 calorie meal leave many people still hungry and many will go for seconds thus eating two meals to feel even slightly satisfied yet the quantity of food still hasn't reached the fully satisfied line.

Utilizing Ms. Lillien's food expanders allows portion sizes to grow without adding calories. In the second container, Dr. Oz poured in one meal's worth of food and food expanders. All that food reached the top of the line indicating that tucking into to that plate of food will leave you satisfied and yet you will have only consumed 500 calories. That's the beauty of food expanders.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl's Food Expander Rules
We can all create our own food expanders that fit our personal taste to bulk meals while reducing calories. Follow Ms. Lillien three rules for her magical food expanders and you can create your own substitutions:
#1 High water volume
#2 High fiber
#3 Low in calories

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Meat Expander – Portobello Mushrooms
Portobello mushrooms have a lot of texture and a lot of flavor and can easily be substituted in a variety of meat-based recipes to increase portions and cut calories.

Make a double-decker burger using one beef patty and one portobello mushroom. Increase flavor, nutrition and satisfaction without increasing calories.
Steak fajitas can be expanded with portobello mushrooms cut into stripes and cooked along with the steak. The mushrooms will pick up the flavor of the steak and will blend right into the dish. No one will notice the expander. Dr. Oz said the dish was visually appealing and even called it voluptuous.

Instead of using bread crumbs in your meatloaf recipe add chopped mushrooms for a bigger portion that tastes even better than the traditional dish.

The Numbers:
Traditional meatloaf can rack up as much as 564 calories per serving but Hungry Girl's Portobello Mushroom Meatloaf has only 189 calories.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Carb Expander – Zucchini
Ms. Lillien loves carbs but doesn't want all the extra calories from a large plate or the sadness of having only a small plate of noodles. Use mild-flavored zucchini squash to bulk up noodle dishes to cut calories and increase satisfaction.

Alternate layers of lasagne noodles with stripes of zucchini to bulk up the dish. For healthier and fluffier muffins, add grated zucchini. Skip the potato skins and use a hollowed out zucchini instead and fill with veggies and meat for a healthier version that still has lots of flavor.

The most popular expander dish, says Ms. Lillien, is her zucchini-based Fettuccine Alfredo. Start with spinach fettuccine noodles and use a vegetable peeler to slice zucchini into stripes that look just like fettuccine.

The Numbers:
Traditional Fettuccine Alfredo packs a whopping 650 calories per serving. Hungry Girl's zucchini-based Fettuccine Alfredo has only 164 calories per serving.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Sugar Expander – Seltzer Water
Enjoy your holiday cakes and cup cakes without the guilt and without the calories. Take a standard boxed cake mix and add seltzer water instead of the recommended oil and butter. It doesn't make sense but it absolutely works. Match flavored seltzer water for variety. Match raspberry flavored seltzer water with chocolate cake or lemon flavored seltzer water in poppy seed muffin mix.

The Numbers:
Traditional cake mix has about 280 calories per serving. Hungry Girl's seltzer water cake has only 160 calories per serving.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl's Plan to Lose 5 Pounds In One Month
It's not just about expanding your meals, there's a few other simple things to do to help you lose five pounds in just one month.
  1. Move for 15 minutes everyday
  2. Eat your reg breakfast
  3. Replace one meal with expanders every day
  4. Use the Hungry Girl's secret meal replacement for one meal

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl's Secret Meal Replacement - Soup

Ms. Lillien's secret to losing weight and keeping it off is soup! She says to plan your day to allow for one meal to be a low-calorie soup. Bulk up the soup with her fabulous food expanders to increase vegetable intake and serving size to fill you up without the calories.

Choose a clear broth and expand it with store bought prepackaged coleslaw. Skip the mayo and the sauce filled coleslaw and go for the straight veggie mix. Dr. Oz says you can have three bowls of this clear veggie soup in place of noodle-based soup.

Bulk up tomato soup with healthy Greek yogurt and you can eat two bowls instead of one bowl of traditional tomato soup.

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Dr. Oz: What's The Least I Can Do To Get Healthy

The list things we are too lazy and too tired to do is monumental. Dr. Oz has created an easy way to get healthy in the least amount of time. When he says lazy, Dr. Oz clarified that he really means he understands that women are very busy and tend to put their health concerns and issues to the bottom of the to-do list. He calls it his Lazy Girl's Guide to Get Healthy.

Dr. Oz: The Lazy Girl's Test for Poor Circulation
Put your index fingers nail-to-nail and line up the cuticles. Hold fingers up to a light and if you see a diamond between the finger nails, by the cuticle, then your circulation is great. If there is no diamond it could be a sign of poor circulation.

Dr. Oz: The Lazy Girl's Test for Heart Disease
To test for possible heart disease, Dr. Oz said to stand straight then bend over to reach your toes. If you can't touch your toes it could be a sign of stiff arteries and may indicate a higher risk of heart disease. Another test for artery flexibility is done while sitting on the floor with the legs straight out in front. Reach the fingers to the toes with the goal of reaching beyond the toes. Dr. Oz said people in their 40's and 50's should be able to reach three inches past the toes. People in their 20's and 30's should be able to reach five inches past the toes.

Dr. Oz: The Lazy Girl's Test for Under Active Thyroid
The tongue temperature test can be conducted at home over the course of a week to get a sense of thyroid activity. Before getting out of bed first thing in the morning, take your temperature each morning for a week. Average the temperatures taken through the week and if the average is less than 98.6 then the thyroid gland may not be working as well as needed. Take that information to a doctor to begin a conversation about thyroid health and activity.

Dr. Oz: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Health Check Ups

If you're too lazy to go to the gym and if going to the doctor seems like a waste of time, Dr. Oz said you may be surprised to learn that you might not have to visit the doctor for routine check ups as much as was previously thought.

Dr. Holly Phillips, MD, explained that it's important to establish a relationship with your doctors while you're healthy instead of only going while you're sick. If there are family history health concerns or any existing health risks then it's important to see a doctor regularly.

People who are otherwise healthy may be able to follow these new guidelines for medical check-ups.

Dr. Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to General Health Check-Ups
Guidelines for general health check-ups have changed. The annual check-up may be a thing of the past. For people in their 20's a general health check-up should be conducted every five years. Once in the 30's, a check-up every three years is recommended. Into the 40's, a health check-up should be conducted every two years. Once in the 50's, people should have a check-up every year.

Dr. Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to Eye Exams
Eye exams don't need to be conducted annually if eye health is good and there are no existing diseases. Every two years is a better time frame for eye exams.

Dr. Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to Dental Exams
It's been drilled into our heads to visit the dentist every 6 months. Dr. Phillips said that should only be for a dental cleaning but from a medical standpoint, a yearly dental exam makes more sense.

Dr. Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to Pap Smears
An annual visit to the OB/GYN used to be standard practice and the pap smear is just part and parcel of that visit. Dr. Diana Hoppe, OB/GYN and author, said women may not need a pap smear every year if there are no other health concerns. Instead, pap smears should be conducted less frequently and based on age. Women under age 21 do not need a pap smear, said Dr. Hoppe. Women aged 21 – 65 only need to get a pap every three years. And after age 65, no pap is needed.

Dr. Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to Mammograms
There's been a great deal of controversy surrounding mammograms recently and their frequency. Recent reports suggest that women should not get a mammogram until age 50, that is if there is no family history or other health indicators pointing to higher risks of breast cancer. If that seems too late, then start a conversation with your doctor to determine what time frame is appropriate given your individual health circumstances and family history.

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Dr. Oz: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Take-Out

Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, is a health expert and author, and said you can have your take-out and enjoy a trim waist line too. That is if you follow her recommendations.

Ms. Largeman-Roth says to steer clear of any items on the menu described with the words stuffed, loaded, or packed because they are guaranteed to be stuffed, loaded, and packed with fat and calories. She has taken the three most popular take-out meals and gives advice to reduce calories.

Dr. Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to Pizza Take-Out
When ordering take-out pizza, Ms. Largeman-Roth recommends choosing the veggie lovers pie and to go for the thin crust. Loaded with broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and olives this pizza will give you only 440 calories for two slices. Ordering the meat lovers will raise those calories exponentially. Ms. Largeman-Roth also says to stay away from add-on deals, like bread sticks, which may taste good but are only offering empty calories.

Dr. Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to Mexican Take-Out
Loaded nachos may be yummy but they are filled with fat and calories. Order the fajitas instead with meat and veggies. Have only one corn tortilla and definitely order the salsa which is filled with healthy veggies and herbs. Stay away from the chips that are empty calories and go for guacamole for added fiber and healthy fat, both of which will keep you full longer.

Dr. Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to Chinese Take-Out
Get the beef and veggies with oyster sauce for only 296 calories when you're ordering Chinese take-out. If you want rice, then go for brown rice and only eat half for another 100 calories. Use those chop sticks which will force you to eat slower and consume less food and fewer calories overall.

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