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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/1/12: Secrets to Cheat Aging, Skin Care to Look Younger, Foods and Products to Banish Cellulite, Winter Skin Care

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 1, 2012
Dr. Oz: How To Drop A Decade – 5 Secrets To Cheat Your Age

  • Anti-aging secrets to help you looks 10 years younger
  • Foods to reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Secrets to banish cellulite
  • Winter proof you skin

It's a whole hour devoted to cheating your age with five inexpensive secrets to looking your best. It's never too late to turn back the years and look a decade younger.

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Dr. Oz: How To Drop A Decade – 5 Secrets To Cheat Your Age

Can you really 10 years younger? Can wrinkles be banished? Top plastic surgeons share their secrets to help you look younger without going under the knife and without spending a ton of money.

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secret: Vitamin C
Dr. Shirley Madhere, MD, PC and Dr. Leif Rogers, MD, FACS, are both plastic surgeons and they both agree that Vitamin C is one vital secret to keeping the skin looking young. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is required for collage synthesis. Topical creams put Vitamin C back into the skin naturally.

Dr. Madhere said results can begin to be seen in as little as 2 to 4 weeks but for some it can take a little longer, from 6 to 8 weeks. Anyone using a topical Vitamin C cream daily will see results in a maximum of 6 months.

As collagen diminishes the skin will begin to sag and wrinkles begin to form. Dr. Oz said it's like a trampoline that has lost it's spring. Vitamin C gives new spring to the collagen strings in the skin to rejuvenate and reverse age-related damage.

For age spots, topical Vitamin C works as a brightener of the skin. Vitamin C will not act like a sun screen to protect the skin from burning but will help skin repair after damage, explained Dr. Madhere.

Dr. Rogers said topical Vitamin C is absorbed 20 times more than Vitamin C that comes from foods or supplements. He recommended looking for a product that has between 3% and 10% Vitamin C as well as the ingredient ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid, a form of Vitamin C.

Dr. Madhere said using products with alpha hydroxy acids aid in the penetration of Vitamin C creams. Vitamin C creams also work synergisticly with retinol creams. The power duo, explained Dr. Madhere, is Vitamin C and Vitmain E.

Dr. Rogers recommended using Vitamin C creams in the morning. After exfoliating, apply a Vitamin C cream then apply a moisture followed by sun screen.

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secret: Phytoceramides
The best anti-aging secret could be in a little pill. Popular in Asia and Japan for years, the FDA has recently approved phytoceramides for use as a supplement to support skin health. Phytoceramides are a type of plant-based fats that moisturize the skin from the inside out filling in areas of sagging skin and sending help to dry, cracked skin.

Phytoceramides could be a face lift in a bottle. Dr. Oz said he's surprised people haven't been using phytoceramides already. Phytoceramides create a barrier on the skin that keep moisture in and allow the skin to stay smooth and soft.

Dr. Rogers said it takes about four weeks to see smoothing of the skin after starting phytoceramides. Dr. Madhere recommends taking 350mg of phytoceramides daily with food. Be sure to look for a product that contains plant-derived phytoceramides. Dr. Rogers said people with wheat or gluten sensitivities should be wary as phytoceramides are typically sourced from wheat. Phytoceramides can also be derived from rice and sweet potatoes.

Dr. Madhere said that oral ceramides work well with topical Vitamin C creams to support the health of the skin.

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secret: Power Facial Cleansers
An electric facial scrubber may be the key to looking younger, says top plastic surgeons. Power facial cleansers are like electric toothbrushes for your face. Dr. Madhere says power facial cleansers provide gentle exfoliation to remove that top layer of dead skin cells that typically create dull-looking skin.

Wash the face first, then gently apply the machine to the forehead, nose, cheeks and forehead for 20 seconds on each area and only 10 seconds on the chin. Begin using a power facial cleanser one to two times a week then work up to using it four times a week.

Dr. Rogers said using a power facial cleanser too much will damage the skin and people with dry or sensitive skin may need to use it less frequently than most, about every other day or once or twice a week.

Dr. Madhere said when looking for a power facial cleanser it's important to know how many times the brush is rotating per second. The higher the rotation per second, the less abrasion will occur to the skin. So people with sensitive skin should look for a higher number of brush rotations per second.

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Dr. Oz Foods To Banish Cellulite

Dr. Oz talked to hundreds of dermatologist to find out what they think is the best product to get rid of cellulite. Dr. Erin Gilbert, MD, dermatologist, said food may be the answer to your cellulite worries. As a dermatologist, Dr. Gilbert provides dietary recommendations to her patients in addition to other therapies to support the health of the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How important is food to skin health? 88% of dermatologist responding to Dr. Oz's survey said what you eat plays a huge role in the health of the skin.

Dr. Gilbert said the right foods can reduce oxidative stress on the skin and helps the skin look younger. Cellulite is about fat but it's also about the skin that covers it. Lower levels of collage and hyaluronic acid that are a natural part of aging allows that underlying cellulite to be more viable.

Dr. Oz showed an animation of fat cells in the thighs that expanded to break through the fibers of collagen in the skin creating that uneven skin surface. The goal to is support the collagen as well as the skin to keep those fat cells at bay so they aren't so apparent.

High salt foods and alcohol will contribute to the appearance of cellulite, explained Dr. Gilbert. Juices are full of nutrients but they are also full of sugar which will also plump up those unwanted fat cells.

Dr. Oz Anti-Cellulite Food #1: Water-Rich Foods
Water-rich foods increase hydration of the skin. Reach for leafy greens and eat four to five cups a day.

Dr. Oz Anti-Cellulite Food #2: Tomato Paste
Tomato Paste is a new food on the skin support market. Lycopene in tomato past inhibits collagen breakdown and supports the skin from sun damage. It would a lot of tomatoes to get enough lycopene to support collagen so Dr. Gilbert recommends getting lycopene from tomato paste and eat two to five tablespoons daily.

Dr. Oz Anti-Cellulite Food #3: Pineapple
Pineapple contains bromelain which acts to stop the breakdown of collagen. Bromelain also plays a role in breaking up those unwanted fat cells. Dr. Gilbert says to eat a cup of pineapple daily after diner. The greatest amount of bromelain is found in the stem of the pineapple. It you don't want to eat pineapple daily, and you don't want to munch on the stems – just kidding, don't eat the stems, then Dr. Gilbert says you can also take a bromelain supplement, 500mg once a day.

Dr. Oz More Cellulite Solutions

Alice, a fan from the audience, said cellulite is the one thing you can count on to stick with you for the rest of your life. She has tried lots of products with no results. Dr. Oz said cellulite isn't going away but you can strengthen the skin and collagen cables to lessen the appearance.

Dr. Oz Cellulite Solution #1: Ginseng
Indian ginseng, also called ashwagandha, protects collagen in the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Dr. Oz recommends using a cellulite cream containing ashwagandha one to two times a day for at least one month.

Dr. Oz Cellulite Solution #2: Retinol Cream
Retinol creams work for the face and they will also support the collagen strength of the rest of the skin. Retinol helps collagen cables in the skin to regrow and strengthen and it stops free radical damage that can compromise the collagen cables. Retinol cream also supports thickening of the skin which decreases the appearance of cellulite. Look for a retinol cream with at least 0.4% retinol and apply one to three times daily.

Dr. Oz Cellulite Solution #3: Massage
A do-it-yourself massage cellulite massager are plastic massage pads with little plastic fingers. Applying oregano oil to the skin and massaging helps to soften bands of connective tissue to stimulate circulation. The oregano oil also reduces inflammation.

Dr. Oz Winter Proof Your Skin

Dry, cold air makes for dry, itchy skin. Blood vessels shrink in the cold temperatures which decreases the amount of moisture that can circulate to the skin. Cold temperatures also suck the moisture out of our skin leaving dry, cracked, red, itchy skin.

Rosemarie Ingleton, MD, dermatologist and member of the Eucerin Skin First Council, explained that people need to change their skin care products with the change in the seasons. Dry, cracked skin is a great environment for bacteria leading to infections. Dry skin is also inflamed skin causing itching and further damage to the skin.

Dr. Ingleton shares three steps to prevent and heal winter skin.

Dr. Oz Winter Proof Skin Step #1: Change Cleansers
Look for a cleansing product with moisturizing oils. Be a bar or a liquid cleanser, make sure it's moisturizing. Avoid dyes and fragrances in cleansers which can increase skin irritation.

Dr. Oz Winter Proof Skin Step #2: Exfoliate
Use a loofa for manual exfoliation or a scrub for chemical exfoliation. When going for chemical exfoliation, look for exfoliating ingredients such as urea, lactic acid, or alpha hydroxy acids. Manually exfoliate twice a week, or daily when using an exfoliating scrub product.

Dr. Oz Winter Proof Skin Step #3: Moisturize
Moisturizing the skin is the best protection by locking in moisture and creating a barrier between the skin and outside elements such as cold temperatures and wind. To prevent irritation to the skin, moisturize daily. Dr. Ingleton recommends Eucerin Professional Repair or Eucerin Soothing Repair both of which are free of dyes. She recommends applying moisturizer immediately after stepping out of the shower. Eucerin Professional Repair has recently been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Dr. Oz asked fans to try these three steps for three days. One woman in the audience shared the before picture of her legs which were dry and covered with flaky skin. Three days later, her legs are smooth, soft without any cracking or flaking.

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