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Monday, November 5, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/5/12: Turbocharge Metabolism for Every Body Type, Identify Body Type, Solutions for Each Body Type, Foods to Boost Metabolism, 5-Minute Metabolism Workout

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 5, 2012
Dr. Oz: Turbocharge Your Metabolism For Your Body Type

  • Apple, pear and box body types are explained
  • Solutions for each body type
  • Foods to boost metabolism for all body types
  • 5-minute metabolism workout

If your body shape is an apple, a pear, or fat all over, Dr. Oz says he has a customized metabolism-booting plan for your specific body type as well as a quick metabolism-specific workout.

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Dr. Oz: Turbocharge Your Metabolism For Your Body Type

Do you carry our weight in your belly? Bottom heavy? Fat all over? Knowing your body type allows you to turbocharge your metabolism to support weight loss.

Jeffrey Morrison, MD physician and nutrition specialist. No new news here, your metabolism slows as a result of aging and hormones. Dr. Morrison explained that fat will accumulate in the body dependent upon where hormones are out of balance. Where you store fat also provides insights into what diseases you may be predisposed to.

Dr. Oz wants to fire you up! Your metabolism, that is. It's doable, he said, if you know your body type and work with your body shape to fuel your metabolism.

Dr. Oz: The Apple Body Shape
50% of women hold fat in the belly. Estrogen increases with aging and the stress hormone cortisol contribute to packing pounds in the mid-section.

Apple shape people have round faces, fat accumulated in the back, and small leg and this shape is primarily influenced by cortisol. This fat also surrounds our organs causing concern for the organs ability to have a steady supply of oxygen. Fat around the belly leads to fat around the liver and also reduces the amount of oxygen that can get to all the organs.

Daryle, from the audience, said it's hard to burn fat from the belly even when doing exercises that target the mid-section.

Dr. Morrison said that apple shapes should not go on a low-calorie diet and should not over-do exercise because both situations are stressful to the body causing the body to release more cortisol sending messages to the body to store even more fat in the mid-section instead of releasing.

Diseases specific to the apple shape are heart disease, diabetes, and breast cancer. Each of these disease are all related to high levels of stress and linked to people who have greater fat around their mid-section.

Dr. Oz: The Pear Body Shape
Dr. Oz says the pear body type is plagued with cellulite. Does everything you eat get stored in your butt and thighs? 2/3 of all women hold their weight in this pear shape and know that this area is the first to gain and last to lose.

Dr. Morrison said the pear shape is related to low levels of estrogen. When their body sees a spike in estrogen level, during menstruation and pregnancy, the body stores fat in this area. It's a genetic predisposition to preparing for pregnancy, a bit of an out-dated effect but it's still there.

Holding more weight in the between the hips and the knees puts more pressure on the skin and collagen structure of the skin increasing the appearance of that darn cottage-cheese-looking cellulite.

Osteoporosis, cellulite, varicose veins, and joint problems are all related to people with an apple shape.

You can change your body type over time with changes in diet that lead you back to a natural body weight and reducing health risks associated with each body type.

Dr. Oz: Fat All Over Body Shape
If you're body looks like a mix between the apple and pear, gaining fat all over. It's called the box body shape and is linked with an under active thyroid gland.

The box body type has the greatest health risks such as, depression, memory loss, and high cholesterol.

Dr. Morrison said the thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism throughout the body. When the thyroid gland is sluggish it results in problems throughout the body body including memory troubles, depression, and dry skin too.

People need to be aware that mood and depression can have strong links to the functioning, or lack of functioning, of the thyroid gland. More and more people are finding the thyroid gland is the key to their health troubles. Having the thyroid tested can provide a clue into it's role in mood issues and stubborn weight.

Dr. Oz: Solutions for Problem Areas

No matter what your body is, the right foods are the key to rev up your metabolism along with exercise and proper sleep. Knowing which foods will provide the most help for the metabolism will allow the body to target those problem areas.

Dr. Oz Solutions for Apple Shape
Cortisol levels are to blame for the apple shape so reach for low-gylcemic foods. These foods will not create big blood sugar spikes up and down that cause stress in the body and lead to accumulating fat in the body. There are many external stress but there are also internal stressor and carbs are the biggest stress food for apple shape.

Lentils are a high protein carb that can rev up the metabolism of the apple body shape. Hummus and eggplant are also key foods for the apple shape. Eating these types of food will help you to counter act the impact of external stessors.

Dr. Oz Solutions for Pear Shape
Pear shape body types are connected to estrogen levels. Pear shapes need high fiber foods to collect all that excess estrogen from around the body and release it.

Edamame is a key food for pear shapes. These beans contain a natural plant-based estrogen which can help to balance your own natural levels of estrogen. Swap out white pasta with whole grain pastas to reduce the sugar ups and downs that come with processed flours. Figs are a key fruit for the pear body shape. [Figs support alkalizing of the body and provides a steady source of energy.]

Dr. Oz Solutions for Box Shape
The box shape is regulated by the thyroid gland. Turbocharge the metabolism for the box shape by focusing on foods that are high in iodine and selenium.

Foods from the ocean are a great source of iodine. Seaweed has gone beyond sushi and is becoming the new hot snack food. Shrimp is a great source of muscle building protein for the box body shape. Sunflower seeds will provide steady energy all day helping the box shape to snack smart and burn that fat.

Dr. Oz: Foods To Turbocharge All Body Types

Ashley Koff, Registered Dietitian, has brought together the best nutrients to the support the metabolism, to stimulate digestion, and to increase elimination to keep those calories from being stored.

Dr. Oz Turbocharge Your Metabolism Foods: Harrisa
Harissa is a spice blend high in antioxidants to support the digestive system. Harrisa is a Moroccan spice flavor blend that is easier to use than having to gather a number of different spices. Harrisa features hot chilies, garlic, cumin, and coriander.

Cumin supports production of pancreatic enzymes that supports digestion. Coriander supports bile production also playing a role in digestion. Mix the spice blend with olive oil which brings out the flavors of the spices. Us about a ¼ teaspoon for one serving size in a dish, or start off even lower if it's too strong.

Dr. Oz Turbocharge Your Metabolism Foods: Grapefruit
It's the quintessential diet food but grapefruit is also very supportive of breaking down and digesting protein and it can also burn fat. The white pulp of fresh grapefruit contains fiber so it's important to eat a fresh whole grapefruit. Skip the grapefruit juice which is simply liquid calories high in sugar without all the important nutrients that will speed up the metabolism.

Dr. Oz Turbocharge Your Metabolism Foods: Jalapenos
Jalapeno peppers are a hot food that stokes the fire of the metabolism. Remove the inner seeds to reduce the heat of the pepper or cook with a small portion to bring down the heat while retaining the nutrients. Pair hot spices with dairy products to balance out the flavors.

Dr. Oz Turbocharge Your Metabolism Foods: Sardines
Sardines may not be your favorite food but they are a powerhouse of nutrients. Sardines are high in protein, Vitamin B12 as well as CoQ10. CoQ10 supports oxygenation of the cells to fuel the muscles. Sardines are also a carb-free food, not that people should necessarily reduce their carbs, but this can help to balance out food choices for the day.

Dr. Oz: 5-Minute Workout to Fuel the Metabolism

Research shows that a quick targeted workout can indeed rev up the metabolism. Geralyn Coopersmith, personal trainer, says these bursts of movement that leave you a little breathless will get the metabolism fired up. Combining the movement with two pound weights supports the building of muscle which will fuel the metabolism for a greater period of time – more muscles means a higher metabolism.

This 5-minute programs alternates between 30 seconds of all out cardio exercises then to 15 seconds of moderate exercise and back to the 30 seconds of cardio.

Geralyn Coopersmith joins Dr. Oz to share a five-minute workout that boosts the metabolisms for each and every body type.

Dr. Oz: Pets Remind Us of Health Goals

Dr. Oz shared videos sent in by fans showing their pets staying healthy.

Dr. Oz Healthy Rule #1: Choose Healthy Snacks
Dr. Oz shared a video of a dog eating yogurt and said it was a great reminder that Greek yogurt is a healthy snack high in protein and probiotics.

Dr. Oz Healthy Rule #2: Stay Active
Cats showed how to stay active on the treadmill. Dr. Oz says to be sure to get in your 10,000 steps a day.

Dr. Oz Healthy Rule #3: Hygiene
A monkey playing with water in a sink which, said Dr. Oz, is a great reminder that a bath before bedtime is relaxing. [I always like to take my health advice from a monkey.]

Dr. Oz Healthy Rule #4: Take Time To Celebrate
A dog blew out two candles on his cake celebrating his second birthday a great reminder that we should take the time to celebrate milestones in our lives.

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  1. Hoping the "apple" info works--since 53 I have gained 30#s and ALL in the middle--diet & excersise have been no help--will try Dr Oz advise--love your TV program when I get time to catch it--retirement is a busy time in my life-WOW! As you can tell I am not sedintary----