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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/20/12: Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Energy Plan, Energy Boosters, Comfort Food Made Healthy, Cook with Supplements, Bonus Tips

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 20, 2012
Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Energy-Boosting Plan

  • Boost energy all day in the first hour of the day with Tim Ferriss' simple tips
  • Morning and afternoon energy boosters from Tim Ferriss
  • Super energy tonic
  • Tim Ferriss cooking tips
  • Tim Ferriss makes comfort food healthy
  • Cook with supplements to boost nutrition and flavor
  • Tim Ferriss' bonus tips

Learn how to jump start your body and boost your energy in record time with Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour plan. Save time, save money, and support weight loss with Tim Ferriss' tips.

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Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Energy-Boosting Plan

Tim Ferriss, author of the hugely successful 4-Hour books: 4-Hour Workweek, 4-Hour Body, and the newest 4-Hour Chef, is called the human guinea pig because he tries everything out there and shares his experiences in his blog and books. He takes the guess work out of a healthy lifestyle by testing everything so you don't have to.

Today, Mr. Ferriss is addressing a common complaint: lack of energy. To boost energy levels, he learned how to cook like a pro. By studying how food can build energy and learning to how cook in a time efficient way Mr. Ferriss says you can get the most energy while supporting weight loss.

In his books, Mr. Ferriss focuses on the minimum effective dose in all his endeavors to get the greatest benefit from the least amount of work. To illustrate, he showed Dr. Oz the easiest way to cut slices of a chocolate cake. With a bit of dental floss, gently cut a photo-shot perfect slice of cake with the least amount of effort.

Mr. Ferriss says he knows many people who have been able to lose 100 to 150 pounds lost in one year without exercise but with smart food choices.

Last year, Mr. Ferriss presented the 30/30 to Dr. Oz and his audience and it has resonated with many people. Mr. Ferriss' dad adopted this simple rule and he was able to go from 5 pounds of fat loss in four weeks to 17 pounds of fat loss in the next four weeks.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Morning Energy-Boosting Plan

In the first hour of the day you can build energy for the entire day with Mr. Ferriss' simple energy boosting tips.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Morning Energy Booster: Go Blue
Dr. Oz brought a fan onto the stage to demonstrate how blue light can build energy. By looking at a blue light for as little as 10-15 minutes a day Mr. Ferriss says you can gain as much energy as you would from drinking a cup of coffee. Small blue lights are available in stores and online. Sit in front of the light while you eat breakfast to build energy for the entire day.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Morning Energy Booster: Coffee with Grapefruit Juice
Grapefruit juice may help extend the energy boosting power of caffeine in your morning coffee. Instead of drinking several cups of coffee in a day, drink a shot of grapefruit juice before drinking one cup of coffee

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Morning Energy Booster: Black Beans
Boost your breakfast with black beans. Mr. Ferriss says his favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs, black lentils (or beans) and spinach. This balanced meal fits into his 30/30 Rule.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Morning Energy Booster: Eat Dirt
To get the energy you crave, Mr. Ferriss says to eat dirt! Not real dirt, but edible dirt. From the Europeans, Mr. Ferriss says to blend together almond milk, cocoa powder, and coffee [and several other ingredients] and dig in. Click here for Tim Ferriss' Edible Dirt recipe on

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Afternoon Energy-Boosting Plan

To beat that afternoon energy slump, Mr. Ferriss has some more simple tips to keep you going all day.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Afternoon Energy Solution: Natto
Support digestion with natto, or the enzyme nattokinase, a fermented soy product. When the body is able to digest the food you eat the body can utilize nutrients to produce more energy. Enjoy a tablespoon or two of natto first thing in the morning to support digestion all day and the utilization of nutrients for maximum energy. Natto can be found in many health food stores or Asian markets often in the refrigerated dairy section. Natto can be an acquired taste, if you don't care for the taste then opt for the supplement form.

Source Naturals Nattokinase 36mg 90 Softgels - $28.99
from: Best Price Nutrition

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Afternoon Energy Booster: Basil Bowl
Holy basil can be utilized as an aromatic to boost energy. Take the leaves of fresh holy basil, pour hot water over it and breath in the scent for an easy energy boost.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Afternoon Energy Booster: Plaintain Weed
Not to be confused with plantain bananas, plaintain weed is available in a topical ointment to support the body in healing when applied to bruises and it can support a good night's rest when applied to the temples at night.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Energy Super Tonic

Tim Ferriss recommends a new type of “coffee” for a non-caffeinated energy boost anytime of day.

Dandelion root supports digestion, eases stomach discomfort, is a diuretic and supports the liver. It's high in a form of potassium that supports the removal of excess water, making it popular with competitive body builders.

Mr. Ferriss says you can buy the supplement form of dandelion root and open the capsules to make the tea or just buy the tea form if it's available. Brew the dandelion in a coffee maker with a filter as you would a cup of coffee but watch out it's bitter! Although supportive of the liver, bitters are not as enjoyable as sweet flavors. Add coconut milk and cardamom to camouflage the bitter flavor.

1-2 tbsp dandelion root powder
1/4 cup water
Coconut milk, to taste
Cardamom, to taste
Brew in a coffee maker and add coconut milk for sweetness

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Cooking Tips

Cooking is easy when you know all the tricks of the pro chefs. Mr. Ferriss spent time with professional chefs and at culinary schools to learn how they make healthy foods in no time. The goal was to learn how to prep healthy meals in about 9 minutes without making a big mess in your kitchen.

Using a sharp knife not only reduces prep time it allows for all the nutrients to get into your meal instead of being left on the cutting board. To illustrate, a professional chef showed Mr. Ferriss what happens to parsley if you chop it with a butter knife. The leaves of the parsley are torn to shreds and the cutting board turned green because all the nutrients were squeezed out and left behind.

Instead of butter use ghee to reduce the fat in cooking. Ghee can tolerate higher heat cooking than butter.

Use a veggie peeler to create ribbons of zucchini to use in place of pasta and cut the calories of your favorite pasta dish. [The Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, knows this trick too and shared it on The Dr. Oz Show last week. Click here to read the post from that episode.]

In Mr. Ferriss' latest book, 4-Hour Chef, he says you can learn to cook like a pro chef in just four hours. He shares some of the tips featured in his book with Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Kitchen Tip #1: Herb Pairings
Boost the flavor of meat with herb pairings that bring out the natural flavors. Instead of filling your spice cupboard or produce drawer with products, learn these herb pairings so you know which herb pairings go with which meats to create a flavor-filled meal anytime.

  • Fish can be paired with fennel to support digestion and ease constipation.
  • Beef pairs well with rosemary and the herb keeps brain cells young which can support mental performance.
  • Eggs go really well with tarragon which contains antioxidants to slow aging.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Kitchen Tip #2: Flavor Combinations
Olive oil on ice cream? Instead of hot fudge or caramel, pour some olive oil on your frozen chocolate treat for a decadent dessert. Dr. Oz was amazed by how wonderful it tastes and you can boost omega-3 intake supporting cardiovascular function as well as brain function.

Shake black pepper on top of watermelon to remove excess water from the body. Many people like to sprinkle salt on watermelon but the pepper can support a boost in the metabolism too.

Top a hamburger with almond butter? Sounds strange but Dr. Oz says it's pretty good. The almond butter plays a role in balancing blood sugar levels.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Kitchen Tip #3: Stack Your Food
Fancy restaurants impress customers with foods stacked on the plate. Mr. Ferriss says you can do this same trick at home to make your meal visually appealing while cutting calories too. Take a paper coffee cup and cut off the bottom, use the cup as a mold for your fancy meal.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Healthier Comfort Food

Fried chicken is a popular comfort food but it takes a long time make, makes a mess of the kitchen and it's filled with fat, calories. A typical home-made fried chicken meal can start at about 560 calories and can easily jump from there.

Mr. Ferriss' loves comfort food but knows they aren't very healthy. He's made over fried chicken to reduce the calories and increase the nutrition.

Instead of break crumbs, use a mixture of sesame seeds and coconut flakes. Skip the peanut oil and deep frying and bake the chicken.

Dr. Oz says Mr. Ferriss' Baked Sesame Coconut Chicken has only 224 calories per serving.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss' Powerful Supplements

Boost nutrition and power pack your meals by incorporating supplements into your cooking.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss Supplement #1: Ascorbic Acid
Also known as Vitamin C, ascorbic acid keeps veggies and fruits from turning brown or oxidizing when exposed to air. Wake up citrus-based foods with a sprinkle of ascorbic acid to bring out the flavor.

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss Supplement #2: D-Ribose
A secret of BBQ pros, a sprinkle of D-Ribose on meats before they hit the grill brings out the character of the meat. D-Ribose has few calories, a sweet flavor and supports energy production.

Now Foods D-Ribose 750mg 120 Vege Caps - $19.79
from: Best Price Nutrition

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss Supplement #3: Whey Protein Isolate
Whey protein isolated is pasteurized whey where the protein has been isolated. This is what Mr. Ferriss' father used for his morning protein shake when he worked toward losing 90 pounds. It can be used for your breakfast but it can also put used for Mr. Ferriss' dessert wine. Sneak health into a dessert with dark chocolate and wine both of which are high in antioxidants.

Hot Chocolate Dessert Wine
1 1/2 cups dessert wine
6 ounces of dark chocolate
1 ½ cups skim milk
1 tablespoon of whey protein isolate

Dr. Oz: Tim Ferriss Bonus Tips!

Throughout this episode, Tim Ferriss shared quick bonus tips between segments. I've combined all the bonus tips into one section.

Dr. Oz Tim Ferriss Bonus Tip #1: No Artificials
Mr. Ferriss says to avoid artificial sweeteners which can destroy the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and weaken the immune system. Use cinnamon and vanilla extract instead to increase the flavor of drinks.

Dr. Oz Tim Ferriss Bonus Tip #2: Exercise
Using kettle bells, or filled gallon containers, swing the bells 50-75 times to build muscle, activate the hips, create a firm butt, and burn fat.

Dr. Oz Tim Ferriss Bonus Tip #3: Garlic Spatula
Place a clove of garlic on a fork and gently brush the garlic on a pan when cooking foods to get the immune benefits of garlic.

Dr. Oz Tim Ferriss Bonus Tip #4: Avocados
Hard,unripe avocados may take up to a week to ripen just sitting out on the counter. Mr. Ferriss says you can ripen avocados in only hours by placing the hard avocado in a paper bag.

Dr. Oz Tim Ferriss Bonus Tip #5: Lemon Juice
Boost flavors of meals with a drizzle of lemon juice instead of salt. Bring out the flavors and reduce the glycemic index too.

Dr. Oz: Keep Foods Fresher Longer

Dr. Oz asked audience members to share their tips to keep foods fresher longer and share with everyone.

Dr. Oz: Fresher Food Tips #1: Wrap Veggies in Newspaper
Take produce out of the plastic produce bag and wrap them in newspaper. The produce will last up to two weeks when stored this way. Dr. Oz said that's how he used to buy produce, wrapped in produce. You can also place paper towels in the plastic bag to reduce that moisture too.

Dr. Oz: Fresher Food Tips #2: Butter up Cheese
Keep cheese fresher longer by spreading a tiny amount of butter on the cut end of a cheese wedge. The cheese will not dry out and it will keep for about two weeks.

Dr. Oz: Fresher Food Tips #3: Upside Down Pineapple
Keep pineapple fresher longer by cutting off the top leaves and turn the pineapple upside down into a bowl and refrigerate to allow the sugars to redistribute throughout the fruit.

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