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Monday, November 12, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/12/12: Reset Fat Loss Hormones, Secrets to Hormonal Balance, Hormone Quiz, Fat Loss Foes, 3-Day Detox

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 12, 2012
Dr. Oz: Melt Fat Fast – How To Reset Your Secret Fat Loss Hormones

  • Are hormones to blame for your weight?
  • Hormone balance quiz
  • Secrets to balancing hormones with food
  • Fat loss foes
  • Dr. Oz's 3-day detox

New science says you can reset your hormones to melt fat. With three days, blender, and $16, Dr. Oz says you can be on your way to detox.

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Dr. Oz: Melt Fat Fast – How To Reset Your Secret Fat Loss Hormones

Which mouse would you rather be? Chubby and lethargic or trim and energetic? Dr. Oz says the difference could be in how your hormones are working. Being overweight may not be your fault, it could be those dastardly hormones.

Getting five key hormones to work together can result in all that fat simply melting away. Dr. Oz illustrated the beauty of hormones in balance with a blow torch melting away butter which represented all that stubborn fat.

Dr. Natasha Turner, ND and Author of The Hormone Diet and the Supercharged Hormone Diet, said the key to weight loss is creating a balance for the hormones that regulate the appetite, cravings, fat storage, and fat burning.

Having only one symptom of hormonal imbalance can indicate a complete imbalance of all the hormones that regulate metabolism as well as every cell in the body. No matter how hard you diet and exercise, said Dr. Turner, if the hormones are not in balance then the weight won't come off. In fact, hard exercise and strenuous exercise can cause stress hormones to rise causing the storage of fat instead of the burning of fat.

Dr. Oz: Hormone Balance Quiz
  1. Is your hair brittle thinning or falling out?
  2. Do you experience gas, heartburn, bloating, or diarrhea?
  3. Do you feel stressed, anxious, and fatigued?
  4. Do you skip meals?
  5. Do you have belly fat?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions then your hormones could be to blame for your weight gain. Everyone in the audience stood up indicating they have three or more symptoms listed on the quiz. Dr. Turner said by focusing on creating hormonal balance the body will melt the fat away effortlessly.

Dr. Oz demonstrated with a hormone version of the popular game Jenga®. Eating the wrong meal can spike insulin levels. Dr. Oz pulled out the game piece labeled insulin but the tower didn't topple because the other hormone-labeled pieces still provided structure.

Over eating can throw off the balance of the hormone leptin which tells you when you're full, leptin was removed from the tower and there was a bit of shaking in the tower. Skipping a meal causes the hunger hormone ghrelin to get out of balance so that you can no longer tell you're actually hungry.

Dr. Turner said the best way to balance hormones and stop these imbalances is with the right foods.

Hormonal imbalance is a common part of aging but combine that with stress from over exercising, stress from outside factors, stress from eating the wrong foods and we're surrounded by stress. Balancing hormones with food is as easy and as quick as your next meal, said Dr. Turner.

Dr. Oz: Secrets To Melting Fat Fast

Start to melt fat fast and start to today.

Dr. Oz Melt Fat Fast: Eat At The Same Time
Dr. Turner said the timing of what you eat is the key to keeping the metabolism going. Eat within one hour of waking up and then eat every three hours for the rest of the day. Eating meals at the same time each day eliminates stress and supports a high metabolism.

Dr. Oz Melt Fat Fast: No Food Three Hours Before Bed
Never eat three hours before bed. Eating before bed raises body temperature and requires energy to break down and process that food. Ideally the body should be cooling leading up to and during bed time.

Dr. Oz Melt Fat Fast: Protein
Protein sets off a nerve, called the wandering nerve, to tell the brain that you are full and satisfied. Protein should be 35% of your diet. Eat protein at every meal to support fat burning and fueling of the metabolism. Portions of protein should be the size and thickness of your palm.

Dr. Turner said eggs are a superfood you can enjoy each day for breakfast that will keep you full and satisfied. People who eat eggs for breakfast tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day. Egg whites is where the protein is at and the yolk contains healthy fats and omega-3's.

Dr. Turner also recommends eating low-fat cheeses which are high in protein and won't trigger inflammation in the body. By simply increasing protein intake from 15% to 30% you will lose weight, said Dr. Turner.

Dr. Oz Melt Fat Fast: Boost Fat Burning Potential
Some foods do a better job of getting rid of excess hormones, such as the hormones that are created by fat cells in the belly. Add hemp seeds to smoothies and yogurt which can grab onto and remove excess hormones in the body. Adding cinnamon to coffee will provide better insulin control and hormonal balance. Skip the sugar and uses spices. Curry leaves can be added to foods for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which play a role in estrogen detoxification.

Dr. Oz Melt Fat Fast: Sleep Naked
Doing one thing at night can help you burn more fat. Sleep naked. Cooling the core body temp encourages better sleep and encourages fat burning during sleep.

Dr. Oz: Fat Loss Foes

In addition to revving up the metabolism, there are several things to avoid which can slow down the metabolism and decrease the amount of fat the body can burn.

Dr. Oz Fat Loss Foe: Artificial Sweeteners
Reaching for artificial sweeteners may not raise blood sugar levels but they will raise insulin levels. People think they are helping themselves and their waist line by swapping sugar for artificial sweeteners but it could be working against you by setting off a hormonal imbalance.

Dr. Oz Fat Loss Foe: Healthy Carbs
They are recommended as healthy but these healthy carbs could be raising insulin levels in some people. Foods such as sweet potatoes and brown rice could be spiking insulin levels creating a hormonal imbalance that encourages weight gain. If you're doing all the right things and still gaining weight, still feeling cravings, still getting bloated, then take out these healthy carbs for a time. Add them back in slowly and notice how your body does with reintroduction.

Dr. Turner explained that she doesn't do well with sweet potatoes and discovered that if she chose squash they would provide only 4g of carbs when the sweet potatoes would provide 20g of carbs and provide a negative impact on insulin levels.

For some, these healthy carbs are a great choice however they are not healthy for every person. The best bet is notice how your body reacts and make changes that feel right and support health.

Dr. Oz: Three Day Detox

American's are in a detox craze. Everywhere you turn there's a detox cleanse to target your problem areas however, Dr. Oz said most detoxes do not provide enough nutrients and can actually be dangerous.

Dr. Oz said with three days, a blender and $16 you can reset your body's natural detoxification process the right way with his three-day detox. Dr. Oz asked two experts in health and detoxification to help him create a healthy detox program that supports the body.

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD and author of The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!, said many patients tell him after doing a detox that they didn't realize how bad they felt before and that many of their issues were related to food issues.

Julieanna Hever, RD, plant-basted dietitian, also worked with Dr. Oz to create a powerful and nutrient dense three day cleanse program. All the nutrition during the three-day detox comes in a liquid form which will allow for the greatest absorption of the nutrients. Headaches experienced during the cleanse could be a signal of toxins being moved through the body, explained Ms. Hever.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Day 1: Elimination
Dr. Hyman says we live in a sea of toxins and that includes the foods we eat. A huge list of health concerns could be related to the foods you're eating. Unjunk your diet, said Dr. Hyman, and you could possibly lose some weight and clear out your brain fog too.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Day 2: Replenish
Much needed nutrients that are readily available all day long for absorption which will create high energy throughout the detox process.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Day 3: Reset
Healthy side-effects of Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox is that your cravings for unhealthy foods will melt away. Your body will begin to crave healthy foods as you ease back into normal eating.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox: Pre-Cleanse Meal
Many people who are looking to detox do not have a clean diet. Dr. Oz says to kick off the 3-Day Detox the night before by having a nutrient dense dinner of black rice, greens, and salmon. Black rice if full of antioxidants. Greens, such as kale and spinach, are powerful detoxification foods. Salmon provides amino acids that can support the body in removing toxins.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox: Drink Guidelines
Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox plan is based on four smoothie drinks providing a total of 1,300 calories.

Dr. Oz: Three Day Detox Shopping List

Fruits and veggies are loaded with phytochemicals and nutrients that can act as your own personal warrior and your own pharmacy, said Dr. Hyman. The ingredients required for the cleanse won't be hard to find and shouldn't cost too much money.

[Hold on. If you don't have the supplements (multivitamin, omega-3, and probiotics you're going to have to spend more than $16. Perhaps they were only calculating the cost of the three days worth of supplements that you'll use during the cleanse.]

Each day of the 2-Day Detox will consist of the same smoothies and the same supplements making for an easy process.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox: Morning Lemon Green Tea
Start each day of the detox with green tea brewed with one sliced lemon and one teaspoon of stevia for sweetness. Lemon provides antioxidants to support the liver and the bowels in their important of jobs of elimination.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox: Morning Smoothie
Ms. Hever said the morning smoothie is filled super foods that will ease bloat and feed the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.

1 cup water
1 tablespoons flax seeds
1 cup raspberries
1 banana
¼ cup of spinach
1 tablespoon almond butter
2 teaspoons lemon juice

Top off the smoothie with one-half of a multivitamin and a probiotic.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox: Lunch Smoothie
The lunch smoothie is designed to fuel energy with coconut oil to fuel brain cells and keep you feeling full.

4 celery stalks
1 cucumber
1 cup kale leaves
½ green apple
½ lime
1 tablespoon coconut oil
½ cup almond milk
1 cup pineapple

Top off the lunch smoothie with one-half of a multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox: Dinner Smoothie
The dinner smoothie is all about hydration with nutrients. Dr. Hyman shared a health rhyme: the solution to pollution is dilution. Meaning, hydration is vital to detoxification.

½ cup mango
1 cup blueberries
1 ½ cup coconut water
1 cup kale
1 tablespoon lemon juice
¼ cup avocado
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon flax seeds

The dinner smoothie is Dr. Oz's favorite drink of the three. Ms. Hever shared that avocados are surprisingly high in fiber with ½ of an avocado providing ½ of a day's fiber.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox: Afternoon Snack Smoothie
Between lunch and dinner, there is one more smoothie. Choose your favorite smoothie of three and enjoy it for an afternoon snack.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox: Before Bed Detox Ultra Bath
To support both detoxification and sleep, Dr. Oz has included a nightly detox bath before bed. Soak in hot water along with 10 drops of lavender, 2 ½ cups Epsom salt which provides sulfur to boost glutathione leves that support the removal of toxins. Soak for 20-30 minutes.

After the Detox: How do you go back to eating?
Don't jump back into a processed food diet right off the detox. Ease into eating with post-cleanse meals [unfortunately none were provided] and focus on choosing healthy foods to keep that cleanse feeling going. Swap out a meal on occasion with one of the detox shakes.

Dr. Oz said he felt great on this detox and lost two pounds. One fan who also participated in the detox said she felt less bloated, felt more mental clarity, and lost five pounds as well as two inches from her waist. Another fan who did the detox she felt refreshed and had more energy, felt more focused and less bloated, and lost 4.4 pounds as well as three inches from her waist.

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  1. For the 3-Day Detox, please advise which food can be substituted for almond milk and almond butter (I have nut allergies) and which spice can be substituted for cayenne pepper (I have acid reflux and gastritis). Thank you.

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