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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Watching Dr Oz Quiz 11/24/12: Fatigue Fighters

Which product was recommended to boost energy and fight fatigue on last week's Dr. Oz Show?

A. Relora
B. Guarana
C. Rhodiola
D. Vacation

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The Answer:

Your Answers:
A. Relora - 20%
B. Guarana - 20%
C. Rhodiola - 55%
D. Vacation 5%

The Answer: Rhodiola
On the 11/15/12 episode of The Dr. Oz Show: Dr. Weil's 5 Essentials Dr. Weil's own doctor Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, joined Dr. Weil and Dr. Oz to talk about fatigue fighters.

Dr. Low Dog combines her medical degree and her Native American heritage to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Nature holds the answers to health, said Dr. Low Dog.

Golden root, better known by it's common name of rhodiola, boosts energy, supports mental concentration and physical endurance. Dr. Low Dog recommends to begin with 100mg in the morning daily for first two weeks then increase by 100 to 200mg up to 400mg. She explains that rhodiola is great for people who are experiencing low energy, sleep issues, depression, or general feelings of blah.

Relora plays a role in support healthy levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone and when stress levels are high cortisol creation ramps up causing the storage of fat.

Guarana can certainly play a role in energy levels as it's where caffeine is derived. Using guarana as a supplement may be a player in the fatigue fighting game however over using guarana and caffeine can backfire by over taxing the adrenal glands and causing even more fatigue.

I highly recommend a vacation for those who are strapped for energy and suffering from prolonged fatigue. However not everyone can have a vacation when they feel the need. Perhaps making time for yourself each day to relax and restore can support energy levels or taking a day to enjoy the sights and entertainments in your own city can be a positive outlet for stress and allow some recharging too.


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