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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/27/12: Shut Down Stress, Blast Belly Bloat

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 27, 2012
Dr. Oz: Shut Down Stress!

  • Identify how you deal with stress
  • Secrets to fix your stress
  • Bust belly bloat with probiotics and exercise
  • Foods that cause belly bloat
  • Blast belly bloat with Dr. Oz's version of Family Feud
Dr. Oz shows how to identify causes of stress and how it manifests in the body. Causes of belly bloat are identified and busted.

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Dr. Oz: Shut Down Stress!

Dr. Oz has alternative medicine secrets to help bust stress from work, family, and traffic overload. Three women were invited on the stage to share how their bodies deal with stress from sweating, to stomach cramps, to going quite we all deal with stress differently.

Holly Lucille, ND, RN, is alternative medicine stress expert. In her practice, Dr. Lucille was seeing patient after patient who were seeking her help for health concerns and she began to see a pattern in 80% of her patient's complaints: they were all suffering the effects of stress.

It's important to identify the causes of stress as well as how you deal with or hold in that stress. These two keys will give an indication of how stress manifests in each individual. When you identity the cause of your stress you're one step closer to resolving all the issues that come with it. Each of the three fans on the stage exhibit classic signs of stress.

  • Explosive stress is a ticking time bomb, a person who explodes at the sign of any stress. They are angry, tense, overwhelmed.
  • Simmering stress that is on the verge of boiling over causes tension in the muscles that result in tension headaches and muscles tension.
  • Stress swallowers feel they have to take what is dished out and internalize it. These people suffer many digestive issues from holding in the stress from stomach upset, difficulty digesting foods, and constipation.

Dr. Oz invited all the women to conduct a demonstration of how stress. Each had a spoonful of powder which represented cortisol, the stress hormone, that they poured into a beaker of fluid. One beaker reacted by blowing out foam like a volcano – that's explosive stress. The second beaker took a moment longer to bubble up and boil over – the simmering stress. In the third and final beaker, the foam continued to bubble but didn't boil over – the stress swallow who never gets a break from their bubbling stress.

Dr. Oz: Secrets to Fix Your Stress

Dr. Oz Secret to Fix Short Fuse Stress
Eleutherococcus senticosus, formerly called Siberian ginseng is recommended to people who tend to explode in response to stress. In other words, people who don't know how to respond to stress. Eleuthero is an adaptogen that plays a role in decreasing the explosive responses to stress and all the related symptoms. Dr. Lucille recommended taking a solid extract of Eluthero which has the consistency of molasses, 1/8 of a teaspoon up to three times daily. 

[I've never heard of a solid extract of eluthero, supplement are the most common form.]

Dr. Oz Secret to Fix Simmered Stress
Vitamin C decreases psychological and physical aspects of stress, explained Dr. Lucille. For people who are dealing with stress continually, she recommends an all day time-release Vitamin C formula, 1000mg one in the morning.

Dr. Oz Secret to Fix Swallows Stress
For those who hold in their stress, Dr. Lucille recommends passionflower to ease both the mind and the digestive complaints. She recommends a liquid extract, 5-10 drops on the tongue before bed. Take straight or place in a little water, warm or cold. 

Dr. Oz Busts Belly Bloat

Is that expanding stomach from gas, eating too much, or bloating? Three new women joined Dr. Oz on stage to share their concerns about belly bloat. Their concerns and complaints are the top three that Dr. Oz hears regarding belly bloat.

The first fan shared that since having her children, three girls age from age 4 to 12, she suffers from continual belly bloat. No amount of exercise helps the bloat. Dr. Oz asked what she ate and she admits to be being addicted to carbs.

The next woman said for her belly bloat creeps up throughout the day. In the morning her belly is flat and calm and her pants fits well but by the middle of the afternoon her belly is busting out of the waistband by as much as three inches. Shapewear has become a staple clothing item to hold in the inches of bloat that assails her by the second half of the day.

The third fan, Angela, shared that her belly bloat is loud and painful. A painful gurgling begins in the afternoon and she feels like she needs to burp but it never comes out. The pressure sometimes comes out as gas toward the end of the day.

Dr. Oz Bloat Blaster: Probiotics
Dr. Oz said probiotics are a great solution for people suffering from belly bloat as well as irritable bowel. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that lives along our digestive tract. When food that we eat isn't broken down it stagnates in the digestive tract causing bloating and discomfort. That's when probiotics are called for. Those good bugs break down the food and material that needs to go through our digestive tract.

One of the best sources of probiotics is yogurt. For people who suffer from constant belly bloat Dr. Oz recommends eating a six ounce serving yogurt every day for at least two weeks to build up the beneficial bacteria in the system. The yogurt needs to be low in sugar and contain at least 2% fat. Look for the words “live active yogurt culture” on the label to know that the bacteria is live.

If eating yogurt everyday isn't an option, probiotics are also available in supplement form. Dr. Oz has teamed up with Schiff brand to bring fans a free sample of their product Digestive Advantage. Click here to read all the details for the Dr. Oz giveaway that will take place only on November 28, 2012

Dr. Oz Bloat Blasting Exercise
Dr. Oz showed to do two exercises, yoga poses really, that can help to push out any accumulated gas in the intestines to relieve pressure.

Lay on your back on the floor, bring in one knee toward the chest and wrap hands around knee to bring in closer. Hold this pose for 10 seconds on each leg.

Another exercise is called the child's pose. Kneel on the floor with the knees open about shoulder width. Gently bend toward the floor stretching the hands forward.

Dr. Oz Foods That Cause Belly Bloat

Healthy foods and bubbly drinks may be the cause of many cases of belly bloat. If healthy fruits and veggies cause belly bloat it may be that your body isn't used to the healthy foods. Eating healthy, fiber filled foods on a more regular and daily basis will, over time, reduce the amount of bloat experienced. Dr. Oz also recommended taking a digestive enzyme supplement such as Beano when eating foods that you know or believe may cause belly boat.

[Beano is one option in the world of digestive enzymes however Beano only contains one enzyme. There are many different types of enzymes and each enzyme specializes in breaking down a specific food. A broad ranging enzyme product will provide a greater spectrum of support in digesting a wide variety of foods.]

Soda was also mentioned a frequent cause of belly bloat. Dr. Oz explained that it's often the artificial sweeteners that are the culprit. He recommends avoiding soda and especially sodas that contain artificial ingredients.

Dr. Oz Blast Belly Bloat with Family Food

It's game time on The Dr. Oz Show. There hasn't been a game in quite a while. Two families went head-to-head in a Family Fued-style competition about belly bloat.

Dr. Oz Family Food Question #1: Name a potassium-filled food that fights belly bloat
Contestants were shown a variety of fruits and veggies and were asked to pick from the list. A contestant from each family competed for control of the board.

The first guess was bananas. The survey says: Bananas are number one! The next guess was chicken which received a strike – not on the survey.

Pineapple, the third answer, came in fourth place. Naturally occurring enzymes in pineapples help digest foods.

Raspberries was the next guess but they did not make the survey – strike two.

Guess number five was tomato juice which held the number two spot on the survey. Tomato juice provides hydration to help move material through the digestive tract.

The sixth answer was beets which took the number three slot. Beets provide 60% of daily potassium. And with that answer, the first family cleared the board.

Dr. Oz Family Food Question #2: Name a food that fights bloat with fiber
Dr. Oz gave the second family a chance to guess from the list of possibilities. The first guess was pineapple which was given a strike.

The next answer was peas, second place on the board. Peas are a natural diuretic which pulls water from the body. Brown rice was the next guess and appeared in the fourth spot on the survey.

The next guess was tomatoes and that got a strike.

Whole wheat pasta was the next answer and took up the second slot on the board. The whole grains help to gently scour the digestive tract.

The final guess was cheese which gave the family their third strike.

Dr. Oz called for the number one spot on the survey to be revealed and it was raspberries.

Dr. Oz: Bonus Tip for Stress

A common manifestation of stress is twitching in the eye. Dr. Oz recommended applying a hot compress to the area for 30 seconds.

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