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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Watching Dr Oz Quiz 11/17/12: Fish for Metabolism

Which fish was recommended on a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show to rev up the metabolism for all body types.

A. Shrimp
B. Salmon
C. Cod
D. Sardines

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The Answer:


Your Answers:
Shrimp - 7%
Salmon - 51%
Cod - 5%
Sardines – 35%

The Answer: Sardines
On the metabolism spectacular show last week, 11/5/12: Turbocharged Metabolism for Every Body Type, sardines were recommended as a healthy snack to support the metabolism.

Sardines may not be your favorite food but they are a powerhouse of nutrients. Sardines are high in protein, Vitamin B12 as well as CoQ10. CoQ10 supports oxygenation of the cells to fuel the muscles. Sardines are also a carb-free food, not that people should necessarily reduce their carbs, but this can help to balance out food choices for the day.

All the fish options on the multiple choice list are supportive of metabolism, if you ask me. Shrimp, salmon, and cod are all great options for healthy protein and the healthy omega-3 fats provided by the seafood fare keeps you feeling full, support the cardiovascular system, and play a role in managing healthy levels of inflammation in the body.


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