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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/13/12: Tony Horton Reshape Plan, Tony Horton Food Rules, Tony Horton 10-Minute Workout, Eben Alexander Has Proof of Heaven

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 13, 2012
Dr. Oz: Tony Horton's Breakthrough Plan to Reshape Your Body

  • Tony Horton is back with a new plan to reshape your body
  • Tony Horton's three food rules
  • A new 10-minute workout exclusive from Tony Horton
  • A neurosurgeon has proof of heaven

Tony Horton has created another exclusive workout and plan to get you in the best shape of your life. It takes a 90 day commitment. Dr. Eban Alexander shares his near-death experience and how he went from skeptic to a believer in God and heaven.

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Dr. Oz: Tony Horton's Breakthrough Plan to Reshape Your Body

Three outfits were hanging from a clothes line and their owners were standing behind the outfits. Three women who have been through one of Tony Horton's workout and lifestyle programs brought their old clothes to show where they came from and where they are today.

The first woman, Sessie went from a size 24 to a size 6; the second, Heather [of Heather's FITspiration online fame!] used to wear a size 20 and is now a size 2; and Jen used to wear size 22 and is now sporting a size 6.

Viewers have been asking that Dr. Oz to bring him back on the show, Tony Horton, creator of the hugely popular workout empire around the P90X program. From celebrities to the average person, Mr. Horton has inspired people around the world to lose weight, get in shape, and to keep it off.

Mr. Horton said he's disappointed in diets and dieting because people are most often looking to lose a few pounds for a specific occasion like a class reunion but they lose sight of the big picture of improving health for life. Mr. Horton said he can do things today at age 54 that he could never do in his teens and it's because his goal is to be healthy and strong for his entire life.

As a kid, Mr. Horton said he was a 98-pound weakling and was addicted to sugar. Going into his teen years, sugar addiction turned into av greasy food addiction and all the while he thought he was feeding himself. Mr. Horton said he's learned that healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and protein fuel his body and have allowed him to become strong and stay strong.
His workout programs are not based on one philosophy but embraces a variety of philosophies to create a whole body all-inclusive workout. It's not just about doing yoga or just doing a cardio machine or a pilates program. Mr. Horton says his programs brings all these successful programs together to keep the workout fun and to continue to challenge the body through a variety of movement exercises.

In 90-days, Mr. Horton has a variety of programs to appeal to a wide range of people. In the first 30 days, people are learning the moves and the exercises. In the second 30 days, results can begin to be seen and fitting into that little black dress is a closer reality. In the final 30 days, it's about refining the strength and sculpting the body.

What do you eat while going through a Tony Horton program? He lives by the 90-10 Rule. He likes to eat like his great-great-grandparents 90% of the time by focusing on real, whole food. Foods in their whole, natural form, preservative-free such as whole grains, vegetables and fruit, and lean proteins. Many people these days are eating out of a bag or a box or a drive-through window and that's not going to fuel the body. The other 10% of Mr. Horton's diet is a reward, a slice of chocolate cake or a cookie.

Dr. Oz: Tony Horton's Three Rules

It's taken Mr. Horton 25 years to refine his food to fuel his muscles and reshape the body. He shares what he's learned with his customers either by shopping from Tony Horton's Kitchen and have the food delivered to your door or you can learn in five minutes how to shop for and prepare your own food in your own home.
Dr. Oz: Tony Horton's Kitchen Rule #1: Choose Foods With One Ingredient
It's time to get simple here. If potato chips are what you like then go for a potato and cook it and add some spices. Instead of a processed food you'll be getting a whole food. Ice cream wouldn't be the healthiest choice. Reach for yogurt instead.

Dr. Oz: Tony Horton's Kitchen Rule #2: Eat Dirty Snacks
On a table were three meals filled featuring protein, whole grains, and vegetables. Next to the healthy meals was a cookie and lollipops. The goal, said Mr. Horton, is to eat three clean meals a day and know that you can still have a treat everyday as long as you're working out and exercising.

Dr. Oz: Tony Horton's Kitchen Rule #3: Re-Shake Your Body
Drink a healthy shake to support reshaping the body. A shake made with frozen fruit and berries, protein powder, cashews, almond milk and coconut water will give your body the nutrition, energy, and fuel needed to be a rock star during the workout.

Dr. Oz: Tony Horton Workout and Success Stories

Sessie lost 165 pounds with the P90X program and said that Mr. Horton's enthusiasm kept her going and inspired her to press play everyday. Heather lost 136 pounds and said she was so over weight that it was hard to get started but Tony Horton told her everyday to do to your best and forget the rest. Jen said it was the variety and encouraging words from Tony that kept her going.

Tony Horton has created a new 10-minute workout for fans of The Dr. Oz Show. Click here to view Tony Horton's 10-Minute Workout on

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Dr. Oz: A Doctor Proves Heaven Exists

Dr. Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon based his life and his beliefs on cold hard facts but it was a near-death experience that has transformed him from a skeptic of the after-life into a believer with evidence that heaven exists.

In his new book, Proof of Heaven, Dr. Alexander shares the story of his near-death experience and how he has married his belief in science with his new found belief in God and heaven.

In 2008, Dr. Alexander woke with a terrible headache. He was infected with meningitis. In a few hours he was in a coma and died – clinically. He went to heaven. He describes it as traveling on a butterfly's wing with a beautiful girl, sailing through blue skies with puffy white clouds. Today, Dr. Alexander believes in God and he believes in heaven.

Dr. Alexander had expected that he would have seen his father who had already passed away instead he saw a woman whom he had never seen before. Dr. Alexander said he was adopted at a young age. Months after waking from his coma, he learned that his birth parents went on to have other children, one of whom had died years before. A sister. He was in contact with his birth family and was given a photo of this sister who had died and it was this woman, his sister, who met him in heaven.

As a neurosurgeon, how do you know it wasn't a hallucination?
The cause of his coma was a deep meningitis infection and meant that he was near-death and his brain was not fully functioning. Dr. Alexander shared a brain scan taken during his illness that showed his brain was inactive during these periods when he visited heaven.

Where does science end and God begin? Can you die and come back to life? Dr. Jeffrey Long, MD, near-death expert, says near-death experiences are more common than people would think. He has found elements that are strikingly similar between most near-death experiences. While each experience is unique there are similarities. Each experience features a tunnel, bright white light, joyful reunions and a deliberate choice to return to the physical world.

If the heart stops beating and the lungs are no longer sending nutrients then the brain starts to die but it isn't instant, explained Dr. Oz. Parts of the brain will not have any blood be a few areas that are responsible for the senses, the sense of hearing for example. There will be areas of the brain receiving input but isn't able to put together those messages into understanding. That's when people have near-death experiences.

Dr. Long says that may be true in some instances however there have been stories of people who have been blind their entire life yet have a visual near-death experience. How is that explained? The only answer must be that they in fact visited heaven and returned to share their story.

Dr. Oz: Out of Body Experience Through Sound

Dr. Alexander says everyone can have an out of body experience without danger, in complete safety. Through the sounds of binaural beats people can achieve a level of relaxation that will allow for a spiritual out-of-body experience.

Binaural beats is when two sounds are played through headphones at different frequencies that creates a two different sounds in each ear. Listening to binaural beats for 30 minutes per day will allow for a deep meditative state allowing for a spiritual experience.

Yolanda, a fan from the audience, agreed to listen to the binaural beats on headphones during the show. She was hooked up to an EEG to measure her brain wave patterns before listening and while listening to the frequencies. Her first EEG showed that her mind was active. While listening to the binaural beats, her brain waves slowed indicating that she was entering a state of relaxation. 

Yolanda said she was able to connect with loved ones while listening to the binaural beats. Dr. Oz said his medical team looked at the binaural beats method and they found that it in fact does allow the brain and body to achieve a level of relaxation not achieved by any other means. It's worth looking into, said Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz: Medical Advice from Youngest Viewers

Dr. Oz Kids Share Medical Advice on Hiccups
Brandon said to get rid of hiccups, you need to stand on one leg and rug the tummy while drinking honey with water. He gives this to his siblings and said it gets rid of their hiccups.

Dr. Oz Kids Share Medical Advice on Sore Throats
Candace says for a sore throat to eat orange ice pops. The Vitamin C will make you feel better, she explained. Get three at a time and put them all in your mouth at once...or maybe just two at a time.

Dr. Oz Kids Share Medical Advice on Pet Dental Care
Joe brought his dog Petey to The Dr. Oz Show to show how he brushes Petey's teeth every night. Petey wasn't a very cooperative patient. Dr. Oz tried to hold Petey but Petey would have none of that. Dr. Oz had to call in Joe's mom who got the job done.

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