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Friday, November 9, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/9/12: Awkward Health Questions, Pee and Poop Guide, Poop Friendly Foods

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 9, 2012
That's Awkward! Dr. Oz Answers the Questions You'd Never Ask Your Doctor

  • Awkward questions are asked and answered
  • Look before your flush: another guide to pee and poop
  • Poop friendly foods

It's another round of viewer questions that are awkward and apparently most people are too embarrassed about to broach the subject with their physician. Dr. Oz tackles those questions and provides answers. And the show is going to the toilet, again! It's time to talk pee and poop: What colors are normal and which shapes are unhealthy?

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Dr. Oz Answers Awkward Questions

Embarrassing. Uncomfortable. Awkward. It's one of those shows again! Dr. Oz tackles awkward questions that people say they are too embarrassed to ask their doctors.

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #1: What's up with an itchy butt?
Maggie asks Dr. Oz what is going on with her backside that her butt itches all the time? Her friends, husband, and co-workers notice and tell her about her constant wedgies. She's embarrassed because the real issue is that her butt itches all the time.

Dr. Oz explained that when wiping after going to the bathroom the rubbing action can cause tissue damage which can lead to fungus infections. Instead of using dry, rough toilet paper, Dr. Oz recommends using witch hazel wipes.

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #2: What's up with awkward breast sweat?
We all know that underarms are sweaty but some women also suffer from sweat around and under their breasts. The arm pits are area where the skin is folded and moisture develops. Folds can develop under the breasts due to aging and stretching of the connective ligaments that used to hold the girls at attention.

Dr. Oz recommended putting baby power in bra or apply absorbent pads in the bra.

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #3: Why do I get bruising around my neck?
They aren't hickies but they look like a hickie. Mast cells can be released in the body due to allergies and those cells cause bleeding that looks like a small bruise or a hickie. Dr. Oz said costume jewelry or any jewelry containing nickel can cause and allergic reaction resulting in hickie-like bruises on the neck. The solution, get a nickel testing kit to test jewelry for nickel content before wearing it.

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #4: Why does my vagina fart?
Pamela said that it happens more often then she cares to admit and she doesn't know when it's coming. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD, gynecologist is happy that Pamela is talking about this rarely discussed topic. A low estimate is that 10-20% suffer for this uncomfortable situation. Vaginal farts are not necessarily a problem unless there is pain or unusual discharged associated with it.

Dr. Oz created a demonstration of the mechanics of farts. Material goes through digestive tract and as it goes through the intestines some gaseous odor comes through and is eventually released through the anus.

In the case of a vaginal fart there's nothing coming down to be released through the vagina, the issue is air coming up from the entrance of the vagina. After childbirth and with age the opening to the vagina will stretch and can allow air to enter. When standing or leaning forward while sitting pressure can force out that air.

Dr. Gilber-Lenz recommends practicing strengthening the vaginal muscles with what sounded a lot like doing kegel exercises. If you know when you stand there's a good chance of having a vaginal fart then practice closing those vaginal muscles while standing to avoid the embarrassing fart situation.

Dr. Oz: Viewers Awkward Moments

Dr. Oz wanted to hear from viewers about their awkward moments. [What, so the joy of those experiences could be shared with the world? Oy!]

She was flying with her family and had to use the lavatory. While walking back to her seat she didn't notice that the toilet paper had stuck to her pants. She brought a toilet paper train all the way from the lavatory to her seat. It was the longest, most awkward flight ever.

She developed chicken pox the day after visiting her friends and all their kids. How do you tell another parent that you just unknowingly exposed their entire family to chicken pox? Awkward. [I don't think this is very awkward. I mean, she didn't know at the time and there was nothing she could have done to prevent the exposure.]

A gurgle in her stomach while visiting her boyfriends grandmother resulted in a run to the bathroom and explosive diarrhea. What's worse was that the grandmother greeted her at the bathroom door with antacids.

On a road trip with her young son who was potty training, she was shocked to look behind her and see that her son had put the potty seat on his head exclaiming he had a crown. The potty was clean. That wasn't the problem. She couldn't get the seat off! The fire department was called and they had to use bolt cutters to cut through the plastic seat and free her son.

Dr. Oz's daughter Airabella would take her sister's necklaces apart and stick the beads up her nose. Dr. Oz had to take surgical tweezers to her nose way too often. He said the best lubricant for just about everything is olive oil.

Dr. Oz: Pee and Poop Guide Revisited

What kind of pooper are you? Dr. Oz wants to talk about his favorite subjects: pee and poop. He met women in the hallway outside the bathroom door and asked how everything went. Don't fret, this is important. Looking before you flush can provide a picture into health and may even be a way to spot the first signs of a health concern.

Dr. Oz What Kind of Pooper Are You? Constipation
She's waiting to poop and when it finally comes out it's pellets. She's constipated. Dr. Oz explained that those pellets form when the material in the intestines have been there too long and all the moisture has been removed resulting in hard, small pellet-like poop.

Dr. Oz What Kind of Pooper Are You? Liquid Pooper
She was so excited to be on The Dr. Oz Show she got diarrhea on the way to the studio. Material that moves too quickly through the intestines doesn't allow for any water to be removed resulting in liquid poop. Another issue with liquid poop is dehydration. All those fluids are just racing out of the body and are not able to provide hydration. Diarrhea lasting more than a week is an indication of irritable bowel issues and require a trip to the doctor's office.

Dr. Oz: What Color is Your Poop?

Look before you flush to see what color you're pooping.

  • Brown is the most common poop color and it's the ideal indicating that the digestion process is working, bile is digesting the food leaving the remainder of the material brown.
  • Green poop is a sign that food could be moving through the digestive system too fast or it could be caused from eating green food. If green food is not that cause, there is concern and conversation with a doctor is warranted.
  • Yellow poop can be an indication of gall bladder disease and a sign to go see a doctor.
  • White poop is can be the sign of serious issue and could potentially be a sign of pancreatic cancer. White poop is cause to contact a doctor.
  • Red poop is an indication of blood in the stool and is a sign of a serious issue from hemorrhoids to bleeding in the lower intestines.
  • Black, foul smelling poop is a sign of bleeding from the upper intestines and potentially a sign of stomach ulcers.

Dr. Oz Guide To Pee

How many times should you pee in a day?
  • 1-3 times?
  • 4-8 times?
  • 8 or more times a day?

The answer is 4-8 times a day. Frequency of urination isn't the only thing to look for, Dr. Oz has three pee tests to check overall health.

Dr. Oz Pee Test #1: Flow
Check urine flow during every visit to the toilet. A trickle of urine indicates an inability to empty the bladder which can result in infection. The longer the urine sits in the bladder the greater chance of infection.

The average amount of urine released during a trip to the water closet is about eight ounces and it should come out in a steady stream that's not too fast and not too slow.

A gushing flow of urine can be an indication of diabetes – or perhaps that you waited too long. Diabetics have trouble retaining and absorbing water due to insulin imbalances.

Dr. Oz Pee Test #2: Smell
The smell of urine can indicate how the body is metabolizing. An asparagus, or sulfuric smell, is normal. A sweet scent, like sugar, is a sign of sugar being excreted due to an overload of sugar in the body and is a reason for concern.

Dr. Oz Pee Test #3: The Color of Urine
There are several colors of the urine rainbow.
  • Tea color indicates that bile is being released through urine and is a concern that needs a doctors attention.
  • Neon yellow urine indicates that your supplement is providing more than enough B vitamins and isn't cause for concern.
  • Dark yellow, like apple juice, is and indication of dehydration. Drink water.
  • Cloudy or white urine is a sign of an infection and requires medical attention.
  • Clear urine is the ideal. Dr. Oz explained that you should be able to read through the liquid, it should be that clear.
Dr. Oz: Poop Friendly Foods

Dr. Oz: Poop Friendly Foods for Constipation
White, starchy foods can slow down the digestive process and be a cause of constipation. To relieve constipation, Dr. Oz recommended eating foods rich in magnesium such as bananas and pumpkin seeds. Magnesium draws water into the bowels. He also recommended raspberries and oat bran.

Dr. Oz: Poop Friendly Foods for the Liquid Pooper
Spicy foods can cause loose bowels. It's the capsaicin in the spices that can irritate the tissues of the intestines and the anus. Spicy foods can be a culprit in hemorrhoids as well as itchy butt syndrome. The foods that cause constipation can be used to firm up the poop. Rice will draw out moisture from the intestines. Applesauce contains pectin, a fiber, which can help provide structure to the stool. Lemon juice can play a role in killing off harmful bacteria. Blueberries have tannins to support healthy inflammation in the intestinal tract.

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