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Monday, November 19, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/19/12: Deepak Chopra's Super Brain, Super Foods For A Super Brain, Dr. Gerald Lemole's Longevity Plan, Bobbi Brown Youthful Make-Up Tips

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 19, 2012
Dr. Oz: How To Get A Super Brain

  • Deepak Chopra discusses his new book Super Brain
  • Super foods to support brain function
  • Dr. Oz talks about the man who inspired the show
  • Dr. Lemole's Longevity Plan
  • Look half your age with make-up techniques from Bobbi Brown

Deepak Chopra says he has a new way to reverse memory loss and prevent Alzheimer's disease. Meet the person who inspired The Dr. Oz Show.

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Dr. Oz: How To Get A Super Brain

Deepak Chopra is an expert in mind-body medicine and he's behind new science that says you can improve and rebuild your brain at any age to create a super brain. How you think and what you eat can reshape and retrain your mind and it only takes a few minutes every day.

Along with Harvard Professor Rudolph Tanzi, Mr. Chopra has written a new book, Super Brain, that explains how the mind-body connection is really one super system. Mr. Chopra says that we can each actualize full potential of our brain by making a conscience effort to build our brain power.

Dr. Oz: Three Brain Myths Holding Us Back

We tend to believe the old stereotypes that our bodies fail us as we age and that is especially true about the brain and the memory. What if we were simply getting in our way by believing these stereotypes and living up to them instead understanding how the brain works and working daily to build our brain power.

Dr. Oz Brain Myth #1: We lose brain cells daily and can not replace them
False. While it's true that we lose cells daily in the natural process of cell life however we can create new brain cells and new neuron connections within the brain at any age. Mr. Chopra presents in his new book the idea that losing our memory with aging is simply a cause of not using our brain to its full potential.

Dr. Oz Brain Myth #2: Brain hard wiring cannot be changed
False. Changing a habit or instilling a new habit can rewire the brain. Wearing your watch on the other arm or using your non-dominate hand to eat are activities that can help rewire the brain at any age.

Dr. Oz Brain Myth #3: Memory loss with age is irreversible
False. By attaching emotions to a memory we can build a stronger memory and can more easily recall any and all memories and information.

To demonstrate, Dr. Oz brought out two closets which represented the young brain and the old brain. In the young brain closet, all the brightly colored shirts were hung neatly on hangars. Each shirt held a memory that was attached to an emotion such as a first kiss or a first dance. These memories have strong emotional connections and will not be forgotten or misplaced within the information clutter of the brain.

In the old brain closet the mostly dark colored shirts were haphazardly tossed and disorganized. Dr. Oz explained that as we age we simply view information as being tossed in a closet yet when we need to bring up that information again it's hard to find among all the mess. By attaching a feeling to the information or event a stronger memory can be created.
Dr. Oz: Super Food For Super Brain

Dr. Oz Brain Boosting Food #1: Wheat Germ
Wheat germ can play an important role in reducing homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid that at high levels can increase risks of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular health concerns. Sprinkle a little wheat germ on cereal and yogurt for a daily dose of cardiovascular support.

Dr. Oz Brain Boosting Food #2: Black Currants
Black currants support the brain by nourishing hypocanthus which records and organizes our memories. Dried black currants taste like raisins and can be used in cooking. Black currants are also available frozen and in jams.

Dr. Oz Brain Boosting Food #3: Acorn Squash
Acorn squash is high in folic acid which increases transmission of information through nerve cells enhancing brain function.

Dr. Oz Brain Boosting Food #4: Gooseberry
Amalaki jam or gooseberry is a natural detoxifier and purifier that supports digestion as well as the memory. Mr. Chopra recommends eating 1-2 tablespoons daily or drink a shot of juice.

Dr. Oz Brain Boosting Food #5: Sage
We use the term “sage advice” to describe sound or wise advice. We call a person a sage when they are wise. Sage directs oxygen to cerebral cortex to support brain function and memory. Sprinkle the herb over soup or take 30 drops of the extract in water daily.

Dr. Oz: Deepak Chopra's Secret To A Young Brain

Deepak Chorpa's secret to a maintaining a young brain is to meditate. Studies have shown that people who meditate have a brain activity level closer to someone who is 10-15 years younger.

Sit up straight and close the eyes. Become aware of your breathing. Visualize the age you want to be and picture that age as a thermostat that you can set at will. Dr. Chopra calls this the biostat. Repeat the mantra: Every day, in every way I'm increasing my physical and mental capacity. My biostat age is [state the age you chose]. I look and feel a healthy [say the age you chose].

Dr. Chopra says to repeat this mediation process five times a day to keep the brain young. What you think, you will become.

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Dr. Oz: The Best Advice Dr. Oz Ever Received

Dr. Gerald Lemole has been at the forefront of cardiology and a holistic approach to health for the past 30 years. Dr. Lemole was the youngest chief of cardiology in the United States and performed the first heart transplant. Rolling Stone magazine called him the Rock Doc back in the 1970's for his unusual practice of playing rock music in the operating room to keep doctors and nurses focused.

Dr. Lemole is also Dr. Oz's father-in-law and has been inspiring Dr. Oz as a doctor, as a man, as a husband, and as a father.

Much of what is discussed on The Dr. Oz Show has been inspired by Dr. Lemole. In fact, the entire show was inspired by Dr. Lemole. Dr. Lemole's wife would clip articles about prevention nutrition and share them with her husband. He was amazed to learn that seemingly little things like women taking folic acid during pregnancy could improve the health of their babies. If that information had been discovered and utilized years earlier, it could have saved the lives of thousands of infants.

Dr. Lemole said his approach to these new ideas was really a pragmatic outlook. If the risk was low and the benefit was high he would try it out. He used to recommend a diet low in fat and high in fruits and vegetables before it was the standard which was a point of contention with his peers in the medical community who had not yet embraced a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Lemole has been doling out advice to the Oz family for years. Dr. Oz asked Dr. Lemole to share his favorite advice on the show today.

Dr. Oz Best Advice #1: Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. Dr. Lemole like to use colloidal silver at the first sign of a sore throat.

Dr. Oz Best Advice #2: Probiotics
Dr. Lemole recommends using a probiotic that provides 10-50 billion beneficial bacteria to help balance out unhealthy bacteria. New studies are showing that probiotics can also support weight loss. Dr. Lemole says taking something like a probiotic daily is a way to build wellness tools into your lifestyle.

Dr. Oz Best Advice #3: On Finding Balance
The key to being a family man and having a career is balance, says Dr. Lemole. Four things keep him grounded to his family and centered on his goals
  • Love
  • Feeling Useful - either through charities or work
  • Expecting Something – having something to look forward to the next day, week, or year
  • Gratitude - can't be happy without it

Dr. Oz Best Advice #4: On Failure
As a cardiologist and a pioneer of by-pass surgery, Dr. Lemole has experienced failure and that failure can be as large as losing a patient. Dr. Oz asked, having lost patients how do you get back up? Dr. Lemole said as a doctor he wants to improve the science and without failure there is no progress. Overcoming the failure and the situation allows for advancement so that others can benefit.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Plan

The lymphatic system's job is to remove toxins from the body which can lead to reduced risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer and can support the immune system. Dr. Lemole shares the recipes that have become favorites for his grandchildren (Dr. Oz's kids!).

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Recipe #1: Bioflavanoids
Dr. Lemole said that bioflavanoid are the key to a healthy lymphatic system. Bioflavanoids can be found in citrus fruits and brightly colored fruits and veggies.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Recipe #2: Arabella Artichokes
Rich in bioflavanoids, artichokes are wonderful for the lymphatic systems. Diuretic properties in artichokes draw out toxins and fluids. Dr. Oz's daughter loves her grandfather's artichoke recipe, so much that she can make it herself. Click here for Dr. Lemole's Artichokes on

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Recipe #3: Oliver's No Worry Curry
Oliver loves his grandfathers curry. Dr. Lemole explained that curry contains curcumin which is an anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory herb. Click here for Dr. Lemole's Curry from

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Recipe #4: Daphne's Baked Tofu Sandwich
Daphne Oz loves tofu and she loves her grandfather's baked tofu sandwich. Tofu contains unsaturated fat which allows for flexibility in the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. Click here for Dr. Lemole's Backed Tofu Sandwich recipe from

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Recipe #4: Zoe's Split Pea Soup
Bioflavanoids in Zoe's favorite split pea soup supports healing of the lymph system. Click here for Dr. Lemole's Split Pea Soup recipe from

As part of his longevity plan, Dr. Lemole includes supplements to fight everyday stressors.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Supplements #1: Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant which supports the nervous system and may play a rle in reducing risks of cardiovascular health concerns. Dr. Lemole recommends taking 600mg daily of alpha lipoic acid.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Supplements #2: CoQ10
Dr. Lamole explained that people who are taking statin drugs or those over the age of 50 are not able to produce enough CoQ10 and he recommends they take 120mg daily. Not only an antioxidant, CoQ10 allows cells to produce energy. Dr. Oz said CoQ10 is part of his regimen.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Supplements #3: Echinacea
To support the immune system, Dr. Lemole recommends taking 500mg of echinacea three times daily.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Supplements #4: Red Clover
A natural diuretic, red clover supports detoxification of the lymphatic system. Dr. Lemole recommends drinking one cup of red clover tea daily.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Lemole's Longevity Supplements #4: Arnica Gel
To support the lymphatic system in moving fluids and toxins out of the body, Dr. Lemole recommends a neck massage in downward motion with arnica gel. Combine massage with deep breathing to encourage the movement of toxins into the liver to be removed.

Dr. Oz: Look Half Your Age

Bobbi Brown, celebrity make-up artist and author of the new book Pretty Powerful joins Dr. Oz to share some of her best make-up tips to help you look half your age.

Dr. Oz: Look Half Your Age with an Instant Eye Lift
To avoid looking tired and feeling washed out, Ms. Brown says to add definition to the eye making the eye appear bigger. Use a dark color eye liner, in black or brown, on the top lid. Next, apply a dark mascara and before it dries hold up the eyelashes for a wider eye look. It may be harder to apply liner to the top lid and many women opt to only apply it on the bottom but that makes the eye look tired. Take the time to learn how to apply liner to the top lid for a fresh look.

Dr. Oz: Look Half Your Age with an Eyebrow Lift
Create a natural eyebrow lift with eye shadow applied with a brush to the eyebrow. Choose a shadow that matches the hair color – except black, never use black says Ms. Brown. Apply a small amount of shadow to the brow accentuating the contour. For a wider, brighter look of the eye Ms. Brown said to add a lighter colored eye shadow under the brow.

Click the link to read the post from Bobbi Brown's previous appearance on The Dr. Oz Show:

Dr. Oz: Viewers Best Advice

Dr. Oz shared the advice that has inspired his life and he wanted to hear what viewers have learned on the show and used for inspiration in their lives.

Dr. Oz: Best Advice #1: Breathing
On the 9/21/11: Holistic How-To Guide episode, Deepak Chopra taught this fan how to breath through the stress of life. She found the tool so valuable she's shared this breathing technique with her niece to help relieve headaches.

Dr. Oz: Best Advice #2: Brownies!
On the 1/19/12: Can Gluten Cause Weight Gain? episode, Elisabeth Hasselbeck shared her health struggles and how she overcame them after discovering her severe gluten allergy. Randi watched that episode and decided to have her family tested for gluten sensitivities and was shocked to learn that two of her children and her husband all had celiac disease. She has since completely changed her home to gluten-free and her entire family has benefited and even lost 25 pounds. She adapted her favorite recipes to be gluten-free, including brownies. Click here for Randi's Gluten-Fre Gooey Brownies recipe from

Dr. Oz: Best Advice #3: Magnesium and Vitamin D
Shelly wanted to build up her immune system and took Dr. Oz's recommendation of magnesium and vitamin d and today she says she's healthier and happier.

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