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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 11/7/12: Diet Myths Busted, Health Myths Busted, Junk Drawer Tips

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: November 7, 2012
Dr. Oz: Five Diet Myths Busted

  • Five diet myths are tested by Science Bob
  • Dr. Oz puts health myths to the test
  • What's in your junk drawer?
Dr. Oz bursts the bubble on five of the biggest diet myths as well as five widely held health myths. Can your junk drawer contain helpful tools?

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Dr. Oz: Five Diet Myths Busted

Today's Dr. Oz myth busting show is so hot he had to have a fire marshal present in the studio. He's conducting crazy experiments with Science Bob! Trust him, he's a doctor and he's got a scientist backing him up.

Dr. Oz Diet Myth #1: Wait Until Your Hungry To Eat
Stephanie says she always waits until she's hungry to eat, no matter the time. However, she admits that she's not losing any weight with this method and on top of it she's hungry.

Science Bob tested this hunger myth with liquid nitrogen at -320F. He placed a balloon with the word hunger written on it into a bath of liquid nitrogen, which represents eating. The balloon shrinks. Taking the balloon out of the liquid nitrogen and the balloon swells as it warms representing how hunger returns between meals.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Dr. Oz blew up a balloon filling it up and big as it could go representing hunger when meals are skipped. Dr. Oz explained that people who wait to eat and skip breakfast end up eating more calories throughout the day.

MYTH! Eat every two hours to keep hunger and weight down.

Dr. Oz Diet Myth #2: Your Metabolism Makes You Fat
The next fan believes that weight gain and loss is all about metabolism or may be it's about big boned or small boned.

The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating metabolism in the body. If the thyroid gland isn't working efficiently then metabolism slows but a slow thyroid gland not only effects metabolism it can also slow down the heart as well as digestion causing the body to hold onto fat cells making the scale creep higher and higher.

TRUE! An efficient and effective metabolism is going to play a big role in managing and maintaining a healthy weight. When the thyroid gland is sluggish and the metabolism is slowed weight will be gained.

Dr. Oz Diet Myth #3: Eating Fat Makes You Fat
Kimberly says when she eats a salad she feels like there is nothing in her stomach but when she eats food with fat she can feel it sit in her stomach slowing her down for the rest of the day. It's got to be the fat that she eats that is making her fat.

Dr. Oz and Science Bob said there are three categories of food: carbs, proteins, and fats. With a simple vinegar and baking soda experiment, Science Bob said he would demonstrate the amount of energy carbs and protein provide versus the amount of energy fats can provide to the body.

A balloon filled with baking soda was placed on a bottle labeled carbs and protein and another baking soda balloon was placed on a bottle marked fats. Science Bob released the baking soda to show the energy produced in both bottles. Well, both bottles fizzed up representing that fact all three (carbs, protein, and fats) provide energy and they don't necessarily contribute to weight gain if eaten in the right proportions.

MYTH! Dr. Oz explained that we should be getting 1/3 of our calories from fat and 2/3 of calories from carbs and protein (with lots of veggies too!)

Dr. Oz Diet Myth #4: Drinking Water and Coffee Can Make You Lose Weight
Can drinking water and coffee help you lose weight? Dr. Oz asked his audience to vote for either water or coffee for waist line helpers.

Which will make you lose weight? Water or coffee or both? The audience answered:
  • Water 39%
  • Coffee 15%
  • Both 46%

One fan explained, she feels that the combination of drinking water and coffee can flush away the fat cells in the body and help with weight loss. Dr. Oz said they are all wrong.

Science Bob said we are made up of water, a lot of water. If you drink a lot of water, more than your body needs, the end result is that you have to pee. That is all. Water doesn't grab onto fat cells and pull them out of the body. The only time drinking water can support weight loss is if the water is replacing a high calorie beverage with a net reduction in calories which can then result in weight loss.

To demonstrate what coffee does in the body, Science Bob set a tongue depressor on fire to represent how caffeine rages through the body. Yet, when people add sugar and cream to that caffeinated coffee, the fire is snuffed out. Drinking another cup of coffee will light the fire again but that sugar and cream will again put it out. If these are fancy coffees with high calories then the end result can be negating any metabolism increase and encouraging weight gain by a measure of increased calories. Going for straight caffeine may increase the metabolism but it can also put stress on the body which can also result in weight gain.

MYTH! Drinking water can coffee provide health benefits however they are not reliable or effective tools for weight loss.

Dr. Oz Diet Myth #5: Gaining Weight is Inevitable with Age
This is the biggest diet myth of all time, said Dr. Oz. Age is to blame for everything and it's written in stone that your weight will increase with age. Well, maybe not.

Science Bob played with balloons again. This time the balloon represented the muscles and placing the balloon in water which contained soap, he released the opening to let out air into the water and creating bubbles which represented fat cells. As we age muscle mass is lost creating more fat. That part is true.

But, Dr. Oz said it's a myth that we gain more weight as we age. The goal is to stay active while aging to maintain muscle mass and support metabolism. Another important goal, and something to keep in mind, is as we age we need fewer calories. Dr. Oz said for every 10 years after age 40, people should be cutting out 50 calories per day to stay a step ahead of weight gain.

So this myth is both TRUE AND A MYTH! Yes, age can contribute to weight gain however it doesn't have to with, our favorite mantra, proper nutritional and exercise.

Dr. Oz Bonus Myths: Which is true?
A. You can treat a burn with ice
B. Tilt your head back to stop a nose bleed
C. Chicken soup can stop a cold

C is true: Chicken soup can relieve congestion and support the immune system.

Dr. Oz: Health Myths Busted

Dr. Oz Health Myth #1: Green Snot Means Antibiotics are Required
This first health myth is the most dangerous, said Dr. Oz. Many believe if the mucus is green then it's a clear sign of an infection and therefore requires antibiotics.

MYTH! Green mucus represents the length of time the pathogens have been present and actually means that the body is already on the job to remove the bad bacteria.

Dr. Oz said the problem with giving antibiotics when they are not needed is that the antibiotics will not only kill off the bad bugs but will also kill off the good bugs leaving the body at risk for more health issues and there's a strong possibility that the bad bacteria can become antibiotic resistance without the good bacteria to keep them in check.

Dr. Oz Health Myth #2: Treat Wounds with Hydrogen Peroxide
The bubbles mean the peroxide is cleaning out the wound, right? The audience was asked and nearly everyone raised their hands in agreement with this myth. Dr. Oz said they are all wrong.

MYTH!Dr. Oz explained that in fact, a small cut will be cleaned out by the body, closed up and healed all on it's own. Pouring peroxide on a wound causes bubbling which is a chemical reaction of the peroxide dissolving healthy tissue thus making matters worse.

The rule of thumb is don't put anything on a wound that you wouldn't put in your eye. Instead of peroxide, Dr. Oz says to run cool water on small cuts to clean out any dirt and understand that the body is already sending antibodies to keep the area clean.

Dr. Oz Health Myth #3: Women Synchronize Their Menstrual Cycle
Women who hang together, cycle together. Many women and many doctors believe that women's periods will eventually sync up the more time they spend together or if they live together. The audience was asked and most of the women said they agreed with the myth.

MYTH! This is a complete myth. Dr. Oz took a survey of the women in the audience asking the dates of their last cycle. The calendar showed that the women in the audience did sync up to an extent but that syncing happened in three different groupings.

Dr. Oz said that the scientific data supports his little survey in that there is a 30% random chance for women to have the same menstrual cycle.

Bonus Health Myth: Which is True?
A. Cocoa butter can get rid of stretch marks?
B. toothpaste can zap a zit?
C. A dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth?

B! Toothpaste can absorb oils in a zit helping it to heal faster.

Dr. Oz Health Myth #4: Five Second Rule
If food is on the floor for five seconds or less it's safe to eat. Many people grew up believing that if you pick it up quickly it's still safe to eat.

Dr. Jeanine Downie, MD, dermatologist, admits that she lives by the five second rule however she won't anything off a bathroom surface. The day she was called about appearing on this show, Dr. Downie said she ate a piece of gum that had fallen on her shoe.

Dr. Oz said it can take less than a second for bacteria to jump onto a surface. To prove his point, Dr. Oz had his team check Dr. Downie's common surfaces for bacteria to see if the five second rule applies.

The level of bacteria on the surfaces were placed into three categories:
A score of 1,000 and above means the surface is filthy, 500 and above is very dirty, and 200 and above is dirty.

Dr. Downie's kitchen floor scored 254, in the diry category. Her shoe scored 363, dirty. Her desk was very dirty with a score of 897 and her key board was the worst with a score of 1,804 = filthy. Dr. Downie's bathroom floor scored cleaner than her keyboard or her desk.

Dr. Downie eats lunch on her desk – that's probably why it's so dirty. Not anymore, she said she'll be using a plate when eating on her desk or simply eat somewhere else.

Bonus Myths: Which Is True?
A. An apple a day keeps the doctor away?
B. Sucking helium kills brain cells.
C. Mosquitoes are attracted to sweet blood?

A. is true: Apples are linked to lower rates of asthma, cancer, and heart disease

Dr. Oz Health Myth #5: Sitting Close to the TV Ruins Eye Site
Dr. Oz said he even believed this myth because his father, also a doctor, told him.

MYTH! Dr. Oz said it's not the distance that can irritate the eyes it's the amount of screen time. He filmed a fan watching TV and filmed the same fan while not watching TV but talking to someone. While watching TV her eyes were a bit glazed and she didn't blink or move her eyes. When not watching TV, her eyes moved often and she blinked frequently.

Dr. Oz explained that the muscles in the eyes are very strong and therefore cannot be damaged by viewing something close to the eyes. There is no damage that occurs but here can be strain.

Dr. Oz said he likes to follow the 20-20-20 rule when engaging in screen time. Every 20 minutes look away at something at least 20 feet away and blink for at least 20 second, or 20 blinks. This quick break for the eyes will allow the muscles of the eye to relax and reduce strain.

Dr. Oz: What's In Your Junk Drawer?

The junk drawer could be your secret hording space but it could also be a place to find creative tools to help around the house. Dr. Oz asked three fans to clean out their junk drawer and bring in the contents and share their simple tips.

Dr. Oz Useful Junk Drawer Item: Binder Clips
Clip a wet sponge into a binder clip and let the silver grips keep the sponge off surfaces until it dries. A binder clip can also be used to hold a tea bag onto the side of a cup. [Well it depends on how clean that binder clip is. I prefer to use a spoon to fish out my tea bags or I just leave them in the cup.]

Dr. Oz Useful Junk Drawer Item: Toilet Paper Roll
Use a toilet paper roll to keep extension cords together when stored away.

Dr. Oz Useful Junk Drawer Item: Ripped Panty Hose
Use old (clean) panty hose to polish silver without chemicals or use the used hose to store wrapping paper.

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