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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 12/13/12: Dr. Oz's Lifesaving Hour, Female Heart Attack Warning Signs, Obesity and Heart Health, Fans Get Their Community Moving, Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief, Lifesaving Embarrassing Questions

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: December 13, 2012
Dr. Oz's Lifesaving Hour

  • Dr. Oz takes his health clinic on the road to five cities
  • Heart attack warning signs for women
  • Learn more about the important connection between obesity and heart health
  • Dr. Oz fans share how their weight loss transformations have helped their entire community
  • A couple share their story of transformation through cancer and how they were able to conceive their miracle baby
  • Viewers share how answers to embarrassing questions saved their lives
Dr. Oz is on location to bring viewers his biggest lifesaving hour ever. This season, The Dr. Oz Show takes their free mobile health clinic to several cities across the nation.

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Dr. Oz's Lifesaving Hour

Since the beginning of The Dr. Oz Show the mission has been to bring healthy information, lifesaving information to everyone. Each season, Dr. Oz has gone on the road to take lifesaving health clinic screenings to communities that need it most.

During the first season, The Dr. Oz Show took their health clinic to Houston, Texas where one in three are uninsured. Over 2,000 people were seen by over 700 health care providers.

Season two and the Dr. Oz free mobile clinic was in Philadelphia where visitors to the clinic learned their five essential health care numbers. One woman at the clinic experienced chest pains and was rushed to the ER. She was experiencing a heart attack and was worried about how she was going to pay for the care since she didn't have insurance. She was debating whether or not to get help simply because of the cost.

Last year in Los Angeles, the mobile clinic transformed into one of the largest free health clinics ever held with over 4,000 people receiving help from over 3,000 doctors, nurses, and dentists. Click here to read the post about this lifesaving free health clinic.

This year, The Dr. Oz Show took their mobile clinic one step further to bring a 15 minute physical to the entire nation. The Dr. Oz staff crossed the country to visit Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Washing, DC, Portland, and Kansas City.

Dr. Oz talked to the health care providers who volunteered for the Kansas City event before the clinic opened and coached them that the people will be scared, they will be uninsured and they will need the doctor's honesty. Over 1,000 uninsured people were screened and were able to take charge of their health, some for the first time in their lives.

Dr. Oz Lifesaving Screening #1
Dr. Oz met Michelle in Kansas City. Michelle hasn't been able to see a doctor in over 10 years and she drove over three hours to visit the clinic. Her father died from colon cancer and her mother always said the women in the family never make it to age 60. Her mother died at 59. Michelle has been experiencing health concerns about her colon but has been unable to afford medical care, she hadn't even told her husband about her concerns.

During the free clinic, Michelle received a trans-vaginal ultra sound test. Dr. Oz said he was concerned about the health of her ovaries but he was more worried about her intestines. Dr. Oz sent Michelle to have a colonoscopy the next day.

Dr. Oz shared Michelle's results on the show. Michelle was terrified to hear her results. On the big screen behind Dr. Oz he showed photos of the four polyps that were in her intestines. Michelle's fears where absolutely correct and if the polyps were not removed they would have developed into cancer within five years.

Dr. Oz explained that everyone over the age of 50 should have a colonoscopy every year. People over age 40 with a family history of colon cancer should also receive a colon screening each year. Everyone else, said Dr. Oz, should get a colonoscopy every 10 years.

Dr. Oz Lifesaving Screening #2
Lori, age 46, visited the free clinic hoping to learn more about the health of her heart. Everyday Lori experiences chest pains but without health insurance and with her husband unemployed medical care hasn't been an option. Lori has a long family history of heart attacks and she was terrified that she was having a heart attack and that she would die from a heart attack, leaving her family on their own.

At the free clinic, Lori's blood pressure was measured at 164/116, that's stroke range. Dr. Oz sent Lori in for a stress test to determine the strength of her blood flow. One minute into the walk on the treadmill and Lori was out of breath and her blood pressure had shot up to 184/92. Her heart was working much higher than it should for her age. Lori began feeling tightness in her chest. It's depressing, Lori said, she feels like she's 46 going on 95.

Lori's fear was of a heart attack but having a stroke never crossed her mind. With her blood pressure at 164/116 Lori's blood pressure was toxic, said Dr. Oz.

To illustrate the danger of high blood pressue, Dr. Oz showed a brain tissue sample of a person who died from a stroke. Nearly half the brain was black from a blood vessel that had exploded in the brain and killing the patient.

With over 75 million American's having high blood pressure this problem is rampant. The risks of death are high however high blood pressure is treatable and survivable.

Dr. Oz: Blood Pressure Support Guide
  • Focus of foods that are high in potassium to support healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Switch out foods high in saturated fat for foods low in saturated fat, such as salmon, to help open the blood vessels, explained Dr. Oz.
  • Get 30 minutes of activity daily. It's not about running a marathon, it's about getting active and moving.
  • Annual physical, check blood pressure regularly.
Dr. Oz said he understands that it's harder to get outside during the Kansas City winters so his staff talked to Lori's local recreation center which gave her the gift of a one year membership.

Dr. Stephen Salanski, MD, of HCA Midwest treated Lori at the free clinic and joined her on stage. Dr. Salanski shared that he felt a personal relationship growing with Lori during her treatment at the clinic and he wanted to be her family doctor and help her through her health challenge and work with her to regain her health. 

Dr. Oz: Heart Attack Warning Signs

Each year over 435,000 women suffer a heart attack and 267,000 will die because they didn't know the warning signs of a female heart attack.

Rosie O'Donnell suffered a heart attack earlier this year and she nearly died because she missed all the subtle signs of a female heart attack. Ms. O'Donnell shared her story recently on The Dr. Oz Show in the hopes of educating women on the warning signs of a female heart attack.

Dr. Oz and Ms. O'Donnell teamed up to create a one-sheet for heart attack warning signs. Since the October episode, people from 113 countries have downloaded the one-sheet and sent their thanks to Dr. Oz for providing the information in an easy to understand and easy to use format.

One viewer watched the Rosie O'Donnell episode and two weeks later she experienced the subtle signs of a heart attack. Because she watched this particular episode she sought immediate medical help and found she had a 100% blockage. The information she learned on the show and her quick response to subtle signs saved her life.
Another viewer shared her story of the day after watching the Rosie O'Donnell. She woke up the next day and felt terrible and then she threw up. She remembered what Ms. O'Donnell said about vomiting in a way never experienced in her life when she was having a heart attack. The viewer understood that she could be having a heart attack. Her husband called 9-1-1 and she did in fact have a heart attack but quick action by her and her husband saved her life too.

Dr. Oz: Five Heart Attack Warning Signs In Women
  • Chest, jaw, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Nausea, indigestion, and stomach pain
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Dizziness and/or light-headedness
  • Shortness of breath

Dr. Oz: Arsenic Update

In September 2010, Dr. Oz discussed food safety and specifically food safety of chicken. The next year, in September 2011, Dr. Oz brought to light the controversial issue of arsenic found in apple juice.

Since the airing of September 2010 episode, the drugs containing arsenic are no longer given to chickens destine for our dinner plates and the FDA is reviewing standards for arsenic in food.

Dr. Oz: Obesity and Heart Health

Change your weight and you can drastically change your health, says Dr. Oz. One viewer shared her story of resistance to losing weight, even hating hearing Dr. Oz talk about weight loss.

Jennifer had been over weight for most of her life. A few years ago, her two year old daughter suddenly died from an asthma attack and Jennifer plunged into despair. She used food for comfort in an effort to ease her pain. Jennifer's weight raced up to over 300 pounds.

She overheard Dr. Oz talking about weight loss, her husband is an avid fan and viewer. That day, the information resonated with her and it felt so real Jennifer thought Dr. Oz was talking just to her. Jennifer started taking small steps and doing simple things to improve her weight, her health, and her life.

To date, Jennifer has lost 130 pounds and says she's finally at peace with herself and her health.

A friend of hers at work died of a heart attack and it shocked Jennifer. The friend was over weight but he was generally healthy otherwise. Her husband was watching an episode of The Dr. Oz Show that discussed the link between weight gain and heart health. That information caught her attention and she chose to listen and to begin changing her life.

Every day, Jennifer takes B-Vitamins and Magnesium supplements to support her energy. She's added high fiber foods to her daily routine. Jennifer calls them her mini-meals: a breakfast bar with fruit or vegetables with wasabi peas.

When did you feel like you were worth it? Dr. Oz asked. Jennifer said she is still working on that, she cried. It's a struggle, spent life taking care of people and now she needs to take care of herself.

Dr. Oz: Weight Loss Success Stories

A record 1.2 million Dr. Oz have signed up through his website to commit to and succeed in losing weight. Many of the women who achieved weight loss successes were so inspired by the journey, the help the received that they what the learned and shared it with their communities.

One fan who lost 75 pounds took her energy and inspiration to her community and is working to tackle diabetes and heart disease in her area. Her work has received so much positive feedback from the community and participation is high. President Obama has recognized her contributions to creating a healthier community.

Another fan was so thankful for the improvements she saw in her health through losing weight, including getting a better handle on her cholesterol levels and heart health that she created an after-school club to help kids get active and reduce childhood obesity rates in her community.

Dr. Oz: Miracle Baby

Brian and Amy set out to get help from The Dr. Oz Show in having a baby. After a year of trying to get pregnant, the couple knew they needed help. They appeared on a 2010 episode of The Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Oz had Brian's sperm count checked and discovered that it was very low and the little critters were sluggish. Amy's health was great which was a tremendous relief for Brian. Dr. Oz got them in touch with the Shady Grove Fertility Clinic and they started treatments immediately but Amy still didn't get pregnant.

Brian continued to watch The Dr. Oz Show regularly. One episode that he saw focused on testicular cancer and described how to perform a self-exam. Brian did the self-exam and found a lump, he had cancer.

The day Brian went into the hospital for surgery to remove the cancer, Amy learned she was pregnant!
Today Brian is cancer free and the couple are proud parents to a beautiful baby boy whom they named Graham Thomas.

Amy said through this whole journey she learned the lesson of gratitude. She and Brian are thank ful for the help they received from Shady Grove Fertility, Dr. Oz, and their family. They had so much help and so much love from everyone around them, she said. Graham Thomas is a miracle and an absolute joy.

Dr. Oz: Visits Staten Island After Hurricane Sandy

On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy ripped through the East coast, including Dr. Oz's hometown leaving the area devastated.

Staten Island was hard hit with flood waters reaching over 12 feet and residents had to be evacuated by helicopter.

Dr. Oz and his team visited the island to see what they could do to help. Many families lost everything, their homes, their family photos, all their possessions. They are lost, without a homes yet they help each other in anyway they can. The community is devastated but they want to rebuild and they want to rebuild together.

On Staten Island, Dr. Oz met Joe Hernkind a man who lost his home and every possession during Hurricane Sandy but he still goes out everyday to help anyone and everyone in his community.

One side-effect of disasters that most of don't hear about is many of the people effected by these disasters lose required and lifesaving medications. Dr. Oz asked Joe if he was on any medications. Joe said he has been on high blood pressure medications for some time but they were lost in the hurricane and he hasn't been able to get them refilled. Dr. Oz asked if he could take Joe's blood pressure.

Joe's blood pressure measured 184/109. Dr. Oz said with a number like that he would normally admit Joe directly to the hospital but he knows that Joe is working to help his community and wouldn't leave. Dr. Oz took Joe to the closest pharmacy and bought him a new round of medications.

Joe was invited to join Dr. Oz on today's show. Emotionally, the hurricane and it's aftermath have taken a toll on Joe. It's a struggle everyday, he said, and the community still has not received the help that they need.

Joe has given the shoes off his feet to his neighbors but wasn't taking care of himself. Dr. Oz said that he's shocked to realize that much of the costs incurred after a disaster are the medical costs of people not being able to continue with their ongoing care and as a result suffer life threatening health issues.

Home Depot was so moved with Joe's help and commitment to his community. Home Depot Foundation gave Joe $10,000 in gift cards to help rebuild his community and his own home.

Dr. Oz Lifesaving Embarrassing Questions

Dr. Oz said one of the biggest goals of The Dr. Oz Show is to entertain viewers in a way that helps them remember lifesaving information and that's why Dr. Oz loves the embarrassing questions shows.

Fans of the show shared their stories of how answers to embarrassing questions featured on the show led them to receiving care that ultimately saved their lives.

Dr. Oz Lifesaving Embarrassing Question: Inverted Nipples
On an embarrassing questions episode, Joan asked Dr. Oz if inverted nipples are normal. Click here to read the post from the 10/3/11 Embarrassing Questions episode. Dr. Oz explained that an inverted nipple that has always been there, since birth, is normal but if a nipple becomes inverted there is concerns about breast cancer. Tumors that develop in the breast can pull on ligaments in the breast that cause the nipple to pull back into the body.

Colleen watched that episode and realized that her recently inverted nipple was something that should be check out by a doctor. She immediately made a doctor's appointment and was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Her treatments were successful and she is now in remission. Colleen said without seeing that episode she would have ignored the changes in her body and the cancer could have grown and could have taken her life.

Dr. Oz brought both Joan and Colleen to the show today and Colleen was able to thank Joan for asking the question that saved her life.

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