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Monday, June 11, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 6/11/12 Repeat: 5 Diet Myths Busted, Fats Make You Fat – Busted, 4 Solutions to Fight Fatigue, Canine Dental Care, Bonus Fatigue Fighters

The Dr. Oz Show
Original Airdate: February 27, 2012
5 Diet Myths Busted: What's Really Making You Fat?

  • Dr. Oz debunks five popular diet myths
  • Can fat help you lose weight? If it's the right fat!
  • Dr. Oz shares his favorite pills and potions to fight fatigue
  • Support your dog's health with dental care

So much of what you're being told about weight-loss is wrong, says Dr. Oz. The idea that eating fat makes you fat is just not true. Can eating off a small plate decrease your intake of calories? That's wrong too. Dr. Oz is challenging some of the biggest and most tightly held beliefs about weight-loss.

Today's episode of The Dr. Oz is a repeat. Click here to see the full post from 2/27/12.


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