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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 6/5/12: Dr Oz's Calorie-Cutting Challenge, Chef's Stay Skinny Secrets, Truth About Frozen Yogurt, Kitchen Gadgets to Lose Weight, Bonus: Dr. Oz Secret Breakfast Smoothie

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: June 5, 2012
Dr Oz's Calorie-Cutting Challenge

  • Dr. Oz puts viewers recipes to the challenge to see what can cut the most calories
  • Top chef's share their secrets for cutting calories and staying skinny
  • Samantha Heller reveals the truth behind frozen yogurt
  • Top kitchen gadgets to help you cut calories at home and lose weight
  • Dr. Oz Bonus Tip: Breakfast smoothie to support weight loss

Dr. Oz put out a nation-wide call to viewers to share their best healthy and calorie cutting recipes. On this episode, the home chef's are invited on The Dr. Oz Show to cook their masterpieces and see who met the challenge by cutting the most calories. Three celebrity chefs judge the foods by taste and Dr. Oz gives the award to the meal that cuts the most calories.


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Dr Oz's Calorie-Cutting Challenge

Dr Oz issued a nation-wide search for the best healthy recipes and viewers from around the country put their creativity to work. Three celebrity chef's will judge the meals based on health, taste, and how many calories were cut.

Ming Tsai, is a cookbook author and the host of Simply Ming; Gail Simmons, culinary expert and host of Top Chef: Just Desserts; and Chef John Besh, owns 10 award-winning restaurants and is the author of several cookbooks.

Dr. Oz Calorie Cutting Challenge #1: Lynette's Manicotti Makeover
Lynette said she started by substituting traditional white pasta with whole grain lasagne noodles. She uses the same traditional cheeses but just uses less of them. Mix together the cheeses, vegetables and herbs and put them into a plastic bag to pipe the mixture onto lasagne noodles. Simple.

The Numbers:
Traditional manicotti has on average 904 calories.
Lynette's manicotti cut those calories down to 404.

The Chef's Score:
Chef Tsai says Lynette's Manicotti is creative and delicious. He gives is an 8.
Ms. Simmons says Lynette used all the flavors we love about fresh Italian cooking and gave the dish a 9.
Chef Besh says it comes down to the dish doesn't taste like it's a healthy makeover, it tastes great. He gave it an 8.
Total score 25.

Dr. Oz Calorie Cutting Challenge #2: Monique's Chicken Fried “Steak” Remake
Moniquie, from North Carolina, says she started with chicken and baked it instead of frying. Whole wheat panko and flaxseed make up the breading and garnered a hug from Dr. Oz.

The Numbers:
Traditional chicken fried steak has, on average, 1,101 calories.
Monique’s Chicken Fried “Steak” Remake has only 487 calories.

The Chef's Score:
Chef Tsai said he was impressed with her technique and was not missing that it's not fried. He gave Monique a 7.
Ms. Simmons says the “Steak” was moist and loves Monique's creative breading alternative using flax which made her happy. She gave the dish an 8.
Chef Besh said she knows her way to a southern man's soul with her smart and creative recipe that he awarded a 9.
Total score 24 points.

Dr. Oz Calorie Cutting Challenge #3: Trish's Lean Bean Enchilada Supreme
Trish, from California, has a catchy title for healthy meal remake: Lean Bean Enchilada Supreme. She diteched the tortillas in favor of cabbage and filled them with black bean, quinoa, fire-roasted tomatoes, and 1% cottage cheese for a creamy texture.

The Numbers:
Traditional enchilada's can average about 609 calories.
Trish's healthier version of enchiladas have only 345 calories.

The Chef's Score:
Chef Tsai called her Dr. Trish said said worried he would miss the tortillas but didn't. He loved the dish and gave her a 9.
Ms. Simmons said the spicy heat of the dish was fantastic, she gave it a 9.
Chef Besh said he enjoyed the delicious, bold flavor and gave it the highest score of 10.
Total score 28 points.

Dr. Oz gave the calorie-cutting trophy, a golden oven mitt, to Trish for earning the highest score for her low-calorie Lean Bean Enchilada Supreme.

Dr. Oz Chef's Secrets to Staying Skinny

The chefs stay on stage for this next segment to revel their secrets to staying skinny even while constantly being surrounded by food.

Dr. Oz Chef Skinny Secret #1: Sambal Oelek
Chef Ming says his secret to stay skinny is eating sambal oelek, a south east Asian chili paste that is packed with flavor. Adding this paste to foods provides flavor without sodium.

Dr. Oz Chef Skinny Secret #2: Brown Seaweed Salad
Chef Ming says to rev up the fat burning look toward a brown seaweed salad made with wakame seaweed. Seaweed is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and iodine too.

Dr. Oz Chef Skinny Secret #3: Nutty, Fruity Popcorn
Ms. Simmons says she likes to snack to stay skinny with the right foods that satisfy without a lot of calories. When she wants to snuggle up with a movie and popcorn, Ms. Simmons likes to pop her corn the old fashioned way with a heavy-bottomed pan. She uses 2 tablespoons of oil per ½ cup of kernels. She pops the corn then adds 2 tablespoons of chopped walnuts and dried bananas. Simple and nutritious.

Dr. Oz Chef Skinny Secret #4: Spiral Vegetable Slicer
Available at home stores, Ms. Simmons says her favorite kitchen gadget is a spiral vegetable slicer, cost about $30. The slicer provides consistent cutting for salads and sautes. She says it slices vegetables up beautifully so you can add a satisfying crunch to any meal.

Dr. Oz Chef Skinny Secret #5: Skinny BBQ Sauce
Chef Besh says his skinny BBQ sauce is his secret to keeping the calories and weight at bay. Stay away from overly sweet and overly salty BBQ sauces. Mix together 2 tablespoons of agave nectar with 2 tablespoons of rice wine vinegar for a skinny BBQ sauce. Rub the sauce on meats before grilling or drizzle on after grilling.

Dr. Oz Chef Skinny Secret #6: Choose Fats Wisely
Choosing fats wisely brings big flavor to foods allowing you to rely on the flavors and not the calories. Chef Besh says to embrace embrace fats that taste good so you can use less. He recommends using avocado oil and hazelnut oil both have a strong flavor that tastes great. Mix a little lime or a touch of lemon to avocado oil and pour over greens for a wonderful salad.

Dr. Oz Uncovers the Truth About Frozen Yogurt

The classic diet trap is to switch from ice cream to what most think is a healthier option. Could that frozen yogurt be making you fat? It's the diet craze sweeping the nation, a creamy, cool dessert people think is good for you. People think they are eating frozen yogurt for all the right reasons but, is it the best choice? Dr. Oz says he is reveling the truth that may change the way you think.

Samantha Heller, Clinical Nutrition Coordinator with CT Griffen Hospital, says frozen yogurt has seen a surge in popularity because people think it's healthy. The truth will surprise you.

[Both Dr. Oz and Ms. Heller are making it sound like frozen yogurt is a new phenomenon. Way back when I was in high school (and that's been a whole lot of years) frozen yogurt was hugely popular too with the same conversation spinning around on whether it really is a healthier option.

Dr. Oz Frozen Yogurt Truth #1: The Calorie Count Could Be Misleading
The science behind determining calories for servings of frozen yogurt may be misleading. There's a lot of air in the yogurt, container sizes vary for the same size, and the amount up into a container can vary widely. Overfilling the yogurt cup can add up to hundreds of extra calories. The solution is to ask for the yogurt to be filled only to the brim of the cup. Ms. Heller says the mantra is “fill it to the brim to keep you thin.” Eating with the sample size spoon will slow down your eating allowing you to be more satisfied with less yogurt.

Dr. Oz Frozen Yogurt Truth #2: Frozen Yogurt is Loaded with Sugar
A small serving of frozen yogurt, about ½ cup or 4 ounces, has about 20 grams of sugar equal to 5 teaspoons of sugar. Would you put 5 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee or tea? Ms. Heller explained that the American Heart Association says women should limit their sugar intake to 5-6 teaspoons for an entire day.

Dr. Oz showed three other foods that people would put into a “healthy” category but that have less sugar than frozen yogurt. A chocolate covered doughnut is certainly not considered healthy but it has only 17g of sugar. Four chocolate chip cookies have 18g of sugar and a cupcake has 19g of sugar.

The solution, says Ms. Heller, is to go for plain flavored yogurt or even chocolate flavored but stay away from the rest. Flavored frozen yogurt tends to have more sugar and more calories than plain or chocolate.

Dr. Oz Frozen Yogurt Truth #3: Topple Your Diet with Toppings
The bad news, says Ms. Heller, is that sprinkles have calories and they have trans fats too. Cheesecake bites can have as much as 52 calories for 2 teaspoons. Gummie bears, 68 calories, cookie pieces 47 calories, toffee bits have as much as 52 calories. At the yogurt shop, toppings are jammed into the container adding up to much more than 2 teaspoons.

Ms. Heller recommends to ask for the toppings to be applied with a teaspoon and keep it to only two, that's the limit.

Dr. Oz Frozen Yogurt Truth #4: It's Not a Good Source of Probiotics
Probiotics are great for gut health and can boost the immunity, says Ms. Heller. Regular yogurt has about 100 million active cultures. Frozen yogurt has only about 10 million, a 10-fold decrease. Ms. Heller says you can make your own frozen yogurt by freezing Greek yogurt in a popsicle mold. Add your own fruit to the yogurt then you can roll the frozen yogurt pop in chopped nuts. Probiotics in supplement form can provide billions of active cultures, significantly more than yogurt.

Dr. Frozen Yogurt Truth #5: Has Less Fat Than Ice Cream
Frozen yogurt has less fat than ice cream but watch the serving size and watch the toppings so that yogurt won't have more calories than ice cream. Ice cream typically has 10-12% fat while frozen yogurt has 2-4% fat.

Dr. Oz Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss

To win at losing weight, Dr. Oz says we all need some help in the kitchen with the right tools to keep portion size, calories and fat in check.

Jennifer Jolly, Technology Lifestyle Editor with, says chefs will say salt and fat are necessary for flavor but that's not true. The right gadgets can help cut calories and keep the flavor.

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Kitchen Gadget #1: Mastrad Multi-Level Steam Cooker - $40
The Mastrad Multi-Level Steam Cooker is a one pot wonder for the waist line, says Ms. Jolly. It's a steam cooker for the microwave that allows you to cook a full meal in one pot in only 6 minutes with veggies on the bottom and protein on the top. Ms. Jolly made a garlic chicken breast with green beans in the Mastrad Multi-Level Steam Cooker. She says food can be stored in the container, a great way to

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Kitchen Gadget #2: Bagel Whizz - $7
Help de-bloat at breakfast with a gadget called the Bagel Wizz. Bagels have as much as 300 calories, Ms. Jolly calls them calorie bombs. Use the Bagel Wizz to scoop out the extra dough in the middle of the bagel, it takes about one minute. Then top the reduced calorie bagel with almond butter or an egg.

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Kitchen Gadget #3: Healthy Steps Starch Server - $9
Help prefect your portions with the Healthy Steps Starch Server. It's a spoon but not just any spoon. Ms. Jolly calls the Healthy Steps Starch Server a whole lot of greatness for watching your weight and controlling your portions. Take the guess work out of serving up one portion of starch with the Healthy Steps Starch Server.

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Kitchen Gadget #4: Count Me Healthy Bracelet - $88
The Count Me Healthy Bracelet is something you wear to help you track goals throughout the day. It looks like a beautiful bracelet but it's also a journal. There's a notch on the bracelet and you can move the beads from one side to the other to track different goals an no one knows you're tracking your health. 
Dr. Oz Best Cooking Sprays to Lose Weight

Dr. Oz says he's tackling one of the biggest cooking offender when it comes to losing weight: fat. Oil and butter go into the pan before we start counting calories. Spray oils may play a big role in keep the calories down, if they are used correctly.

Allison Fishman, Contributing Editor of Cooking Light Magazine, says FDA labeling allow spray oils to say zero calories for 1/3 of a second worth of a spray. It just doesn't make sense that people will only use 1/3 of a second of a spray.

The folks Cooking Light Magazine researched the spray oil serving size question and found that most people use a 3-5 second spray which adds up to about a teaspoon of oil and that certainly has calories.

Dr. Oz Best Cooking Spray for Baking: Baker's Joy
The best spray oil for baking as an alternative to shortening, says Ms. Fishman, is Baker's Joy that combines oil and flour together in one product to make coating the pan, even a complicated pan like a bundt pan, easy.

The Numbers:
Shortening used to coat a baking pan contributes about 254 calories and 26 grams of fat.
Baker's Joy contributes 50 caloreis and only 4.5 grams of fat.

Ms. Fishman shared a Buttermilk Bundt Cake with Dr. Oz that was make with Baker's Joy. Dr. Oz loved it! Click here for Ms. Fishman's Buttermilk Bundt Cake recipe from

Dr. Oz Best Cooking Spray for Cooking: Pam Organic Canola Oil
Instead of using butter in the pan to cook dinner, Ms. Fishman recommends Pam Organic Canola Oil. Dr. Oz asked why she didn't recommend a butter-flavored spray. Ms. Fishman says butter-flavored sprays are typically made with artificial flavors and she says to stay away from them.

The Numbers:
Butter can add as much as 204 calories and 24 grams to food cooked in it.
Pam Organic Canola Oil brings only 18 calories and 2 grams of fat.

Dr. Oz Best Cooking Spray for Frying: Spectrum High-Heat Organic Sunflower Oil
Deep frying is not the best way to cook if you're looking to lose weight. Swap the peanut oil and deep frying and use a neutral oil that provides crispness. Ms. Fishman recommends Spectrum High-Heat Organic Sunflower Oil.

The Numbers:
Peanut oil, 1/3 cup, can add a whopping 636 calories and 72 grams of fat.
Spectrum High-Heat Organic Sunflower Oil has a drastically reduced 20 calories and only 2 grams of fat.

Ms. Fishman made Parmesan Zucchini Sticks using Spectrum High-Heat Organic Sunflower Oil that Dr. Oz said tasted like they were fried and not baked. Click here for the Parmesan Zucchini Sticks recipe from

Dr. Oz Best Cooking Spray for Roasting: Mister
Roasting vegetables is a better option over frying them and often people use olive oil. While a healthy oil, the calories from olive oil can be reduced by using a mister. A mister, available at cooking stores, allows you to use any oil in the container and it becomes a spray oil.

The Numbers:
¼ cup of olive oil has 477 calories and 54 grams of fat.
A spray application of olive oil in a mister can reduce that to 41 calories and only 5 grams of fat.

Ms. Fishman shared Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes. Click here for the recipe for Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes from

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Secret Smoothie to Lose Weight

Dr. Oz says his breakfast smoothie is his secret to losing weight. He calls it his Pineapple Banana Protein Blaster.

Add to and blend in a blener:
Freeze a banana then break it into chunks
½ cup of 1% soy milk
1 tablespoon of soy protein powder to boost energy levels and metabolism
1 can crushed pineapple to provide nutrients and bromelain that breaks down protein, aids in digestion, and helps support sore muscles through inflammation modulation.
½ cup pineapple passion sorbet, Dr. Oz's personal favorite sorbet, he says to choose a sorbet without a lot of added sugar 
This recipe, says Dr. Oz will make 2 days worth of a protein-packed breakfast smoothie.

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