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Friday, June 8, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 6/8/12: Embarrassing Questions, Awkward Questions, Outrageous Questions, What's Your Problem?, Dr. Oz Goes Wild, Tips for Annoying Body Problems

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: June 8, 2012
Dr. Oz's All-Time Most Embarrassing Questions Answered!

  • Dr. Oz's “Best Of” embarrassing questions are recapped
  • Awkward questions tackled
  • Outrageous questions and behaviors are examined
  • Dr. Oz's asks what's your problem?
  • Dr. Oz goes wild with 50 embarrassing questions
  • Bonus: Tips for annoying body problems

Today's episode of The Dr. Oz Show is a best of mash-up of his all-time favorite most embarrassing and awkward and outrageous questions asked from this season. Starting with his favorite topic, pee and poop, Dr. Oz gives answers to questions people are too embarrassed to ask their doctor.


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Dr. Oz's All-Time Most Embarrassing Quesitons Answered!

First up, from the 9/15/11 episode: Pee and Poop, is one of Dr. Oz's favorite topics, pee and poop, because they are both one of the simplest way to access your health on a daily basis.

Dr. Oz: The Shape of Poop
Dr. Oz's all time favorite things are the topics for today's show: pee and poop. Learn how to take advantage of a life-saving daily exam. By examining your pee and poop you could potentially find indicators of health concerns like kidney disease, diabetes, Crone’s disease.

Dr. Oz encourages every one to look before you flush. The entire audience brought photo of their stool and a urine sample. Going through the four life-saving S's on a daily basis could help you get a sense of your overall health and could be proactive when things go off course.

The poop scale shows 7 general shapes of stool for any given situation. Within that scale there are 3 fundamentals, the extremes.
  • Smooth shape is normal, the stool glides into water.
  • Marbles can be an indication of constipation, the stool sounds like bird dropping pellets from the sky, the water splatters.
  • Watery can mean that the body is not absorbing nutrients and could be an indication of irritable bowel, Crone's, loss of minerals, diabetes, neurological issues.

Dr. Oz: The Smell of Pee
How much should you pee each day? Two liters is the average, normal amount that you should be urinating each day. The amount of urine that is expelled is a huge clue to overall health. Too little urine each day can be an indicator of dehydration or kidney concerns. Too much urine expelled each day could be a warning sign for diabetes where the sugar is washing out the kidneys. Medications can also cause too much urine to flow out of the body.

How should urine smell?
  • A mild smell to urine is normal.
  • A smell of ammonia that is strong and pungent can be an indication of dehydration especially combined with a dark color. To manage dehydration more fluids are needed.
  • A fruity smell can be a warning sign of diabetes as glucose is being metabolized.
Dr. Oz recommends to conduct a personal dipstick test. A dipstick test is routinely utilized in urinalysis by medical professionals to screen for diseases and diagnose medical conditions to determine. The test stripes can be purchased for at home use. A peachy-yellow color that appears when the stick is placed in urine is normal while a pink/red shows a risk for diabetes.

Dr. Oz Port-a-Potty Question: She has noticed that her urine comes out slower or sometimes sprays out.
Port-a-potty question's from audience members. What? Yes, audience members exited a port-a-potty on the stage to ask Dr. Oz some important questions about their pee and poop.

Dr. Oz explained that the urinary walls can atrophy as we age. He says to think of a straw that has become kinked and urine doesn't come out as smoothly. Dr. Oz recommends using an estrogen creams to maintain tissue texture in that part of the body to help the urinary stream stay in tact.

Dr. Oz All-Time Most Awkward Questions Answered!

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #1: How do you get rid of the smell of #2 after using someone else's bathroom?
Does a match really work? Or does just cover it up? The fragrance from #2 is the scent of sulfur from the bacteria in the poop. The match simply covers up the smell of #2 but does not get rid of it. Dr. Oz says he has used this product personally and he says it works.

Dr. Oz recommends using a product called Just A Drop Bathroom Odor Eliminator, Cost: $15.99. [Their website says, “One drop before you go eliminates odors before they enter the air.” And they say they are environmentally friendly.] Dr. Oz says the product is a eucalyptus oil base that makes the smell of the poop go into the toilet water and stay there.

Dr. Oz Awkward Question #2: Is it safe to wax your butt crack?
Dr. Oz is shocked by how many women have asked this question. Yes, says Dr. Oz, it is safe to wax the crack but, you need to know how to do it right. Have a professional do it, he says. Make sure the professional doesn't soft wax or wax strips but hard wax that is more gentle on the skin.

Dr. Oz All-Time Most Outrageous Questions Answered!

On the 2/28/12 episode Normal or Nuts?, Dr. Oz says some adults haven't out grown childhood behaviors and we all have some behavior or anxiety that our family and friends say is a little weird. For some, these behaviors have become a concern – am I normal or nuts? Dr. Oz has invited three top psychologist to review viewers strange behaviors and determine if it's normal or crazy.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #1: She can't have different foods touching.
She even asks for food on separate plates and restaurants thinking foods touching will make her stomach sick. She knows a lot of people who eat this way.

Audience votes: 20% of the audience says she is normal.
The experts think she is not normal. They were concerned is that this is a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder and can hold her back. She has a disconnect with what is happening in her body when she eats food and how food looks on her plate. It's a phobia.

Dr. Oz says the first step is to visualize your fear. On day one, she says she should make peace with what would happen if you put two foods on one fork, visualize what happens when those foods go into the body. On the next day, he encourages taking one spoonful of two foods mixed together. Baby steps.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #2: She has intimate dreams of other men
Michelle been with her husband for 16 years and says that sometimes she has sex dreams of being with other men and she wakes up feeling guilty and terrible.

Audience votes: 40% say she's nuts and 60% thinks that it's OK.
The experts say it's normal and not just a little normal but completely normal.

Dr. Oz explained that women have as many sex dreams as men. He challenged Michelle to think of what the dreams mean.
  1. Does it mean her husband doesn't take out the trash?
  2. Before bed, was she watching a movie with a sexy leading man?
  3. Did she have too many aphrodisiacs, such as wine and chocolate, before bed?
The dream means that her husband isn't taking out the trash, says Dr. Oz. He goes on, these dreams are unresolved emotional issues and she is fantasizing about things that can't happen as a way to get back at her husband. [Couldn't the dream just mean a healthy sexual appetite and the very normal fantasizing about being with someone else?]

Dr. Oz Tip To Track Dreams: Dream Diary
Dr. Oz recommends keeping a dream dairy at the bedside to help shed light on the dreams. He also said to not feel guilty about the dreams. Guilt doesn't heal, knowledge will light your path, says Dr. Oz.

Write down three major emotions you feel before going to bed. In the morning write down your dreams. This will help to clarify the emotions surrounding the dreams and if they point towards issues with your husband then talk with him about it.

Dr. Oz: What's Your Problem?

As always, no question is too embarrassing, too silly, or too personal to ask. Dr. Oz sought out the most embarrassing healthy questions about issues that are driving viewers crazy and asked the million dollar question: What's Your Problem? Click here to read more from 3/12/12: Fast Health Fixes.

Dr. Oz What's Your Problem?: Body Acne
Lynne from Buffalo, NY shared that she has acne on her butt and the back of her legs. It's embarrassing and painful, she says. She was brave enough to share a photo of her back side which was covered with acne, broken, red skin that indeed looked painful. Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, she wonders if there's any treatment that can help her.

Dr. Oz explained that any inflammation in the body can cause a flare-up of acne on any part of the body. He showed a demonstration of how inflammation can cause the skin to swell and rise because the body wants to push that inflammation out. Acne pops up in these areas.

Consulting with dermatologists, Dr. Oz said the best way to treat acne on the body is the same way you would treat acne on the face. He what Dr. Oz recommends using products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Cotton underwear would be best to prevent acne on the back side. Shapewear, workout shorts, or yoga pants could make the problem worse.

Dr. Oz also recommends supporting acne prone skin from the inside out with his anti-inflammatory Blemishing Busting Bite:
1 cup whole grain cereal
¼ cup walnuts
2 mini dark chocolate bars, melted or 3 tbsp of dark chocolate chips, melted

Melt the chocolate and drizzle over the cereal and nuts.

Dr. Oz What's Your Problem? Loud Stomach
Lynette, from South Carolina, says her stomach makes embarrassing loud noises all day. She says the sounds come when she's not hungry and when she doesn't need to go to bathroom.

Dr. Oz placed his stethoscope and loud drumming sound was could be heard from her stomach. He showed an animation of what is going on in her digestive system to cause those sounds. Spasms of the stomach that sound like a drum will happen when the stomach is trying to tell it's empty and wants to be filled.

A different sound will come through when the intestines are trying to process and push through a food that didn't agree. The two sounds are different messages that sound different. The key is figuring out which sound is associated with which message.

When the stomach is empty, reach for healthy foods that can fill and satisfy the digestive system – healthy fat and fiber. Dr. Oz recommended eating a dozen hazel nuts.

Dr. Oz Goes Wild With Embarrassing Questions

These next questions come from The Dr. Oz Show that asked and answered 50 questions in one hour. There was so much information presented in this episode that I broke up the information into two episodes. Click the links to see all the questions presented:

Dr. Oz Gone Wild Question #1: Why is my tongue discolored?
This audience member had dark, nearly black, stripes on either side of her tongue. Coffee, and medications can leave stains on the tongue - she has been on antibiotics recently.

Dr. Oz demonstrated that the tongue is a textured surface. Foods, and antibiotics, can stain the little

Dr. Oz recommended using baking soda to brush her tongue. Dip the brush in baking soda then dip it into a little water and brush the tongue.

Dr. Oz Gone Wild Question #2: My toe nail is discolored, what should I do?
The audience member shared that she had banged her toe causing trauma and providing an ideal area for fungus and bacteria to grow in the nail bed and destroy the ability to grow a new nail.

Dr. Oz recommends a home remedy before more getting into more drastic pharmaceuticals: 5-6 drops of tea tree oil in sunflower oil [sunflower is a carrier oil in this remedy and other oils may be used if sunflower is not available]. Rub the mixture onto the nail area frequently. This will address the bacteria but not necessarily the fungus. [If the issue remains after trying this remedy then talk to a podiatrist as the issue may be caused by something else.]

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Annoying Body Problems

Dr. Oz Annoying Body Problem #1: Smelly Feet
For sweaty and smelly feet, Dr. Oz recommends applying baby powder to the feet after a shower. He says baby powder is magical, that's why it's been around for so long.

Dr. Oz Annoying Body Problem #2: Baggy Eyes
To address baggy eyes, Dr. Oz recommends a mix of one handful of chopped, fresh parsley with 4 tablespoon of plain yogurt. Apply the mix under the eye and leave on for 20 minutes before cleaning off.

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  1. Will Dr. Oz ever write a book addressing embarrasing questions?

    1. That's a good question. You would have to ask Dr. Oz if he has any plans for such a book. It seems he has enough material for a book!