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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 6/7/12: Secrets of Plus-Sized Models, Plus-Sized Models Skinny Secrets, Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals, Top Supplements to Live Longer, 10 Habits to Live Longer, Look 20 Pounds Thinner in Pictures

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: June 7, 2012
Secrets of Plus-Sized Models

  • Three top plus-sized models share their secrets to a thinner face, arms, and waist
  • Plus-sized models secrets to looking skinny
  • Four alternatives to pharmaceuticals for common health complaints
  • The Dr. Oz team finds the top supplements to help you live longer
  • Dr. Oz shares his Top 10 to living longer
  • Bonus: Plus-sized models share how to look 20 pounds thinner in photographs

Do you want a smaller butt? Want toned arms and skinny legs too? Dr. Oz says this show goes against everything he's every taught viewers. This episode is going to show viewers how to look four sizes smaller without diet or exercise. Three women have cracked the code to looking good with any shape and at size any size. Top plus-sized models share their skinny secrets.


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Dr. Oz Secrets of Plus-Sized Models

Emme Aronson is the pioneering model who become the first plus-sized super model. The biggest misconception of plus-sized models, says Emme, is that they are not in shape and that's just not true.

Emme says the plus-sized model is the average American women, 62% of women are size 12 or above.

Everyone has a part of their body that they feel a little self-conscience about and Emme's no different than any other woman. She says it's taken years for her to feel comfortable with her belly. She is active, athletic and understand how to wear what works on her body so she can walk confidently into any situation.

Denise Bidot, a size 16 cover model with her own style show, she says you don't have to fit the fashion trend. The important thing is to stay true to what works on your body and maybe try one new piece a season. Ms. Bidot has curvy hips which may not necessarily like but she understands that those curvy hips makes her waist look smaller.

Lizzie Miller is a fearless fashion model whose un-retouched belly caused controversy around the modeling world. [Click here to see that controversial picture.] She says we, the plus-sized models that is, know our body type and how to dress it. We are the mad scientists of the fashion world. She concedes that she is self-conscience about her hips, butt, and thighs.

Women, Ms. Miller says, have to under that the fashion industry is a lot of smoke and mirrors and a lot of air brushing. But with the right clothes and the right tricks up your sleeve you can look four dress sizes smaller by using those tricks to your advantage.

All three full-figured fashionistas share their secrets to making the most of what you've got.

Dr. Oz Make-Up Secrets of a Plus-Sized Model for a Skinny Face
Emme loves Alison Raffael Transparent Finish, cost $28 at department stores and online, to accentuate the best features of her face for a cleaner look. She applies the finish along the T-Zone of the face, under the eyes, around the mouth, down the center of the neck to provide a glow in all the right places.

Ms. Miller says Lancome's Star Bronzer, cost $35 at department stores, beats surgery anytime to reduce the appearance of a double chin. She applies the bronzer along the chin and under the jaw for a cut line that makes the face look thinner. Be sure to blend, she reminds viewers.

Ms. Bidot said she is all about the eye brows. She loves the Anastasia Brow Pencil and Highlighter, cost $32 at department stores. Draw a line under the eye brow and blend in to help slim down the face.

Dr. Oz Secrets of a Plus-Sized Model for Skinny Arms
Emme said if you don't do push ups every day you may want to use a little make-up to help the arms look more toned. She loves Benefit's Glimmering Body Balm, cost $28 at department stores and online.
Emme explains that the body balm is like a thick foundation for the body that gives a glow and glistening appearance to stream line your body parts. She says to apply on the parts of the arms and legs that have the most tone to highlight it.

Ms. Miller loves a butterfly, or dolman, sleeve top, it's ¾ length flatters the shape of the arm. She says you can accessorize with a beautiful ring or bracelet to draw the eye down the arm

Ms. Bidot says women should invest in one staple wardrobe undergarment to make everything else fit better. She loves Chantelle Intimates T-shirt Bra, cost $76 at department stores and online, to push up the girls and elongate the torso. As the name indicates, the bra will help you and the girls look good even in a t-shirt. Chanetelle makes beautiful, lacy, pretty undergarments especially with the full-figured woman in mind.

Dr. Oz Secrets of a Plus-Sized Model for Trim Hips and Butt
Dr. Oz says if you get this right then you've taken care of half the challenges curvy women complain about. The question for women is, do you wear a big, baggy pant or a skinny jean?

Emme wore capri pants [they were really leggings that went just below her knee]. She says curvy girls should look for pants that hit a few inches below the knee. She like the Not My Daughter's Jeans pedal pusher.

Ms. Miller likes black leggings or tights with a skirt and a pair of boots or shoes in a matching color. She showed the difference in looks between wearing a matching color shoe and a contrasting color. The contrasting color made her legs look heavier. Fashion trends say to add a pop of color with shoes but that doesn't always work for every body type.

Ms. Bidot likes high-waisted garments to hold in the bell. She likes the American Apparel Easy Jean, cost $72 at department stores and online. Ms. Bidot says she can wear the jeans all day, sitting or standing or walking, and they are still comfortable. The secret is the stretch in the high-waist.

Dr. Oz Plus-Sized Model Secret for a Skinny Waist

Emme loves the Maidenform Torsette, cost $36 at department stores and online, for slimming the waist. She says you can wear your own bra, it may look scary but it's good for a slimming effect. A curvy audience member agreed to try on the Torsette and said she felt sucked and tucked, and was able to go down four belt notches.

Ms. Miller recommends the Camiband for a skinny waist. She says it's a 3-in-1 piece that can hold in the torso, back, and muffin top. The Camiband can be worn as a camisole or to extend the length of a shirt giving a layered look to your outfit.

Ms. Bidot loves TightEnd Tights by Spanx, all-in-one tights and Spanx that can be worn under dresses and pants. She says they are a staple in her wardrobe. Bonnie, from the audience, tried them on under her dress and said she felt curv-a-licious, like nothing is hanging out.

Dr. Oz Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals

Millions of American's are on pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Oz asks, could your ailment be supported with natural alternatives?

Pina LoGiudice ND, Co-Medical Director of Inner Source Health, says everyone is a candidate for these natural alternatives. Save the medications for when you really need them, not as first step

Dr. Oz Natural Alternative for Depression and Anxiety
Dr. LoGiudice recommends the herb schizandra, also called five-flavor herb because it actually has all five flavors, to provide support to the adrenal glands, manages fatigue, plays a role in mental performance and stamina. Over stimulation can cause that nervous feeling, says explains, and drinking schizandra in a tea form can help. She recommends adding 1 tablespoon of dried schizandra berries to 1 cup boiling water then steep for 15 minutes. Schizandra is one of Dr. LoGiudice's top 10 favorite botanical.

Dr. Oz Natural Alternative for High Blood Pressure
Over 144 million prescriptions for high blood pressure management are filled annually, said Dr. Oz. But don't throw away your prescription. Getting body weight down to an acceptable level can support healthy blood pressure levels. Dr. LoGiudice explains that hypertension is a multi-fasceted issue with weight gain and stress being contributing factors. She recommends to meditate before you medicate.

To support healthy blood pressure levels, Dr. LoGiudice recommends rose hip powder, a natural diuretic and antioxidant. Vitamin C in rose hips allow the blood vessels to relax. She recommended ¾ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of rose hip powder added to apple sauce, twice a day.

Dr. Oz Natural Alternative for Thyroid
Over 70 million prescriptions are written for thyroid issues each year in this country, said Dr. Oz. Hormones may need a subtle nudge provided by herbs to establish a balance. Dr. LoGiudice recommends the herb bladderwrack, rich in iodine which is essential to thyroid function. From seaweed, bladderwrack may provide some of the iodine that people are no longer getting from table salt or gourmet salt. She recommends 3g of bladderwrack three times daily. Dr. LoGiudice stated that bladderwrack is suitable for both low and over-active thyroid and encourages people to get their blood levels of thyroid hormone checked before starting a thyroid regime.

Dr. Oz Natural Alternative for Insomnia
Dr. Oz explained that over 2 million prescriptions are written annually for sleep issues. The biggest thing people don't know about sleep medications, explained Dr. LoGiudice, is that even 2 prescription sleeping pills a month can produce a three fold in increase in the risk of death. Pharmaceuticals used to address insomnia, changes the sleep architecture and many people don't recognize that while on the drugs they are still not getting a restful, restoring sleep.

Dr. LoGuidice recommends glycine in powder form, a common non-essential amino acid found in beef, chicken, and legumes. Glycine changes brain wave patterns to promote a deeper, more restful and restorative sleep. Glycine also comes in capsules and travel powder packs. She recommends added 3g of glycine in powder form to water before bed.

Dr. Oz said not to throw out your pharmaceuticals and start these alternatives. He encourages people who are interested in them to take the information to their doctor and ask if it makes sense . Don't be shocked, he said, if it's not on their radar screen. He wasn't aware of these alternatives until this episode. Be the change you want to see in the medical world, he encouraged, and start a conversation with your doctor.

Dr. Oz Top Supplements to Live a Longer Life

Dr. Oz has his medical team research the facts and findings featured on The Dr. Oz Show. He assigned two of his staff to find the best supplements to help the body live longer. Nutrients in day-to-day foods may not be what they used to be, he explained, and supplementation is essential.

Dr. Oz Top Supplement #1: Resveratrol for the Heart
Studies have shown that resveratrol can reduce inflammation in the body by as much as 26%. Inflammation makes the platelets of the blood more sticky. He showed an animation of plaques going through vessels that can attach to that vessel walls. Those plaques can form a hard scab and if it cracks can create a wound that encourages a blood clot which can cut off blood flow and that, says Dr. Oz, is a heart attack.

Dr. Oz recommends taking 500mg of resveratrol daily with food.

Dr. Oz Top Supplement #2: Strontium for the Bones
Bones are the scaffolding of the body. Weak bones are a major cause of aging and premature death. We know calcium is good but, Dr. Oz explained, calcium only helps bones that are already strong. Study show that strontium can support weakened bones and reduce the risk of bone fractures by as much as 36%. Dr. Oz recommends taking 680mg of strontium daily away from when calcium is taken.

Dr. Oz Top Supplement #3: Vitamin D to Reduce Cancer Risks
Vitamin D does e more than make bones stronger, it also supports the immune system making it the best anti-cancer vitamin of them all, said Dr. Oz. Vitamin D can find cancer cells and remove them from the body. Without Vitamin D, the body can't provide that level of protection. Dr. Oz recommends taking 1,000iu of Vitamin D3 daily, it's the most powerful form of Vitamin D in the body.

Dr. Oz Top Supplement #4: DHA for the Brain
Memory loss is the number one worry about aging. Dr. Oz has discussed fish oil numerous times on his show, today he wanted to focus of DHA, a form of omega-3 and they type of fat that makes up the brain. DHA can support brain cell growth and brain function. Dr. oz recommends taking 1,000mg daily of DHA.

Dr. Oz 10 Habits to Help you Live Longer

Dr. Oz says it's about the power of 10 to live to age 100 and feel age 50.

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #10: Add red foods to your diet
Cruciferous veggies such as red cabbage and beet juice can respectively reduce the risks of cancer and relax the blood vessels.

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #9: Drink black tea everyday
Be like the British and enjoy a cup of black tea every day. One cup daily has been shown to increase the survivability of a heart attack by as much as 28%.

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #8: Dial one phone number from memory every day
Flex your brain muscle by dialing a phone number from memory at least once a day. Practice makes perfect and can help keep the brain sharp.

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #7: Use the first bathroom stall bathroom
The first stall in a public bathroom is the least used because most people feel it has the least privacy therefore it will have less bacteria. Choose the first, and least used, stall to reduce exposure to bacteria.

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #6: Take two steps to work out
Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a great way to increase your total exercise. Increase that little workout by taking the steps two at a time and you'll use different muscles for a more intense exercise. If you can't take two at a time, Dr. Oz recommends walking up the stairs twice.

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #5: Stretch out after hot shower
To help improve the posture, Dr. Oz recommends doing some stretching after a hot shower. For the trunk twist, stand tall with hands on the hip, gently bend forward in a easy stretch, then bend to the side, back, other side, and front again. Next, he says to do the ultimate twist. With hands on the hips again, gently twist and look at a spot behind you, twist to the other side and look at the same spot.

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #4: Hold breath for 10 seconds
Do a mini workout for the lungs to keep them healthy. Take in a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds, let the breath out slowly through pursed lips. This quick lung exercise opens up all the pockets of the lungs.

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #3: Do the reverse warrior
Dr. Oz says the reverse warrior yoga pose can people lose weight and stay limber. These instructions come from “Take a large step with your right foot and turn it perpendicular to the left foot. Bend your right knee until your thigh is parallel with the floor (as if you were lunging). With your right palm facing up, lift your right arm over your head. Reach your right hand towards your left side while sliding your left hand down as low as possible on your left leg. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat on left side.”

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #2: Chew your food at least 20 times
Dr. Oz explained that studies show chewing food at least 20 times is linked to a decreased risk of diabetes. Putting down the fork or spoon between each bite also encourages more chewing.

Dr. Oz Habits to Live Longer #1: Cut cravings in half to cut calories
Have that naughty food, that non-on-the-diet-plan food but cut the normal portion in half to reduce calories.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Look 20 Pounds Thinner in a Photo

The plus-sized models are back to share how to look 20 pounds thinner in a photograph.

Dr. Oz Look Thinner in Photos Tip #1: Double Chin Tuck
Emme showed how to do the double chin tuck to less the appearance of a double chin and, she says, you'll never get a bad picture. Put the chin down slightly, and turn to the side slightly so that the apple of the cheek is directed at the camera lens.

Dr. Oz Look Thinner in Photos Tip #2: Lipo-Free Lean-In
Ms. Miller shares the tip to look thinner in a photo that every girl needs to know. Cock the hip to the side and bend the opposite the leg bringing the knee to the cocked hip side. You can place a hand on the hip.

Dr. Oz Look Thinner in Photos Tip #3: Smile Slim Down
Ms. Bidot explained how to get the perfect smile to get your best picture. Push tongue to the roof of the mouth up by the teeth, exhale and have the picture snapped on the exhale.

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  1. Yesterday was one more instance of his constant irresponsible and even potentially dangerous "miracles." He recommended, without reservation or warnings, that those with low thyroid take an herbal supplement called bladderwrack. According to the National Institutes of Health, "there isn’t enough scientific evidence to determine whether it is effective. It’s also important to note that it’s not safe to take bladderwrack by mouth." (Oz had capsules on else would you take suppository?) The NIH lists a number of dangers associated with this supplement, including cancer.

  2. Thanks for your comment Sylvia. At the end of the bladderwrack recommendation there was a quick blurb about getting hormone levels checked.

    There are many supplements recommended on The Dr. Oz Show that have warnings for certain populations or specific condition.

    People interested in taking supplements, any kind of supplement and for any reason, should be clear about their specific situation and consider that reactions and interactions are possible for any and every person.

    Talking with a doctor before starting a new supplement is always wise.

    Conversations and research are powerful tools.

  3. Very informative tips. Thanks.