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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Watching Dr Oz Quiz 6/30/12: Metabolism

What type of beverage did Dr. Oz recommend to boost metabolism on a repeat show that aired last week?

Green tea
Cold drinks
Whole milk



The Answer:
Cold drinks

Your Answers:
Green tea - 81%
Cold drinks - 11%
Whole milk - 2%
Coffee - 5%

The Answer: Cold Drinks
It's summer! An extra super, crazy, blazing hot summer! So cold drinks is fitting for the season. On the 9/30/11 episode of the Dr. Oz Show focusing on Boosting Metabolism (that re-aired on 6/22/12), Dr. Oz recommended drinking 3 iced drinks per day to boost metabolism.

Dr. Oz recommends drinking 3 iced drinks per day. Cold drinks force the body to reestablish temperature requiring the burning of calories. Over the course of a year you can burn 1 extra pound.

The other three drinks in the multiple choice quiz have also been recommended at one time or another to support healthy weight management and even metabolism.

Green Tea contains the antioxidant EGCG which has thermogenic properties which play a role in boosting the metabolism to burn fat. On the 5/18/12: Meal Makeovers episode, Dr. Oz recommended taking and EGCG supplement, 500mg daily, to help boost the metabolism and increase the chances of staying on a diet. That's certainly one way to get the benefits of green tea. There's also the simple act of drinking green tea that can play a role in weight management.

Whole Milk may potentially be a good choice when looking to lose weight because it contains some protein, healthy fats, and vitamins including Vitamin D – which has been shown to be a part of healthy weight management. Moderation is the key, certainly because whole milk will have more calories than 2% or skim milk and even when compared with many dairy-alternative milks.

Coffee contains caffeine and Dr. Oz has long recommended small amounts of caffeine not only for the energy properties it brings to the table but also for it's connection to boosting the metabolism. On the other hand, too much caffeine can over tax the adrenal glands leading to stress on the body and possibly a higher release of the stress hormone cortisol which has been connected to weight gain. And our mantra is “moderation, moderation, moderation”.


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