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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 10/18/12: Superfoods to Cut Cancer Risks, Super Immunity Foods, Dental Health

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: October 18, 2012
Dr. Oz: Boost Your Immunity

  • Dr. LaPuma shares four foods to reduce cancer risks
  • Three best immunity foods
  • Immunity supporting recipes
  • Fast fixes for health concerns
  • Dental health

The adage, you are what you eat is illustrated by the pioneering doctor of culinary medicine. Dr. LaPuma is a medical doctor and a trained chef. Find out what Dr. LaPuma recommends to boost immunity and cut cancer risks.

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Dr. Oz: Boost Your Immunity

This doctor is a pioneer of culinary medicine, he's not only a doctor but also holds a culinary degree. Dr. John LaPuma has transformed his health through food and shares how food can help to cut cancer risks and support the immune system.

After receiving his medical degree, Dr. LaPuma went back to school for a culinary degree so he could teach his patients how to target their health concerns with food, not prescriptions.

He's put what he's learned about food as medicine into his book ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine. co-author of the RealAge Diet

Dr. LaPuma asked the audience how many of them take prescription drugs. Over 50% of the audience raised their hands. The entire audience said they would rather eat foods than take pills to support their health.

It's surprising that over 70% of heart disease cases are preventable with the right diet and 80% of cancers are preventable through food and it's easier than you may think, said Dr. LaPuma.

Dr. Oz: BITES for Health
BITES is Dr. LaPuma's guide to superfoods that should be a priority for everyone to get into their diet.
B is for berries, the darker the berry the better for health supporting antioxidants.
I is for Indian spices with lovely colors and anti-inflammatory properties.
T is for Teas in many flavors that provide activity that works against tumor cells.
E is for Eggs that are rich in protein and are best example of you are what you eat when you choose omega-3 rich eggs. The chickens are fed omega rich flax which increases the omega content of the eggs.
S is for Salmon, specifically wild-caught Pacific salmon that is rich in omega-3's that is high in protein and easy to cook. 

Dr. Oz: Superfoods to Fight Cancer

Dr. LaPuma illustrated the power of food to help the body stave off cancer.

Dr. Oz: Superfoods to Fight Cancer #1: Bulgar Wheat
Bulgar wheat is already cooked comes in coarse or fine grain. Bulgar is high in magnesium and fiber, 8g of fiber in one cup. Women who eat 30g of fiber daily, said Dr. LaPuma, can cut their breast cancer risks in half. Dr. LaPuma wants people to eat 1 cup of bulgar wheat daily. He recommends the coarse form of bulgar because it can readily absorb other flavors when used in cooking.

Dr. Oz: Superfoods to Fight Cancer #2: Limes
Dr. LaPuma said limes are magic. Choosing organic limes means you can eat the skins where the pith resides that this full of hesperidin, a bioflavanoid that supports blood vessels and circulation. Dr. LaPuma recommends drinking ½ lime juice in 3 liters of water a daily. Many times when people are thirsty they mistake the sensation for hunger. Getting enough hydration in a day can help to decrease calorie intake.

Dr. Oz: Superfoods to Fight Cancer #3: Concord Grapes
Concord grapes are both a wine grape and an eating grape. The thick skin of concord grapes contain high amounts of the celebrity antioxidant resveratrol. Dr. LaPuma recommends eating two cups of grapes per week, eat both the grape skin and the seeds. Freeze the grapes for a special frozen sweet treat.

Dr. Oz: Superfoods to Fight Cancer #4: Arugula
Leafy greens makes the list of cancer superfoods. Go for baby arugula, part of the cruciferous family along with broccoli. Eat 1 ½ cups of arugula daily. Chewing the leaves activates an enzyme in the arugula that has been connected to reducing lung cancer risks by as much as 50%.

Dr. Oz: Superfoods to Boost Immunity

Dr. LaPuma says eating these foods will help boost your immunity before the cold and flu season is in full swing.

Dr. Oz: Immunity Boosters #1: Tahini
Tahini is ground sesame seeds and they become creamy like peanut butter. Rich in magnesium and zinc, tahini supports the activation of the immune system. Dr. LaPuma recommends eating two tablespoons daily. Tahini can used to make a dip for veggies. Mix one cup Greek yogurt with one clove of minced garlic with one tablespoon of tahini for a yummy dip.

Dr. Oz: Immunity Boosters #2: Black Pepper and Oregano
Black pepper is as common as salt but what's not common is black pepper's ability to help the body absorb all the vitamin and mineral goodness in foods and other spices. Black pepper has been linked with a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease and supports healthy inflammation in the body.

Dried oregano leaf when crunched releases oils that kills e. coli in meat and staph on the skin, said Dr. LaPuma. Oregano is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and immunity booster, explained Dr. LaPuma. He recommended to look inside the spice bottle to make sure the oregano is in the leaf form and not a ground powder.

Dr. Oz: Immunity Boosters #3: Pumpkin
Dr. LaPuma demonstrated how to deftly cut open a sugar pie pumpkin. The seeds can be pulled out and roasted separately for a health snack while the rest of the pumpkin is roasted for a healthy soup. Pumpkins are in the squash family and are rich in beta carotene, on the biggest immunity boosters. The body will convert beta carotene into Vitamin A.

Dr. Oz shared his recipe for a quick pumpkin side-dish. Take a can of organic pumpkin puree and mix with one teaspoon of butter, a dash of stevia and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Heat until just warmed. It's a quick and easy recipe for a healthy side-dish.

[Another yummy pumpkin recipe is up on that wasn't on the show. Click here for Dr. Oz's Pumpkin Brownie recipe on]

Dr. Oz: Fast Fixes for Health Concerns

Dr. Oz has quick fixes for all your health concerns.

Dr. Oz: Fast Fix for Dandruff
Her husband calls her snowflake because of all the white flakes that build up on her shoulders. Dandruff is a fungus that causes the scalp to shed. Dr. Oz recommends an apple cider vinegar treatment. Mix ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar with ¼ cup of water in a spray bottle set on stream. Spray the solution onto the scalp, wrap hair with a towel. Leave the solution on for 15 minutes then shampoo as normal in the shower. Do this twice a week, said Dr. Oz, to reduce the fungus that causes dandruff.

Dr. Oz: Fast Fix for Eye Boogers
What's with the goopy eyes? In the morning, her eyes are glazed over with gunk - goopy on the inside and crusty on the outside. Tears are the body's natural way to clean the eyes. When the eyelids close as we blink those tears are wiped away. At night, while we are sleeping those tears are still produced but the lids are no longer blinking. All that fluid in the eye builds up overnight. Dr. Oz recommends using saline eye drops before bed to lubricate the eyes and allow the natural fluid of the eyes to drain through the tear duct instead of accumulating and creating eye boogers.

Dr. Oz: Fast Fix for Chaffed Thighs
Red, blotchy, burning, itching. Those thighs rubbing together are not only uncomfortable they can cause health concerns. Lotions, powders, strange walking patterns don't seem to make a difference. Dr. Oz said we all have the solution in our homes right now. Skin rubbing against skin can cause deep cuts in the skin that are prone to fungal infections. Dr. Oz recommends applying a stick antiperspirant that will reduce moisture and rubbing and reduce the risks of skin infections.

Dr. Oz: Sets the Record Straight on Dental Health

Dr. Jonathan Levine, DMD, an oral health expert and Dr. Oz's own dentist. The Dr. Oz Show and Dr. Levine have teamed up with Oral-B to promote dental hygiene.

Dental plaque is that sticky gunk that we wake up to in our mouths. Over 600 species of bacteria live in the mouth, both good and bad bacteria. If you're not cleaning your teeth regularly then the risk of developing gum disease rises. Regular and timely brushing will also decrease the risks of decay – demineralization caused by acid in foods. Inflammation in the mouth, which comes from both gum disease and decay, can lead to inflammation in other areas of the body including the heart.

American Heart Association has recently come out to say that there is no connection between gum disease and heart disease. Dr. Oz said they are wrong.

Inflammation in the mouth absolutely does lead to inflammation in body, especially the heart, explained Dr. Oz. Unhealthy foods such as high acid foods and foods high in sugar increase the risk of bad bacteria damaging the mouth and can also harm the ability of the heart to function.

Two minutes after brushing, plaque is already starting to rebuild. If brushing isn't done regularly and timely, then in twenty-four hours after brushing, more plaque and bacteria have moved in and become thicker. After 7-10 days, plaque can start to harden and become tarter.

Brushing and flossing manually twice a day may not always be enough to keep plaque and tarter at bay. Dr. Oz said the best solution, for him, is a power brush. The Oral-B Power Brush does a much better job at removing plaque than we can manually.

American's brush their teeth for an average of 38 seconds. [Gadzooks!] The best method is to brush for at least two minutes, spending 30 seconds each quadrant of the mouth.

Dr. Oz says power toothbrushes are a smarter and easier way to clean your mouth than manual brushing. Oral-B's Power Toothbrush starts at about $75. When compared to the cost of dental care when plaque and tarter have taken over, that $75 is worth it. Dr. Oz calls it a wise investment.

At 3PM EST on October 19, 2012, go to and enter to win 1 of 1,000 Oral-B® Professional™ Precision 1000™ Power Toothbrushes.[After October 19, 2012, or rather about two seconds after 3pm EST on that date, this give-away will be complete and closed.]

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