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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 10/31/12: Cut Carb Cravings with Chris Powell, The Carb Cycle Diet, The Carb Cycle Menu, Guilt-Free Cheat Day, Five Minute Workout

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: October 31, 2012
Dr. Oz: Cut Your Carb Cravings In One Week

  • Chris Powell discusses his seven day Carb Cycle Diet
  • The Carb Cycle Menu
  • Guilt-free cheat day
  • Chris Powell's five minute workout

Dr. Oz has a revolutionary plan to cut carb cravings in only seven days. Chris Powell returns to the Dr. Oz Show to talk about his carb cycle diet.

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Dr. Oz: Cut Your Carb Cravings In One Week

It's the biggest craving of them all: Carbohydrates! Dr. Oz asked Chris Powell to return to The Dr. Oz Show to discuss his Carb Cycle Diet and says anyone can cut their carb cravings in only seven days.

Chris Powell, transformation specialist, personal trainer and star of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, says we are hard wired to eat carbs however we've been taught that carbs are bad. The result is people crave carbs like a drug and just like a drug addiction many people need help to learn which carbs to eat and when to eat them.

Processed carbs are broken down in the body faster than whole grain carbs. Processed carbs cause an immediate and sharp spike in sugar levels and messages are then sent to the brain that the spike is good, it's amazing and the brain asks for more.

Social cues play a big role in carb addition. Eating carbs in social settings creates a situation where people associate the food with the social interaction and fear that they can't have the social aspect without those foods.

Stress eating is all about comfort and soothing those stressful feelings with high sugar and carb dense foods. Eating out of boredom falls under the same category of seeking comfort and soothing from high calorie, high carb foods.

People are eating out way more often than they did 20 years ago. Cheap food is widely available in abundance and serving sizes have increased. It's a recipe for weight gain. Being in a social environment, people tend to order “reward” foods that are high in calories, high in sodium, and high in carbohydrates.

If carbs are causing all this weight gain, why not cut carbohydrates out of the diet all together? Mr. Powell says cutting out all carbs just doesn't work. We can't cut carbs out of the diet and survive, we need carbs but we need to focus on the right carbs.

Mr. Powell has a seven day plan to rid you of your carb cravings. It's called Carb Cycling. [Click here to read the post from Mr. Powell's previous appearance where he discussed the Carb Cycle Diet.] One day you eat more carbs and the next you eat less. This seven day cycle of light and heavy carb days results in a huge spike in the metabolism and helps people lose the weight they have previously been unable to lose.

High carb days rev up the metabolism and light carb days revs up the body's ability to burn fat. Over time, the Carb Cycle Diet allows people to get into balance and gain their healthy, explained Mr. Powell.

Dr. Oz showed some before and after photos of a few of Mr. Powell's clients. Jackie started out at 355 and in one year was down to a healthy weight. Her weight loss was the highest weight loss percentage on any weight loss reality show. Jackie is now a coach on the same show where she lost her weight, she's helping others do the same work she did and helping them succeed.

The misconception is that carbs cause weight gain, explained Mr. Powell, and therefore many people think they need to toss carbs out the window to lose weight. Chris Powell says staying away from carbs slows down the metabolism and can damage the body over the long-term.

Dr. Oz explained that eating too few carbs will cause weight gain and so will eating too many carbs however eating the right amount of carbs provides the body with the right amount of energy to do all you need to as well as to burn all the calories you've eaten.

It's not rocket science, said Dr. Oz, too many carbs packs on the pounds and that's when people turn to diets and start removing the carbs. The body then goes to the other end of the spectrum when too few carbs are consumed encouraging the body to hold onto everything that's eaten and no energy is produced.

Dr. Oz had his medical team look at this issue and they found that the science backs up what Mr. Powell is saying. Too many carbs lower the metabolism yet too few carbs can lower the functioning of the thyroid gland. Both situations create weight gain.

Mr. Powell explained that the Carb Cycle Diet alternates between eating close to that too many carbs level then get close to that too few carbs level, all the while staying within the energy creation and fat burning zone that is ideal for creating and maintaining healthy weight. 

Dr. Oz: The Carb Cycle Menu

Alicia's kitchen is well stocked with carbs: chips, cookies, cereal, mac & cheese. Alicia says carbs are easy to grab, fast to prepare, and cheap to buy. Her typical breakfast is hash browns, frozen waffles, and biscuits. Lunch will feature potato chips and a sandwich and dinner always includes potatoes. Carbs eaten too late makes you gain weight, said Mr. Powell.

Mr. Powell said the first thing people need to do when starting the Carb Cycle Diet is to educate themselves for success. Understand what carbs are doing for the body and which foods will fit into the low-carb day and still keep you satisfied.

The beauty of the Carb Cycle Diet plan is that you can and should eat a lot of food. Mr. Powell says to start on a high carb day to rev the metabolism to start burning the fat and calories.

The key is eating five meals and day and to start eating within 30 minutes of waking. Eating every three hours provides balance and satisfaction throughout the day.

Dr. Oz: High Carb Day
Rules for the high carb day: protein, complex carbs, low-fat, and all the veggies you want.

  • Breakfast: eggs on an English muffin with tomato slices topped with herbs and spices.
  • Snack: Greek yogurt and granola.
  • Lunch: chicken tostada with a corn tortilla, black beans, and veggies.
  • Snack: chocolate protein shake with oatmeal.
  • Dinner: pasta - whole grain such as brown rice - with chicken and veggies.

Dr. Oz: Low Carb Day
Rules for the low carb day: protein, healthy fats, and all the veggies you can eat.

  • Breakfast: egg tacos with a whole grain tortilla, a little bit of carbs to boost the metabolism, and veggies.
  • Snack: cut the carbs out and burning fat by eating healthy fats with a chocolate protein shake with peanut butter.
  • Lunch: avocado tortilla bowl using lettuce instead of grains and topped with veggies.
  • Snack: celery and peanut butter with a cheese stick.
  • Dinner: steak and veggies!


Dr. Oz: Chris Powell's Guilt-Free Cheat Day

Cycling between high carb and low carb days takes up six days of the week but what about the seventh? The seventh day of the week is a guilt-free cheat day. You've put in the hard work for the previous six days and on the seventh it's time to take a break.

Mr. Powell explains that no diet will work if there's deprivation. By allowing for a cheat day, Mr. Powell said the body will be tricked into giving the metabolism a turbo boost. Who knew that eating your favorite meal will help you lose weight?

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Cheat Day Rule #1: Stay within 1,000 Calories
Cheat away but keep the cheat within 1,000 calories. On average, on the carb cycle diet consists of 1,400 calories daily which allows for one day that can be up to 2,400 calories.

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Cheat Day Rule #2: Cheat at Breakfast and Lunch
Eating later in the day makes people more susceptible to binge eating. Keep the cheat meals to earlier in the day to maintain that revved up metabolism.

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Cheat Day Rule #3: Eat at a Table
Drive through food or eating in front of the TV encourages over eating. Sit at the table and savor your cheat meal.

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Cheat Day Rule #4: No Left Overs Allowed
If the cheat food is in the house you're going to eat it. Don't sabotage the other six days of the Carb Cycle by adding in higher calorie foods.

Dr. Oz: Chris and Heidi Powell's Five Minute Workout

Chris Powell's personal trainer Heidi Powell, who is also his wife, joined Dr. Oz and Mr. Powell on stage to share a Five Minute Workout.

Each exercise is called a shaper because they help tone the muscles and increase metabolism.

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She lost 102 pounds and went on vacation where she wore a two-piece bathing suit for the first time. Losing 65 pounds gave her the courage to go on her first acting interview and she got the part. After she lost 151 pounds she had the courage to sing in her church choir. Rock climbing has become her passion after losing 175 pounds. Getting her energy back after losing 65 pounds inspired her to dance with her daughter on her wedding day.

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  1. I am always interested in anything about nutrition. On the high carb days your blood sugar is high, which means insulin is high. When the cells have used all the glucose they need and the liver and muscles have stored the carbs as glycogen, then the excess has only one place to go and that is into the adipose tissue. When insulin levels are high then we can not access the fat for energy. Is this yo yo effect from high to low carbs really that beneficial. Would it not be better to just keep the carbs down so that we are not storing more fat. The guest said that people have a hard time adhering to a low carb diet. That may be the case initially, but the body adapts. Many that started out low-carb are now tranistioning into paleo, which is very easy to comply with. Enjoyed your show