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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 10/9/12: Dr. Oz's Simple Advice, Three Basic Supplements, Shopping for Supplements, Healthy Meals That Taste Good, Medical Student Syndrome, Healthy Foods for Fall

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: October 9, 2012
What The Heck? Dr. Oz's Simple Advice

  • Dr. Oz shares his simple supplement recommendations
  • How to choose supplements
  • Healthy meals that taste good
  • Information overload leads to medical student syndrome
  • Healthy foods for fall

If all the health information leaves you with information over-load, this show is for you. Dr. Oz said he's going to make it clear and simple about what he recommends on The Dr. Oz. Show.

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What The Heck? Dr. Oz's Simple Advice

Are you feeling a bit of information over-load with all the health recommendations out there, especially from The Dr. Oz Show? It's not just viewers who are asking “what the heck”, Dr. Oz said his colleagues are saying the same thing with patients coming into their office know more about supplements and treatments than they do. He's heard the complaints and wants to clarify what he's recommendations into simple advice.

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a dermatologist who practices at Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, said she's seen an increase in patients asking for skin checks because of The Dr. Oz's Show. One viewer of the show visited Dr. Tanzi to check if a skin lesion was an extra nipple. There was no extra nipple but Dr. Tanzi did find a suspicious mole with two different colors and irregular borders. The mole was removed and the patient received a clean bill of dermatological health.

Dr. Roshini Raj, MD, gastroenterologist, said because of The Dr. Oz Show she sees at least one patient a week who was inspired his consistent talk of poop. Because of Dr. Oz, people are talking more openly about poop but what surprises Dr. Raj is people showing her pictures of their poop taken with their smart phone. While knowing about your poop provides great insight into health, Dr. Raj says she doesn't really to see it outside of her office.

Dr. Raj has created a poop log for her patients to monitor their health by checking before they flush. Her poop log provides an easy was to record color, shape, consistency of poop as well as what foods were eaten and how food effects poop.

Dr. Evelyn Minaya, MD, OB/GYN, wants patients to be aware of their body. She wants her patients to what their body looks like, and the that includes their vagina, and she wants the women to know how their body feels. Dr. Minaya gave women permission to touch their bodies.

One of the biggest issue Dr. Minaya hears from patients is concern that their vagina will fall out of their body. Why? Because Dr. Oz talked about pelvic prolapse.

Pelvic prolapse is when the pelvic floor muscles weaken from age and child birth causing the pelvic muscles to sag. Dr. Minaya explained that kegel exercises can help to strengthen and tone pelvic muscles as well as the muscles of the anus and help to support the bladder muscles.

Dr. Minaya recommends women do three sets of at least ten kegels daily holding each kegel contraction for at least 30 seconds and ideally working up to 45 to 60 seconds. Standing is the best stance when doing kegels.

If you're not sure if you're doing kegels correctly, there are a few ways to check. While urinating, squeeze the pelvic muscles to stop the flow of urine momentarily. That's a correct kegel. Dr. Minaya also recommended for women to insert their finger into their vagina while doing a kegel to feel the muscles contracting.

Another method to check for correct kegel form is to take a tampon and draw a line on the string with a marker then insert the tampon into the vagina. With a mirror, watch the string while doing kegels to see how much the string moves. The greater the movement, the stronger the kegel.

Dr. Minaya also recommended doing kegels while standing and crossing the legs. Crossing the legs involves more of the core muscles which helps support the structural muscles surrounding the vagina.

Dr. Oz Simple Advice on Supplements

Dr. Oz fan Darryl says what the heck with all these supplements. Her cabinets are full of the supplements and foods Dr. Oz has recommended but she gets confused looking at all of it and doesn't know what to take or when to take it. A friend gave her a helping hand by creating a spread sheet to organize her health foods and supplements along with a little blurb about what each product supports but it's still too much to wade through.

Dr. Oz says to not take more than five pills in a day. If you want to take more, Dr. Oz said to talk to a pharmacists to see if it's appropriate but also to check if the supplements are compatible with each other.

Dr. Oz Simple Supplement Recommendation #1: Multivitamin
Dr. Oz recommended a low dose multivitamin. Look for the amount of Vitamin A and B and it should be as low as what you would find in food, Dr. Oz explained. Take half your multivitamin dose in the morning and the second dose in the evening.

Dr. Oz Simple Supplement Recommendation #2: Fish Oil
Dr. Oz recommended to take a fish oil supplement that contains 600mg of DHA to support brain function

Dr. Oz Simple Supplement Recommendation #3: Calcium with Magnesium
Dr. Oz recommended to take a calcium supplement that contains magnesium. Check the label to make sure the product contains 600mg of calcium and 400mg of magnesium. But, cautioned Dr. Oz, don't take a cal/mag supplement with a multivitamin because the calcium and magnesium will bind with the multivitamin and be flushed out of the body without being absorbed.

Dr. Oz What Should I Buy?

Dr. Oz reiterated his frustration expressed at the beginning of this season from merchants using his name and image to make products appear to be endorsed by him. Dr. Oz will not longer provide brand name recommendations for products discussed on his show. He also expressed his frustration of stores displaying his name and image in the supplement aisle next to products he discussed.

With this change in supplement recommendations, viewers sent in their complaints to Dr. Oz about how hard it is for them to find the supplements he recommends when he doesn't provide a brand name.

Dr. Oz said he mentioned brand names in the past to make it easier for consumers but he says this practice also made it easier for unscrupulous merchants to take advantage of well-meaning people.

Dr. Oz said he wants to educate his viewers so they know what ingredients to look for when shopping and understand how these ingredients work.

Anti-aging products are a hot topic among Dr. Oz fans. How do you know which product is best?

Dr. Oz explained that with age and sun exposure the connective tissue in the skin, in particular the face, that maintains elasticity can begin to dissolve. Retinol in skin care products supports the body in rebuilding collagen in the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

When shopping for anti-aging products, Dr. Oz recommends looking for retinol on the label.

Dr. Oz's Pledge
Going forward, Dr. Oz said he will give the raw materials to look for in a product, will explain how long to take or use the product, provide the average cost, and give specific details to help consumers make educated choices.

Dr. Oz: Make My Health Meals Taste Good!

A Dr. Oz conducted a survey on Facebook asking viewers what about the show bothered them. Food recommendations topped the “bother” list. Viewers have spoken and said his healthy meals are not necessarily pleasing to the taste buds. Apparently, according to the viewer videos, it's mostly the male population that is complaining.

Dr. Oz invited a couple onto the show to talk about his issue with Dr. Oz's healthy food and healthy meal recommendations. Scott complained that his wife will only let him eat Dr. Oz approved foods and meals. He admitted to stopping at a fast food restaurant to eat a real meal before heading home for his “healthy” meal. His wife said she surprised but it also explained where he's getting his calories since he hardly touches his dinner.

Scott complained that the whole grain bread tastes awful, the shakes are turning his teeth green. He's tired of his food being downed in turmeric. And flax seeds shouldn't go on ice cream, Scott said.

Dr. Oz Healthy Eating Tip #1: Hide the Healthy Ingredients
Hide the healthy ingredients in foods so they don't know the difference. Dr. Oz recommended adding flax seeds to meatloaf. Scott tasted the flax-filled meatloaf and exclaimed that he couldn't taste all the extra fiber. Another suggestion is to load up a stew with vegetables that your family doesn't exactly like. [My kids say they don't like beets but they gobble them up when I put them in stew. The kids think the beets are potatoes.]

Dr. Oz Healthy Eating Tip #2: Pick Your Healthy Food Battles
Scott actually likes the baked mozzarella cheese sticks. Sort of. Dr. Oz recommended using full-fat mozzarella instead of low- or no-fat options. The good fats provided in full-fat mozzarella cheese supports the burning of bad fats and those healthy fats will also increase the satisfaction of eating it.

Dr. Oz Healthy Eating Tip #3: 80/20 rule
Make it easy to eat healthy 80% of the time and let do what you want for the other 20%.

Dr. Oz Healthy Eating Tip #4: Eat More Ginger
Include ginger in cooking to support the libido and Dr. Oz says the couple should have sex three times a week.

Dr. Oz: Medical Student Syndrome

Viewers are becoming a bit hypersensitive to changes in their body because of learning about a great variety of health concerns presented on The Dr. Oz Show. Is this headache an aneurysm? Is an aching joint a sign of rheumatoid arthritis. Could discomfort during a bowel movement be hemorrhoids?

Well, she does have something that's cause for some concern. Dr. Oz said many viewers, every medical student, all nurses experience Medical Student Syndrome at some point in their lives.

A little information can lead us to think we have every possible disease and health concern in the book. Surfing the internet to check a single symptom certainly doesn't help. Most blind internet searches for health concerns yield inaccurate results. Most everyone can believe they have at least one symptom for any given health concern.

To address symptom overload, Dr. Oz has created a Sharecare Symptom Tracker to keep an eye on what you're feeling and help determine if there is really something going on with your health.

Dr. Oz has also put together four keys to health saying that if you follow these keys then your risks of health concerns can be greatly reduced. He calls them his Longevity Factors.

Dr. Oz Longevity Factors
1. Maintain good weight.
2. No smoking
3. High fiber diet
4. Exercise

Dr Oz Why So Much Over Sharing?

What the heck is it with all this over sharing? When did asking your friends when they lasted pooped become acceptable? What the heck?

Three ladies who work together and travel together for work shared that the over sharing has gone too far. One has bashful bowels when she travels and her two co-workers are constantly asking her if she's gone number two.

Bashful Bowels happen when the nervousness surrounding traveling cause the bowels to not want to move. Dr. Oz said the key to Bashful Bowels is to drink plenty of water and eat all your vegetables.

Dr Oz's Golden Rule
Dr. Oz said it's great the women were looking out for each other however there's helping and then there is embarrassing. He said to remember his Golden Rule, “do on to other's health as you would want have done to yours.”

Be open with each other but be aware that not everyone wants to share their bathroom and other health habits. Be discrete people!

Dr. Oz: Healthy Foods For Fall

Dr. Oz shared three grocery items for healthy fall foods along with three recipes submitted by viewers.

Dr. Oz Healthy Foods For Fall #1: Portobello Mushrooms
Portobello mushrooms are rich in selenium, an antioxidant that support immune function – very important for the impending cold and flu season. Dr. Oz fan Lindsay sent in a recipe for Sauteed Portobello Mushrooms that makes these deletable and nutritious foods taste more like a steak. Yum!

Dr. Oz Healthy Foods For Fall #2: Fennel
Fennel tastes like licorice and supports digestion. It can be eaten raw or added to soups. Dr. Oz fan Amy sent in her recipe for Simple Fennel Green Apple Salad. Click here for Amy's Simple Fennel Green Apple Salad recipe for

Dr. Oz Healthy Foods For Fall #3: Squash
Dr. Oz recommends to include winter squash in the grocery cart this fall, from acorn to butternut and pumpkins too. Peggy, another Dr. Oz fan, sent in her recipe for Acorn Squash, Quinoa, Mushrooms, and Peppers too. Click here for Peggy's Acorn Squash, Quinoa, Mushrooms, and Peppers recipe from

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