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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 10/3/12: Cringe-Worthy Health Problems, Lisa Lampanelli, Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Cool Clubs for Health and De-Stressing

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: October 3, 2012
Dr. Oz: Caught Red Handed! Your Most Cringe-Worthy Health Problems Revealed!

  • Viewers shares embarrassing health problems
  • Caught red-handed
  • Comedian Lisa Lampanelli shares what's funny about her weight
  • Who is a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery?
  • These unusual clubs may support your health and lower stress

Viewers share their most cringe-worthy health problems that became their most embarrassing moments. Comedia Lisa Lapanelli shares her journey of losing 80 pounds through gastric by-pass surgery. Dr. Oz shares some unusual clubs for health and de-stressing.

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Dr. Oz: Caught Red-Handed! Your Most Cringe-Worthy Health Problems Revealed!

Our most cringe-worthy health problems can strike at any time. For these viewers, their health problems chose to strike in front of other people leaving them caught red-handed and embarrassed.

Dr. Oz: Caught Red-Handed at the Gynecologist
Dawn said she cringes at her experience of being caught red-handed at the gynecologist. Her gynecologist appointment was on a hot day and since she is a mail carrier she planned to shower before her afternoon appointment. Life got in the way, she had to work over-time then rushed to the doctors office without freshening up.

In her gyno's office she spotted what she thought was a box of baby wipes. Oh no! Those weren't baby wipes but alcohol wipes. As soon as she started wiping, her vagina started burning. When her male gynecologist came into the office, Dawn knew she had to confess and she did. Then she never went back to that doctor's office again.

Dr. Lauren Streicher is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University’s medical school, The Feinberg School of Medicine, in Chicago. Dr. Streicher says this is nothing and you wouldn't believe what she finds in vagina’s during exams. What actually makes Dr. Streicher cringe is examining patients who have genitalia piercings and tattoos.

Dr. Oz: How to Prep for a Gynecology Exam
  • A shower within 24 hours of the exam is appreciated;
  • Don't over prepare;
  • Avoid foods that can cause gas.
Dr. Streicher says you don't have do anything special in advance before a gynecology exam but there are something to keep in mind to make the experience more comfortable for both patient and doctor. A shower 24 hours before the exam is appreciated by most doctors but you there's nothing special that needs to be done while showering.

Some patients feel they need to douche prior a gynecology exam to cover up an unpleasant smell. Dr. Streicher says an unpleasant smell can be a symptom of a potential health issue.

Dr. Oz: Caught Red-Handed While Pregnant
Tara was caught red-handed while 7.5 months pregnant and she calls it the most mortifying thing that has every happened to her. Throughout her pregnancy, Tara said she experienced stomach issues. One day her friend was visiting then used the bathroom, the only bathroom in the house.

By the power of suggestion, Tara had to go and she couldn't wait until her friend finished in the bathroom. Tara ran to her bedroom closet, grabbed the first thing she which happened to be her husband's favorite bathrobe, and let it all out. Her husband chose this day to come home early and found her pooping on his robe. He was shocked, he admits, but given all her stomach issues during the pregnancy he understood and had sympathy.

Dr. Oz explained how this happened to Tara during pregnancy and said it can happen more often than people might think. During pregnancy, the body makes a huge amount of the hormone progesterone which also has the effect of slowing down digestion. Closer to the due date, a woman's body and the hormones produced hanges to prepare to push the baby out. Those hormonal changes can cause cramping and abdominal contractions leading to explosive diarrhea.

During menstruation, women can also experience bearing down and cramping not only in the uterus but in the intestines as well. The monthly cycle can also bring a monthly colon cleanse for some women.

The up-side to this story is that Tara and her husband are the happy parents of twins – a boy and a girl!

In a viewer video, a woman shared the story of being pulled over for speeding. She was racing home to nurse her baby. She showed the officer her milk-soaked shirt and explained the urgency of the situation. The officer let her go without a ticket.

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Dr. Oz: Cringe-Worthy Cosmetic Blunder
Viewer Lisa was preparing for the biggest speaking engagement of her career and naturally she wanted to look good. Lisa chose to get eyelash extensions. Leaving the salon she looked great and felt great but when she woke up the next morning her eyelids were glued shut. Lisa had to go to the emergency room and the doctors had to rip out all of her eyelashes and remove the glue to free her eyelids. Lisa had to cancel her engagement but couldn't tell the truth so she said she had an infection.

Dr. Ellen Marmur, MD and vice chair of cosmetics and dermatological surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital, was glad that Lisa is alright and that her eyelashes have since grown back. Dr. Marmur said what probably happened is the technician used too much glue. In this situation, Dr. Marmur explained, there is a greater danger than just sealing the eyelids shut, some glues used for eyelash extensions contain formaldehyde which can cause permanent damage to the eyes and the eye area if used incorrectly.

Dr. Marmar demonstrated the correct way to apply eyelash extensions. She said the correct way is to apply the glue between the lashes. Some technicians are in a hurry or are not well-trained and brush glue all over the eyelash area which can cause minor to sever damage.

To take care of the eyelash area Dr. Marmur recommended applying oil to the lid near the lashes to moisturize the skin and support the health of the lashes.

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Dr. Oz: Viewers Turn In Their Spouses

Melissa, in the audience, was turned in by her husband for being a hypocrite. She nags her husband to cut out salt, to eat fewer sweets, to eat smaller portions. All the while, he says she snacks on sweets and ice cream and has even been caught eating pie for breakfast (video evidence was provided).

Melissa was shocked that her husband turned her in. But Dr. Oz put her at ease by saying she's great for giving her husband a hard time about what he eats. [I'm sure her husband wasn't expecting her being congratulated!]

Dr. Oz explained his 80/20. If you eat right 80% of the time, he doesn't mind eating those special treats 20% of the time. He just doesn't want Melissa, or anyone else, to hide what they are eating. 

Dr. Oz: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli has become famous for making fun of herself and her plus-size. Ms. Lampanelli has appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and Comedy Central, and she's the author of Chocolate, Please: My Adventures in Food, Fat, and Freaks. In her late 40's Ms. Lampanelli fell in love and got married. She and her husband chose to have gastric sleeve surgery to help them lose weight.

Ms. Lampanelli gave viewers a sneak peak of her upcoming one-woman Broadway show. The bio on her website says, “Lampanelli is a cross between Don Rickles, Archie Bunker, and a vial of estrogen.”

Sitting to talk with Dr. Oz, Ms. Lampanelli says that her weight most definitely influenced her career. She wanted to talk back to heckler's who tried to shame her for her weight. People laughed and she knew she was on to something. Most women, she said, are uncomfortable with their body so joking about weight she is able to connect with her audience.

How did she sabotage her weight?
Ms. Lampanelli said she was and still is an emotional eater. Her weight struggle was never about what she ate buy why she ate. Emotions drove her to over-eat.

Off-stage she said she didn't look at herself from the neck down had a hard time finding clothes to fit her frame. She even bought house on the property of a health spa and still gained weight. From age 18 to 50 Ms. Lampanelli said she tried everything, every diet and every program, then she chose to treat her over eating as an addiction and have gastro sleeve surgery.

Dr. Oz explained that the stomach releases hormones which make you feel hungry. The more you eat, the more the stomach stretches and the more hormones the stomach releases. Sleeve surgery cuts out 80% of the stomach. Patients feel full sooner, eat less, and they lose weight.

After sleeve surgery, Ms. Lampanelli says she eats 2 ounces of food six times a day. That's about 1 ½ cups of food daily. She also takes lots of supplements to get the proper nutrients, and she exercises daily. Now, Ms. Lampanelli said she's an emotional mess and cries all the time because she's not hiding behind eating.

Before surgery, the 5'8” Lampanelli weighed 245 pounds. She has lost 80 pounds, so far. Why did she have the surgery when she wasn't morbidly obese? Her BMI was high enough for her to qualify for surgery. Knowing the surgery was a tool and not a cure, Ms. Lampanelli said she knew she had to deal with her emotional issues.

Hollywood will always find something to criticize and even after losing 80 pounds she's still considered fat. Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 and today she would be considered fat. It's clear that people will always find something to criticize. 

Dr. Oz: Who's A Candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Dr. Oz said he feels gastric by-pass surgery is the most under utilized surgery in American today. Ms. Lampanelli encouraged anyone who has tired it all still can't lose to take a look at gastric surgery. Her husband, Jerry, underwent gastric surgery with her. At 350 pounds and inactive before surgery, he has lost 65 pounds in the three months since surgery.

Jerry said they both wanted the surgery because they wanted to live longer. Since having the surgery, he says they have found that they can get closer, physically that is, since losing the weight.

Dr. Oz recreated their typical day of food. Ms. Lampanelli typically has a protein shake in the morning with about 15g of protein. It's important to eat enough protein after gastric surgery for energy production. At a restaurant, she will order like a normal person but will not eat all the food. At a restaurant for lunch she may order soup, sandwich, and dessert but will only eat two bites of each taking the rest home.

Her husband said he will often eat a prescription oatmeal for breakfast that doesn't expand in the stomach. For lunch and dinner, he will also only eat a two bites of any food.

Dr. Oz said that gastric surgery is a viable option for many but people have to completely change how they eat and deal with issues that led to the weight gain. Gastric surgery is not a miracle, you have to put in the work.

Dr. Oz: Cool Clubs for Health

Dr. Oz shared video clips of several popular clubs that have come on the scene that can play a role in supporting health and decreasing stress.

Surfing is great for humans and dogs too. Dogs and their owners get a great workout riding the waves.

Men Who Knit hold retreats and knit to lower their stress levels. Making slippers, beer cozies, and remote control holders these men are well outfitted for relaxing that click-clacking away.

Did you know there's a handstand club? Club members post pictures on Facebook of their handstands in unusual and exotic locals.

Uni-cycling is another great way to exercise and yes, there's a club for that. A uni-cycling family rolled out onto the stage. The dad said he rides his uni-cycle 8-10 miles daily and says it's a completely safe sport. Dr. Oz gave uni-cycling a try, with training wheels. Uni-cycling a core sport requiring strong core muscles to stay up on the uni-cycle and to turn.

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  1. What...ON EARTH would convince someone to share the pooping in the bathrobe story? WHAT?

    1. Well, Dr. Oz did mention that over sharing is good for our health, right? I'm right there with you. There are some things I just wouldn't share on national television!