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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watching Dr Oz Quiz 10/13/12: Acidic Foods

Which of these foods is recommended as a non-acidic food?

A. Onion
B. Greens
C. Almond milk
D. Oats

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The Answer:
B., C., and D. Greens, Almond milk, and Oats

Your Answers:
A. Onion - 5%
B. Greens - 35%
C. Almond milk - 56%
D. Oats - 61%

The Answer: Greens, Almond milk, and Oats
From the 10/5/12 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Silent Reflux, Dr. Oz and his guest Dr. Jonathan Aviv, MD, Clicnical Director of the Voice and Swallowing Center discussed ways to reduce risks for esophageal cancer by reducing the amount of acidic foods in the diet.

The most important step to reduce risks of silent reflux is to get rid of the acid in your diet. Avoid fried foods, chocolate, mint, tomato and onion all should be avoided in the initial stages of managing silent reflux.

Focus on foods that support a balance of acid in the system. Foods such as bananas, cantaloupe, anything green, almond milk, and oats do not contribute to acid levels in the body.


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