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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 10/30/12: Coconut Oil for Weight Loss, Chia Seeds, Conquer Sleep with Tart Cherry, BB Cream 5-in-1 Skin Care, Greatest Miracle

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: October 30, 2012
Dr. Oz's Miracle Solutions From Around The Globe

  • Coconut oil for weight loss
  • Coconut oil recipes
  • Chia seeds to cut cravings
  • Tart cherry juice may support better sleep
  • Miracle 5-in-1 skin care product
  • The greatest miracle of all

Four miracle solutions from around the globe are featured on today's show including a 5-in-1 skin care product.

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Dr. Oz's Miracle Solutions From Around The Globe

What products really work? Dr. Oz said he's asked this question all the time. Today, Dr. Oz has five new “miracle” products that he says really works from fighting fat to stopping insomnia as well as the best skin care products available.

This year, Dr. Oz has traveled around the world to study the best natural products and talk to the best and the brightest. He's brought back the best products to support your healthy easily, naturally, and without spending a lot of money.

Dr. Oz Miracles From Around The World: Coconut Oil

The smell of coconut oil may conjure up memories of 70's and 80's “sun tan” lotion but the healthy antioxidants in coconut oil have been recommended to support healthy and glowing skin and supports a healthy waist line. Cook with it or spread on butter like butter with a nutty flavor. Coconut oil has the power to help people lose weight.

Dr. Oz How Coconut Oil Burns Fat #1: Feel Full for Hours
Coconut oil can help you feel fuller longer. Fats in general take longer to digest and causes the stomach to send messages to the brain that you're full and don't need any more calories. A recent study showed that people who used coconut oil in their diet consume about 60 calories less per day. Over a year, that can translate to six fewer pounds packed on.

Dr. Oz How Coconut Oil Burns Fat #2: Fires Up Metabolism
Most fats in our diet from sources like olive oil and butter and these fats can take a long time to get the metabolism moving. When coconut oil is consumed, the metabolism is immediately stimulated to burn calories in the coconut oil and then to burn other calories consumed. In another study, Dr. Oz explained that women who were given two tablespoons of coconut oil daily revved up their metabolism and lost weight.
Dr. Oz How Coconut Oil Burns Fat #3: Cooking with Coconut Oil
Fats from butter turn into fat cells immediately but less than half of the calories from coconut oil turn into fat and the rest of the calories are used directly and immediately for energy.

Dr. Oz: What to Remember About Coconut Oil
  • Eat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily in place of other fats such as butter on toast or cooking with olive oil.
  • Eat coconut oil in moderation, two tablespoons is great but 12 tablespoons is bad.
  • Look for virgin coconut oil for the highest quality.
  • Avoid partially hydrogenated oils that turn into trans fats in the body.

Eating two tablespoons of coconut oil daily isn't going to make all that excess, troublesome weight go away overnight however, explained Dr. Oz, making these small shifts will support healthy and sustained weight loss over time. 

[If you're like me and can't stand the smell of cooking with coconut oil or the taste, there are supplements available:]

Dr. Oz: Cooking With Coconut Oil

Pina LoGiudice,ND, Co-Medical Director of Inner Source Health, said that coconut oil has previously been demonized for its high saturated fat content however studies are now showing that the fats from coconut oil, including the saturated fat, are actually beneficial.

Coconut oil has been shown to increase the metabolism, it's great for the skin, and it's been shown to be wonderful for heart health.

Dr. LoGiudice shared that her daughter loves pancakes and she loves to make them for her daughter using healthy coconut oil. To whole wheat pancake mix, Dr. LoGiudice adds flax seeds, herbs and spices, and coconut oil. The pancakes are also topped with a little coconut oil before serving. Two pancakes have only 100 calories and only 5g of fat.

Dr. Oz: Coconut Oil Popcorn
Melissa Clark, food writer for the New York Times, said coconut oil is versatile because it's great for high heat cooking and baking too. Coconut oil can be used in place of butter to make a rich, flavorful, and sweet pie crust. Ms. Clark likes to use coconut oil to make a healthy and low-calorie popcorn snack.

Popcorn is filled with fiber and makes for a great, filling snack and making it with coconut oil provides only 64 calories and only 4g of fat.

In a big pot, place a thin layer of popcorn kernels and coconut oil. Turn up the heat and shake the pot while the kernels pop. When the popping stops the popcorn is done. Pour the popcorn into a bowl and top with coconut oil, coconut flakes, and cayenne. Popping popcorn in a pot allows for even and is faster than an air popper.

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Dr. Oz Miracles From Around The World: Chia Seeds

A small seed (Cha-Cha-Chia!) can help cut cravings for sugar and carbs. When placed in water, chia seeds can absorb as much as nine times its size. Eating chia seeds, they swell up in the stomach signaling that you're full and don't need anything to to eat.

To test the power of the tiny chia seed, Dr. Oz asked three women who have struggled with stress eating and stress snacking to see if they can cut their cravings simply by eating chia seeds.

The first woman said she was shocked that she didn't reach for her daily chocolate after drinking chia seeds in water. She found she wasn't even hungry for dinner after feeling satiated all day.

Dr. Oz recommended taking two tablespoons of chia seeds in water two hours after breakfast and again two hours after lunch time to cut cravings and support a healthy weight loss program.

When buying chia seeds, Dr. Oz said to look for “raw” on the label. Chia seeds are widely available at health food and grocery stores.

Dr. Oz Miracles From Around The World to Conquer Sleep Problems

This next product has been around for hundreds of years but it's only recently that it has come to light as a super health food. Dr. Oz used to pick tart cherries on his father's farm and eat them straight from the tree.

Tart cherry juice has naturally occurring melatonin, just the right amount in fact that Dr. Oz says it can be the key a healthy night's sleep.

Mike Dow PSY.D., author of Diet Rehab: 28 Days to Finally Stop Craving the Foods That Make You Fat [and host of TLC's Freaky Eaters], said people can replace harmful sleep medications by swapping them for tart cherry juice.

In addition to the natural melatonin, tart cherry contains healthy carbohydrates which play a role in balanced serotonin levels also contributing to a good night's rest.

Dr. Dow explained that tart cherry juice is for people who find they wake frequently during the night. In a study, Dr. Dow said people were found to sleep as much as 39 minutes longer when the drank tart cherry juice before bed.

Dr. Oz: How To Take Tart Cherry Juice
Dr. Dow said to look for Montmorency cherries on the label to be sure you're getting the right type of cherry. There are four different ways to ingest tart cherry juice, explained Dr. Dow, and a product that is right for everyone.

Dr. Oz: Tart Cherry Juice #1 – Straight Juice
Drink eight ounces of straight tart cherry juice 90 minutes before bedtime. The 90 minutes will allow the melatonin in the tart cherry juice to process through the digestive tract and reach the brain.

Dr. Oz: Tart Cherry Juice #2 – Concentrated Juice
Dr. Dow explained that when using concentrated tart cherry juice to mix one ounce of concentrate juice with seven ounces of water. One ounce of concentrated tart cherry juice is equivalent to hundreds of fresh tart cherries.

Dr. Oz: Tart Cherry Juice #3 – Frozen Berries
Eating two cups of frozen tart cherries 90 berries before bedtime will provide the same amount of naturally occurring melatonin as tart cherry juice and concentrate.

Dr. Oz: Tart Cherry Juice #4 – Dried Berries
Eating ¼ cup of dried tart cherries not only provide naturally occurring melatonin but also provide some fiber to support balanced blood sugar levels and may also play a role in getting a good night's sleep.

One of Dr. Dow's patients shared that tart cherry has helped her insomnia. She was prescribed pharmaceuticals but didn't like how they made her feel. Dr. Dow recommended tart cherry juice and she was surprised it was something so simple and she gave it a try. She went from waking up to three times a night to only waking once.

Dr. Dow said that tart cherry juice can be used every day. Each eight ounce serving of tart cherry can provide from 20 to 25g of sugar and from 80 to 120 calories. Swap out a late night snack for a glass of tart cherry juice to not only support better sleep but also support weight loss. Dr. Dow said that tart cherry juice may also be linked to reducing risks of sleep apnea.

An typical serving of tart cherries can provide an average of 0.08mg of melatonin as compared to 1-9mg from supplements.

Dr. Oz talked about the dangers of melatonin on the 9/25/12 episode [click here to read the post from the 9/25/12 show] where it was stated that the recommended dose of melatonin is 1mg yet the average user of melatonin uses as much as 9mg creating a sleep-fog and other memory and concentration issues.

Tart cherry juice is a natural food source of melatonin and therefore, explained Dr. Dow, the body can use it more effectively. Dr. Oz said he likes his tart cherry juice with a splash of vodka.

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Dr. Oz Miracle Five-In-One Skin Care Product

How much do you spend on facial skin care products? Cleanser, serum, moisturizer, sun screen and on and on...all these products can add up to a big bill at the check out counter.

Marcia Kilgore, founder of Soap & Glory and Bliss Spas, said that BB Creams are really five products in one. BB stands for beauty balm, it's not a brand but a product.

BB creams typically contain:
  • Primer to brighten the skin;
  • Foundation to even skin tone;
  • Moisturizer for well, moisturizing;
  • Sunblock to prevent damage to the skin from sun exposure;
  • Anti-aging ingredients, typically a variety.

Different brands of BB cream can provide slightly different benefits. Some products may contain Vitamin A to support the regeneration of skin cells. Others may have Vitamin C to brighten the skin tone. Hyaluronic acid can also be included to support the firming of the skin. Sun screen is in most BB Creams because sun damage causes the greatest amount of skin damage.

Ms. Kilgore explained that BB Creams typically don't cost a lot of money and a great product can be found at the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Different foundation colors are available to match your skin tone.

Ms. Kilgore applied BB cream to two women from the audience before the show. Edie, the first audience test subject, doesn't use moisturizer [my skin is drying just hearing that], she also doesn't use sunscreen or make-up. Her skin is very red and she has areas of hyper-pigmentation with some acne and broken capillaries. Red areas around the temples often show up on women after they have children.

The before picture of Edie was indeed red-faced. Ms. Kilgore applied a BB Cream on Edie and the result was even skin tone that was, as Ms. Kilgore described, luminous. The BB Cream also provided much needed moisture to Edie's dry skin.

Christy, the second fan test, had very red cheeks in the before picture. She also has the lovely reddening at the temples after having children and her skin was very dry. After applying the BB Cream, Christy said her skin immediately felt moisturized and soothed. She would often feel burning on the red areas of her skin.

Dr. Oz: The Greatest Miracle of All

Dr. Oz shared that he was present for the birth of each of his four children and said each experience was the biggest miracle and the biggest joy of his life. For the first time ever, Dr. Oz assists in the birth of a baby. This was the first baby for the couple, Stacey and Lance, and both were feeling nervous and fearful of the unknown. Cameras were there when the mom-to-be pushed out her miracle baby boy.

The proud parents brought their new baby boy onto the stage and shared his name, Christian. Stacey said it was surreal to have The Dr. Oz Show at the birth. As the first baby born on The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz have Christian a little onesie that said “I was born on The Dr. Oz Show!”

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